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The benefits and harm of corn porridge for the organism of adults and infants

corn porridge is good and bad

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  • 1 History of corn and corn porridge
  • 2 Corn corn porridge - benefit and harm
  • 3 Use, harm and caloric content of corn porridge
  • 4 Benefits and harm of corn porridge for weight loss
  • 5 Benefits and harm of instant corn porridge
  • 6 Classicalway of cooking corn porridge
  • 7 Fast way

Many people love corn porridge since childhood, it is very nutritious and tasty. Nutritionists advise this dish to maintain an excellent physical shape, doctors - recommended for therapeutic purposes, but at the same time limit its use in some pathologies. What is the use and harm of corn porridge for the body, what components does it contain and can it be considered a dietary dish? The answers to these questions can be found in our article.

History of corn and corn porridge

history of maize

Corn( maize) is one of the oldest cereals in the history of the Earth. She comes from Central and South America. Mais were cultivated by the ancient Maya and Inca, these peoples

elevated it to the rank of deity and worshiped as a sacred plant. During the archaeological excavations on the territory of America were found corn cobs, whose age is more than 50 000 years!

  1. Scientists still can not solve the mystery of corn, because its genome is fundamentally different from those of terrestrial plants. Without the participation of man, this culture is not capable of reproduction. Only caring human hands can pick out the ripened grains from the cob and re-sow the fields. And the biggest mystery is that corn does not have wild ancestors, it suddenly appeared from the wild tribes of America and brought these people to prosperity.
  2. According to the scientists - ufologists, corn has an alien origin. They believe that her seeds fell to the ground after a terrible catastrophe - the death of the planet Phaethon, which once existed in the solar system. According to legend, the god Quetzalcoatl, who descended from heaven, gave people the ears of corn and taught them how to cultivate this culture. And this amazing version finds confirmation in ancient myths of Indian peoples and surviving figures of gods, whose garments are very similar to spacesuits.
In Europe, maize was first introduced by Christopher Columbus in the middle of the 15th century.

And in Russia this culture appeared during the Russian - Turkish war, which ended in the conquest of the Crimea. Therefore, at first Slavs called corn "Turkish wheat".First, maize was cultivated in Moldova and Ukraine, where the climate is more favorable. But then, thanks to the work of breeders, this heat-loving culture has moved far to the north and now occupies vast territories in our country.

The importance of corn is difficult to overestimate.


This is not only a valuable raw material for the food industry, but an important forage crop. In addition, even stems and leaves go to work. Of them, construction boards, paper, cardboard are made, oriental crafts are weaving graceful products( carpets, handbags, hats, napkins).Dried corn stalks are excellent fuel, and the ash left after burning them is a valuable mineral fertilizer.

Corn in many countries is used in the chemical industry to produce ethyl alcohol. And the Japanese created a unique technology that makes it possible to get plastic from corn. In medicine, this plant is used to treat atherosclerosis, liver and kidney disease, vitamin deficiency. Decoction of corn stigmas helps to alleviate the condition with severe liver damage( hepatitis, cirrhosis), used to treat diarrhea and infertility.

Many like corn flakes - this is a useful ready-made product that does not need additional cooking, which is prepared from crushed corn kernels. And in the American culture they appreciate popcorn( popcorn), grains that are torn from the inside by the steam when heated.

In cooking, corn is used in boiled or baked form, canned grains are added to salads, soups, prepare the second dishes and side dishes. On the preparation of cereals is cornmeal flour, and from the fine flour grits pancakes, flat cakes, bake bread and other pastries.

Let's find out what is useful for corn porridge, and what components make up the basis of maize?

Corn from corn cereal - good and bad

corn porridge benefit

It should be noted that corn porridge differs not only excellent taste, but also a unique composition containing a complex of substances useful for the body. Crushed corn in addition to vegetable protein, which is easily digested, contains unsaturated fatty acids, lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood, a complex of vitamins and minerals. In maize porridge contains:

  1. proteins;
  2. fats;
  3. carbohydrates;
  4. fiber;
  5. polyphenols( lysine, arginine, cysteine);
  6. unsaturated fatty acids( arachidonic, linolenic, linoleic);
  7. vitamins( A, PP, H, E, B1, B2, B6, B5, B9);
  8. a complex of useful micro - and macroelements( potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, chromium, etc.).

This composition makes this product indispensable in children's and therapeutic nutrition, and doctors advise to use it for many pathological conditions of the digestive system and other body systems. This is the only culture I recommend for patients suffering from celiac disease( lack of the necessary intestinal enzymes).A unique feature of corn is that there is no special protein fraction( gliadin) in it, so therapeutic mixtures are prepared on the basis of this product.

It should be noted that heat treatment does not affect the nutritional value of the product and in corn cereal all useful enzymes, vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body are retained.

