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Flax seeds pancreas: features treatments like drinking

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Flax seeds - a natural product, which is often used as a nutrition supplement, which supplies the body with useful substances. In addition, the seeds can be used to prevent and treat a variety of diseases. How to take flax seeds pancreas, discussed below.

Useful properties of flax seeds

Patients suffering from diseases of the pancreas, can be applied for the treatment of flax seeds pancreatitis. Seeds of this plant different anti-inflammatory effect and beneficial effect on the functioning of the pancreas.

a large amount of nutrients present in flax seeds:

  • selenium;
  • iron;
  • calcium;
  • vitamins;
  • fatty acid;
  • fiber, etc.
Usefulness of the product is related to its composition, shielding effect when released into the gastrointestinal tract, sorptive properties, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. These properties of seeds is very important in the treatment of pancreatitis, which allows you to include flax seeds in the package of measures in the pathology therapy.

Pancreatic flax seed treatment is often used in medical practice.

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Their use provides the following effect:

  • It stimulates metabolic processes;
  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • mucus released seeds protects gastrointestinal wall, and facilitates their recovery;
  • complex carbohydrates cause a feeling of fullness;
  • stimulated regeneration processes;
  • recovering fat metabolism;
  • protein compounds entering the body from seeds serve as a building material for the recovery of pancreatic tissue;
  • intestinal motility improved through tissue.

Note! Despite the usefulness of this product, treatment of pancreatic flax seed requires taking into account the nature of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Features of use of seeds depending on the form of disease of the pancreas

For pancreatic flax seeds are recommended only take a person with no aggravation. Chronic disease allows entry into the diet supplements of natural origin, including flax seeds after medical consultation.

Treatment of flax pancreas should start with small doses. Flax seeds can be mixed into food flavoring of main dishes and salads. Or prepare a broth, which is even more useful for the pancreas than taking seeds in pure form, as better reduce inflammation and milder effect on the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, they strengthen the immune system, normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Plus decoctions for treating pancreatic diseases - in enveloping step, which is provided slimy consistency of the resulting beverage. In this case, the body is very soft effect.

Flax seeds pancreas can not be used if there is a contraindication.

The ban following states fall:

  • colitis;
  • in acute pancreatitis;
  • bowel obstruction;
  • gallstones;
  • cholecystitis;
  • bloating.

Such a list of contraindications associated with choleretic action means. Accordingly, care should be taken with such patients and medicines, which include flax seeds.

Flax seed Recipe application pancreas

The most effective one for the application is for pancreatic decoction of flax seed. He envelops the inner walls of the gastrointestinal tract, removes intoxication and rapidly improves the condition. Passage of the treatment course is usually recommended 2 times a year.

Recipe №1. decoction

To prepare the healing drink need:

  • 500 ml of water;
  • flax seeds (2 tablespoons).

During the preparation of the dry component is filled with water and brought to boiling in a water bath. Boil for half an hour. Once the broth has cooled, it is filtered. Take 1/4 cup quarter of an hour before a meal.

Recipe №2. kissel

Pancreatitis jelly consistency is preferred over conventional beverage. To prepare the flax seed is passed through a grinder. The resulting powder (4 tablespoons) diluted in the same volume of water until a thick homogeneous state and made up of 1 liter. hot milk (or water).

Capacity tied for the smallest fire on the stove and cook, stirring constantly. If in the process of cooking the jelly did not stir, can appear lumps.

After the mixture was brought to boiling, removed from heat jelly. For a taste, you can add a little honey. Drink it on an empty stomach, separated from the subsequent meal.

Recipe №3. Porridge

To prepare the porridge dietary flax seeds must first grind in the coffee grinder. Porridge made from 4 tbsp. l. seed with the addition of water. To improve the palatability can add honey, steamed raisins or chopped fruit.

Recipe №4 Kissel in a thermos

There is another simple method of cooking the jelly that use a thermos. The seeds are ground, metered 3 tablespoons and covered them in a thermos flask. Pour a liter of only the boiled water and screw cap.

Infuses a jelly overnight. In the morning you can start using the same scheme as the pudding, cooked on the stove.

Recipe №5. herbal

In the chronic form of pancreatitis can use herbal tea. The recipe has a lot of herbal ingredients. First, prepare a dry mixture, which will be the basis for the preparation of infusions.

For the preparation of such herbs need:

Name plant component

Dosage for the preparation of a dry mixture of drug, tablespoon











blueberry leaves

Flax seeds





All components are mixed. To prepare the broth by taking 2 tablespoons mixture and pour two cups of boiling water. Insist broth in a thermos. Take it to treat pancreatic 1/2 cup 3 times a day, separated from the food. The general course of 2 months or on doctor's advice.

Note! Besides the above herbs, for maintaining a pancreas recipes can be used with the seeds of dill, mint, cilantro, and other medicinal plants.

Flax seeds - effective low cost means which is part of many folk recipes from pancreatitis. The correct reception of the funds will allow the pancreas to treat and strengthen the body.

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