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Castor oil for induction of labor: whether causes birth, application features

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Castor oil is a popular laxative medicines used to treat constipation. Tool helps reduce the intestine, which promotes the release of stool. Castor oil for labor shall, when there is prolonged pregnancy. The drug can stimulate uterine contractions, cause the onset of labor.

The characteristics of the drug

Castor oil refers to purgative medicines. Drug sold in retail areas in the form of oil solution and capsules. Curative component is castor oil seeds. The oil has a stimulating effect on intestinal receptors, helps enhance contractile activity of intestinal wall. Means the effect of approximately 5-6 hours. The drug may stimulate uterine body wall.

Indications for the drug:

  • constipation;
  • preparation for further studies of the intestine (colonoscopy, ultrasound, X-ray and other);

The tool can be used externally as a medicine with burns and other injuries of the skin, dryness of the skin. The drug is indicated for loss and dandruff. When using the oil can be allergic, so it's better to spend allergen test if there is a tendency to allergies.

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The drug should not be prescribed to pregnant patients, children under 12 years of age, patients with acute abdomen syndrome. The drug is not shown in poisoning liposoluble substances. You can not take both castor oil and an extract of male fern.

Effect of castor oil on the body of a pregnant patient

Castor oil can increase uterine contractionsSince the intestines and uterus are close to each other. The innervation of these organs is carried out among the nerves, so if you start to fall intestinal tube, and contractile activity of the uterus starts too.

Castor oil can not be used if the pregnancy a little time. For a period of 15-25 weeks, the drug can cause miscarriage and premature birth. The child may die.

Many women fear that during the reception of castor oil in the child there asphyxia due to a discharge of meconium. Doctors say that the discharge of meconium castor oil does not cause as it does not affect the baby. The drug works only at the gut wall.

To speed up the delivery Castor oil was used in ancient Egypt. The drug is taken before birth. Today, castor oil is not used in obstetrics, as well as possible complications after the onset of labor.

When used alone Castor oil onset of labor may be rapid or very weak. Child during rapid delivery very hard. He experiences hypoxia and pressure on the brain at a very rapid advancement of the head in the birth canal.

Sluggish labors can occur if the cervix is ​​not ready to disclose. Contractions in this case will be weak, and the child will be a long time to be in hypoxia. If labor with after taking castor oil, it is better to call an ambulance, because during birth can be unpredictable.

If a woman drank Castor oil before delivery, it is possible to early rupture of membranes. In this battle may be very weak or absent altogether. Often fights like tone. When the discharge of water is necessary to urgently call an ambulance. Without treatment the child is also experiencing hypoxia. In the absence of water fights can grow rapidly for 5-10 minutes, may fade away, making it difficult for delivery. It is very important to arrive on time to the hospital.

Terms of use of the drug

Take castor oil to accelerate labor, if not help having sex, walking up the stairs, walking briskly and other physical activity. If a woman has decided to drink Castor oil for delivery, it is best to arrive early to the hospital. Without contractions in the hospital take the direction of the district gynecologist. Therefore, the direction you need to take in advance.

Dosage Castor oil to induce labor is 30-50 g The oil was stirred with 100 g of juice (orange, peach or tomato). If the mixture seems nasty, it can even drink a juice.

To stimulate Castor oil is best taken birth already on the age 40-42 weeks. The uterus is thus already quite excitable. The woman in the evenings and during the day are frequent training bout, there is pain in the lower back. Fetal head to be lowered completely into the birth canal, the cervix soft and ready for disclosure.

With good readiness of the organism to the genus castor oil can be used in an amount of 1 vial of 30 ml. It is enough to give a boost to uterine contractions and trigger labor. More than 30 ml of drink is not necessary.

Castor oil in a volume of 30 ml may not be sufficient if a woman has severe chronic constipation. In the presence of chronic delay chair better drink 50ml of castor oil. If the effect of castor oil does not appear, the fight did not start, it is better not to take the drug longer.

If signs of readiness for the birth the woman has no, Castor oil should not be accepted. Medication in this case either has no effect or lead to uterine inertia forces. Bad labors greatly worsen during labor and affect the health of the child.

Upon receiving the castor oil can be very sick. In this case, it suffices to attach to the forehead cold wet cloth, go to the air, but not far from the house (it is better to breathe on the balcony). If the nausea subsided, you can drink the water, eat.

After castor oil it is necessary to drink a lot. With a delivery should take in water (1.5 L). Castor oil causes severe diarrhea, so the body is severely dehydrated and loses electrolytes. Drinking water delivery time (in battles, attempts to) is required. Dehydration results in a pressure drop reduction in the amount of amniotic fluid and other effects.


Castor oil to start labor, doctors do not recommend taking. While taking castor oil for delivery can be complicated by the very prompt delivery or weakness of labor activity. It is also possible early rupture of membranes. When perenashivanii pregnancy is better to consult a doctor to stimulate childbirth safer ways under the supervision of medical staff.


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