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Seeds of flax face: how to use at home

Flax seeds: general information

Flax seeds can be purchased at an affordable price in pharmacies. Pharmaceutical companies packaged plant material in the packaging of 100 g As part of the dietary supplement contains only whole flax seeds. The tool has a softening and mild laxative effect. When administered also has antihistaminic and anti-inflammatory effect.

The main indications for brewing tea from the seeds of flax:

  • inflammation of the lining of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum;
  • GI ulcers;
  • pathologies of the digestive system;
  • constipation.

Flax seeds can also be purchased in grocery stores in the form of both plant material and in the form of flaxseed oil and pomace. Each seed contains calcium, phosphate, potassium, sodium, magnesium, a large number of trace elements, vitamins B, E, A and C. Vitamins contribute to the improvement of metabolism, accelerating the healing of wounds and abrasions, favorably act on the blood cells. Vitamin E is able to directly affect the condition of the skin, making it radiant and smooth. Ascorbic acid slows down oxidation processes fighting free radicals, and Vitamin A prevents the development of eye diseases.

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Besides the above, flax seeds also contain sugar esters, vegetable protein fiber. Fiber, for example, has a positive effect on the digestive processes in the motility of the stomach and intestine. Unsaturated fatty acids prevent the development of atherosclerosis, improve the metabolism of fat in the body.

Some hormone-like substance from the composition possess anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect and prevent the growth of tumors. Macro- and microelements support the nervous system at the physiological level, provide strength of bone tissue, vascular elasticity, right heart and lung function, normalize glucose levels in blood.

Phosphates provide dental health, bone, cardiovascular and excretory systems. Great importance has phosphorus for the proper functioning of the brain and spinal cord. Copper is a component of many enzymes involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance.

Benefits of flax seed for the face

Flax seeds for the face for decades used in traditional medicine for the treatment of acne, blackheads and other dermatological pathologies. Flax seeds have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, reduce swelling, redness, eliminate pain and itch on the skin.

It is very effective against wrinkles and age-related changes of collagen flax seed face mask. This mask normalizes the sebaceous glands, has a favorable effect on the collagen fibers, sweat glands, reduce pores. Furthermore, caring products for the face of the flax seed normalize each cell metabolism contribute more rapid renewal of the stratum corneum, scarring of superficial wounds and small porezok obviate rashes and redness. After using masks and balms for the face of the flax seed skin becomes radiant look, it becomes elastic and smooth.

Flax seeds also have an immunostimulatory effect, which is useful for some skin diseases. Vegetable materials able to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi and can be used in combination therapy of infectious pathologies in the skin of the face.

Contraindications to the use of flax seed for the face

Do not use flax seeds for the face in the presence of individual hypersensitivity to the plant. When buying oil from flax seeds is recommended to pay attention to its composition and before first use, put the product on the inside of your wrist to check for allergies. When the spots, rashes, itching, it is recommended to refuse the further use of funds.

Ways to use flax seed for the face

Flax seeds are used in cosmetics in various forms. Available as dry plant material, seeds and finished oil. There are many recipes with flax seed for the face and neck. Can be carried out rubdown ice cubes, cook their own special masks the effect of braces, wraps, teas, lotions and scrubs.

The infusion of flax seeds for the face

At home, you can prepare an infusion of flax seeds of wrinkles, roughness, and age-related skin changes. Such means has reducing properties, saturates facial skin with vitamins and other useful pharmacological active substances.

To prepare necessary to prepare 50 ml of pure water and 15 g of flax seed. Flax seeds are added to water and boiled, covered and stirring occasionally. The mixture was then insist 25 minutes, filtered through a fine sieve or cheesecloth and used as a base substrate for masks, creams, gels and scrubs.

Decoction of flax seed for the face

Possible for a person to use flax seeds in a concentrated decoction. 5 grams of seed was added to 70 ml of water, boiled for about 20 minutes and poured into a convenient container for further use. Broth is different from the previous recipe that does not require the infusion and cook more quickly. The tool can be used as a base for light gels, toning masks, water for washing.

The mask of flax seeds for the face

At home, the flax seed in cosmetology can be used for the manufacture of masks for the face, neck and décolleté with a lifting effect. Such funds tighten the skin and smooth it. To make their own mask must first weld 30 ml of broth and to prepare 15 g of starch, and 12 drops of vitamin B6 and other additives to the skin. Vitamins in capsules can be freely buy at the pharmacy. In the warm broth add starch, and any additional ingredients. The resulting mixture was applied to the face, neck and chest area, is rinsed after 30 minutes. Use a tool you can each day to night for a month.

For the preparation of masks, effective against acne and acne (acne) on the face, it is necessary to prepare a table spoon 1 Seeds of flax, 1 teaspoon Cambrian clay and patchouli few drops of essential oils. The seeds should be crushed in a mixer or blender, mix with clay, you can add fruit tea. At the end of dripping 4 droplets patchouli ether. Apply to the face mask is recommended during the lymph flow. The mixture is left on the face for 25-30 minutes and wash thoroughly.

The mask of acne on his face is made of 40 g of flax seed, aspirin, activated charcoal or Polysorb having absorbent properties. One tablet of aspirin and pulverized coal is mixed with a previously made warm infusion of flax seeds. Before applying the mask is recommended to thoroughly clean the face scrub or micellar water. Means evenly distributed across the face spiraling gentle movements, leave for 10 minutes, wash off thoroughly.

For the preparation of a hypoallergenic facial mask skin around the eyes can additionally purchase shea butter and other light oils. The infusion of flax seeds was poured into the mixer bowl is added 5 g of shea butter, whipped. After washing agent is applied to the skin around the eye, allowed to stand for 45 minutes and rinsed with a special wet wipes or sponzhik. The procedure is recommended to carry out in the morning.


Flax seed contains in its structure a large amount of mineral micro and macro elements and vitamins, esters and inorganic substances. Rich composition results in high efficiency of the cooked seeds creams, gels, infusions and decoctions for the face.

Natural cosmetic agents from vegetable raw materials effectively fight skin fatigue, reduce the severity of inflammation, heal small wounds. The best part of using recipes that such means does not require much time and material costs, are easy to prepare and suitable for sensitive skin.

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