Benefits, harm and caloric content of corn porridge

corn porridge benefit

Useful properties of corn porridge are known to mankind for a long time. The main medicinal properties of this product are as follows:

  • Fiber perfectly cleanses the intestines from toxins, salts of heavy metals, promotes strengthening of peristalsis and excretion of fecal stones. Eating porridge helps to cope with putrefactive and fermenting processes, eliminates constipation and improves digestion.
  • Antioxidants in corn grits block the production of free radicals, slow the aging process and prevent the formation of cancer cells. They work to strengthen the vessels, improve the work of vital organs and increase the resistance of the body to attacks from the external environment. Strengthening the immune system helps the body to cope with the pathogens of infections and maintain good health.
  • Essential fatty acids and other biologically active substances contribute to the purification of blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, prevent the formation of thrombi and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke. Vegetable protein contained in cereals from corn grains is almost completely absorbed by the body, and slow carbohydrates provide the energy necessary for daily physical activity, professional activity, sports. In addition, complex carbohydrates slowly and smoothly increase the level of sugar in the blood, not allowing its sudden jumps, so this product is recommended to include in the diet with diabetes.
Taco porridge for allergic reactions
  • Taco porridge is useful for problems with hematopoiesis, susceptibility to allergic reactions, diseases of the digestive system. B group vitamins normalize the functions of the nervous system, help cope with depressive states and withstand stress. Vitamin E - a strong antioxidant and a source of youth, it prevents aging, supports the skin in tone. Vitamins A and PP take part in metabolic processes and normalize the functions of the immune system. And beta-carotenoids make the porridge useful for heavy smokers, since they reduce the risk of developing lung cancer.
  • The rich vitamin-mineral composition of corn porridge helps to maintain youth and improves skin and hair condition. In addition, this product is recommended by nutritionists to include in your diet those who want to lose weight. Porridge for a long time gives a feeling of satiety and helps to find an elegant figure. The calorie content of corn is right after buckwheat, its energy value is 328 kcal per 100 g of product.

Useful properties of corn porridge a lot, but can its use harm the body? Experts do not recommend including this product in the diet to those who suffer from dystrophy. The fact is that corn porridge contributes to the burning of fat and with a lack of weight will not allow you to gain body weight.

Maize is contraindicated in patients suffering from gastric and intestinal ulcers, bleeding disorders, thrombophlebitis. Do not get carried away with this dish with a tendency to diarrhea, as porridge exhibits a slight laxative effect. All the rest can consume corn porridge without fear. It is especially useful to include it in the menu for those who wish to throw off the extra pounds.

Benefit and harm of corn porridge for weight loss

corn porridge

When maintaining a diet, it is necessary to take into account the energy value of a product. Corn porridge is a healthy and low-calorie dish that allows you to get rid of excess weight. At the same time the caloric content of cereals and finished porridge is significantly different.

If in dry form the energy value of cereals from corn grain is about 320 kcal, then after cooking caloric content of corn porridge by 100 gr decreases several times. This is explained by the fact that during the preparation of cereals absorbs liquid, increases mass and for the same volume of the finished product( 100 g), there are much fewer calories.

As a result, the calorie content of corn porridge on water is only 78 kcal. This dish has a pleasant and rich taste, it is used as a side dish for meat and fish dishes or eat for breakfast, adding a little butter, sugar or jam.

The caloric content of corn porridge in milk increases to 86 kcal. If you add sugar, butter, fruit, berries or honey to it, the finished dish will be too high-calorie and its use will not allow you to achieve weight loss. On the contrary, excessive infatuation with sweet porridge with various fillings will cause the appearance of extra pounds.

Nutritionists recommend using corn porridge cooked on the water for breakfast, it will provide a feeling of satiety and give a charge of vigor and energy. Remarkable properties of this product will help remove from the body ballast substances, accelerate metabolic processes and help burn fat deposits.

There is a special mono-diet, which is based on the use of this product, for 4 x days. Porridge should be prepared on water, without salt, sugar and oil. The dish should be eaten in small portions throughout the day, with plenty of liquid.

It is said that such a diet allows you to part with 4 kilograms, that is, one kilogram of live weight per day. However, it is not necessary to get involved in such diets, it is best to agree on a weight loss program with a competent nutritionist so as not to harm your own health.

Benefits and harm of instant corn porridge

Quick-cooking porridges are good because they do not need to be cooked: they boiled with boiling water and after a few minutes the dish is ready. The question is, how useful will such a product be and how many valuable vitamins and trace elements will remain in it after industrial treatment?

On the shelves of supermarkets today a huge selection of cereals, not requiring cooking, but they also are different. There is a product of instant cooking, which you just need to brew with boiling water, and there are quick-cooking porridges, the preparation of which takes much less time than cooking conventional cereals.

