Bleeding after hysteroscopy: how many days, the blood after surgery, how long

A common symptom is considered bleeding after hysteroscopy. The reasons for its occurrence is to understand.

conduct hysteroscopy

How many days BLOOD

Hysteroscopy - a procedure, which takes place in the diagnostic purposes. She was not carried out by child-bearing, colitis. Her conduct is prohibited in the case of intrauterine pregnancy or the presence of cervical cancer. 2 days prior to such a procedure, the patient must pass the common blood tests, urinalysis and coagulation.

Recommendations to the appointment of this survey are: primary infertility, miscarriage, the presence of intermenstrual uterine bleeding. Assign hysteroscopy in diseases of the uterus and anomalies of its development. It recommended, and endometriosis.

How long will the blood after this manipulation, depending on the method used surgical intervention. The following cases:

  • If the procedure is carried out for the purpose of diagnosis of bleeding and mucus out a maximum of 3 days.
  • When a small polyp is removed, the blood after hysteroscopy about 5 days.
  • If the patient is removed fibroids or she held scraping, may bleed 2 weeks.
  • Often the secret released after such a procedure, and due to the onset of menstruation.

Hysteroscopy often accompanied by the presence of cervical perforation and the change in its structure. In addition, broken blood vessels. In such a situation it is necessary to prevent careless movements. Otherwise able to develop peritonitis.

The period when the girl of blood after such manipulation, consider rehabilitation. At this time, it needs to adhere to the rules of hygiene. It is advisable not to violate the sexual rest. The patient should be used prescribed drugs and does not lift weights as possible.

Hysteroscopy girl

Also in the restoration period undesirable thermal treatments (visit or tanning baths). We should also be said about water procedures - is only allowed to take a shower. Swim in the sea is not recommended. It is particularly important to adhere to these guidelines, if a polyp is removed.

To prevent complications, it is important not to miss the danger signs. For this purpose it is necessary to control the amount of bleeding and their duration.

normal selection

It is considered the norm, when spotting a little. Blood impurities observed in the first 2 days, and then they should be spreadable. the viscous nature of the secret should be allocated no more than a week.

Patients often notice the appearance of brown discharge after hysteroscopy. This is considered a kind of norm. A sign of pathology is a condition where there is a dark brown liquid which smells bad.

Sometimes after the surgical intervention no allocation. However, the cause of such symptoms may be the presence of pathology.

visit a gynecologist

You need to know about the features of bleeding after the procedure, removal of polyps. If this manipulation is carried out correctly, the discharge will be a little, and they will be in 3 days. When, in addition to such a procedure, carried out cleaning of the uterus, bleeding may last up to 14 days.

signs of complications

After surgery, hysteroscopic possible complications. The most common ones are:

  • perforation of the uterus - in this case, in addition to bleeding, symptoms such as abdominal pain and a sharp drop in pressure. May develop syncope.
  • Endometritis - This pathology is accompanied by profuse bleeding and the appearance of aching pain in the abdomen. Also, the patient temperature rises.
  • Uterine bleeding - in this case from the uterine cavity the blood of more than 2 days.

When carried scraping may complication such as damage to the endometrium. However, it can not be restored again.

More is considered a rare complication of air embolism. In this case, not only is excessive bleeding, but the blood vessels are clogged, t. To. Air bubbles get into them. This complication leads to circulatory problems and difficulties in the functioning of internal organs. Due to the fact that the uterine cavity is filled with liquid may ingress of air bubbles.

If there is pus, then joined a secondary bacterial infection. At the same time allocated to the secret becomes clear, on the contrary, it acquires a greenish tint.

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