This is the group of instant corn porridge. The package usually contains 4-6 bags of croup, which you just need to lower into boiling, salted water and cook for a specified time. It is very convenient, you do not have to stand at the stove constantly, stirring up the mess and making sure that it does not burn out.

The output is a very tasty and satisfying product, which will please both adults and children. And the content of useful substances with this method of preparation does not decrease, and all the medicinal properties of porridge remain.

Harm from instant corn porridge can only be with excessive use of this delicious product or with exacerbation of gastritis, stomach and duodenal ulcers.

How to cook corn porridge?

how to cook corn porridge

To make a delicious cereal, you need to choose the right cereal. Depending on the shape of the grains, it can be shallow, medium or large. A fine grind is recommended for making baby porridges. Grinded corn grain is crushed nucleoli, which, depending on the size, are divided into 5 numbers. The smaller the grain, the more tender and homogeneous it will be porridge.

When selecting cereals, pay attention to its color. It is believed that quality corn groats should have a bright yellow hue and not contain foreign impurities, it can not have a musty smell and rancid taste.

Corn grains are a bit whimsical when cooking. To make the dish tasty and useful, you need to know some of the nuances and use them in the cooking process. So corn grain during cooking increases in volume almost 4 times, so you need to accurately observe the proportions of cereals and liquids and during cooking constantly stir up the porridge so that it does not burn out and get lost in the lumps.

Corn porridge on milk - benefit and harm

The most delicious corn porridge for breakfast is better to cook on milk. So it will turn out more gently and taste at it will be more sated. For its preparation for 1 cup of cereals, you need to take 4 glasses of milk.

This proportion is ideal for obtaining a viscous consistency of the finished dish. If you like a more liquid texture of porridge, take 1 glass of milk more. Corn cereal can be cooked in various ways. Let's take a closer look at the most common of them:

Classic way of cooking corn porridge

corn grits

To prevent porridge from burning during cooking, use non-stick cookware, or take a saucepan with a thick bottom. Do not forget to pre-rinse the corn comfy in several waters. First, pour half the volume of liquid( 2 cups) of milk into the dishes and put it on the stove. Milk is brought to a boil, the fire is reduced, a pinch of salt and sugar is added to taste and sprinkled with a thin trickle, with constant stirring. This will help to avoid the formation of unappetizing lumps.

As a result, a thick, uniform mass should be obtained. After that, it is diluted by pouring the rest of the milk, closing the pan with a lid and evaporating the porridge over a low heat for 30 to 40 minutes. All this time, the cereal mass should be stirred periodically.

Cooked porridge is removed from the plate, add oil, wrapped in a blanket or blanket and left for another 10-15 minutes under the lid, so that it is infused. After that, you can invite your household to the table. Delicious, satisfying and delicate cereal all have to taste. If desired, you can add jam, berries, pieces of fruit or honey to it.

Fast way

Another way to prepare porridge is slightly different from the previous one. It is a bit simpler and in this way it is possible to prepare a dish on milk or on water. The proportions are the same, that is, for 1 cup of cereals we take 4 or 5 glasses of liquid.

Only in this case we immediately pour out the whole norm of milk or water into the pot, heat it, but do not bring it to a boil. As soon as the liquid has become hot, add salt, sugar, pour a thin trickle of croup and constantly stirring, bring the mass to a boil. After that, we reduce the fire to a minimum, close the pan with a lid and cook until ready, not forgetting to stir occasionally.

Corn cereal in the multivariate

corn porridge in a multivariate The simplest variant of cooking involves the use of a multivark. This device is very popular among modern housewives. Indeed, what could be easier, falling asleep the necessary products, clicked on a button and after a certain time received a ready-made dish. And do not stand at the stove and continuously interfere with the porridge, making sure that it does not burn out.

So, in order to cook corn porridge in a multivark, the rump needs to be thoroughly rinsed, covered in a bowl of the appliance, filled with cold water in a standard proportion and set the menu mode "Groats".The appliance automatically starts the cooking program for a period of 25 minutes.

But for corn grits this time is not enough and the porridge can turn friable, but harsh. If you want to achieve a more gentle and soft consistency, cook the dish for another 10 minutes, selecting the "Multipass" mode in the menu.

In conclusion, I want to say that the harm from milk porridge from corn can be only in the fact that it is difficult to stop and do not ask for supplements, so it is tasty. T

, who cares about his figure should not be carried away by the sweet porridge in milk with a variety of flavor additives( honey, jam), otherwise you will not notice how you gain weight. Another restriction applies to diabetics, they have a sweet porridge on milk that is contraindicated. But if you weld it on water and instead sweeten sugar with fructose, then this dish does not cause any complaints.

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