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Factors that irritate the glans penis, how to eliminate them

Changes of any origin directly affecting the male genital organs should be treated with caution, since in most cases very serious diseases can occur. One of these manifestations that require attention is irritation on the head, which arises from a number of contributing factors. Some of the factors are innocuous, while others are associated with infectious diseases that are subject to compulsory treatment.

head irritation in men

Irritation factors

It is human nature to think about your health only when there are no specific hitherto symptoms. It is clear that the human body for some time was exposed to the negative effects of factors, so it began to worry about certain symptoms. In the case of head irritation, the situation is similar. Factors that irritate the head are often harmless and can easily be eliminated with a number of preventive measures. Irritant factors are caused by:

  • using aggressive cosmetic means for body care;
  • using condoms with lubricants, lubricants;
  • by wearing poor quality( coarse) underwear;
  • using for washing underwear powders containing aggressive ingredients;
  • manifestations of infectious diseases.

Aggressive cosmetics

One of the factors of irritation of the head are various cosmetics intended for washing the genitals. The skin of each person is individual, in its own way capable of responding to external factors. Similarly, we can talk about the skin on the head of the penis, given that it is particularly sensitive, so a number of cosmetics containing chemical components have an aggressive( irritating) effect on it. Shower gels have a similar effect. Therefore, if a person has allergic symptoms, he should choose hypoallergenic drugs for himself.

Lubricants, condoms with greases

Another factor of irritation rests on the lubricants used during sexual intercourse, as well as condoms containing special lubricants. In fact, such condoms and tools help many sexual partners to solve the problem of the lack of production of natural lubrication in any of them. The whole question is, where were these funds obtained, are they really qualitative, will they not cause harm? Therefore, in order to avoid irritation on the head, it is necessary to purchase such funds in pharmacies. In parallel with this, special attention should be given to the availability of information that these drugs have been dermatologically examined, that is, approved by dermatologists.

Substandard( coarse) underwear

Often irritation on the head causes wearing of underwear from rough fabric. It is known that with long walking, doing sports, any prolonged movement, there is a constant friction of the penis head about the underwear. If the laundry is tender, quality, irritation is not observed, because the material allows the skin to breathe freely, gently touching the genital organs. What can not be said about rough, dense underwear.

Aggressive powders for washing

Any sane person uses washing powders to wash laundry. A number of powders contain quite aggressive ingredients used to wash dirty laundry, remove dirt, stains, impart a clean and fresh look to the laundry. However, if a person is allergic or has sensitive skin, especially on the penis head, he should buy hypoallergenic powders for washing. No matter how good things are washed, they still have small particles of cleaning products that come into contact with the skin and have an irritating effect.

A number of infectious diseases

A number of infectious diseases, candidiasis( thrush), balanitis, balanoposthitis, can become irritant factors. The first symptoms in these diseases are manifested in this way - the irritation of the head of the penis. To make sure that there are infections, and not other factors, you should be vigilant, looking at other symptoms. If, along with irritation of the head, there is a rash, swelling of the head, reddening of the foreskin, excretion, then the person is actually affected by one of the above infections.

Fighting irritation factors

Any manifestation that disturbs a person, giving him discomfort, should be correctly eliminated. In the case of irritation of the head, you must first determine the cause. If irritation is caused by cosmetics, condoms, lubricants, poor-quality linens, detergent powders, it is enough simply to change them to hypoallergenic or refuse them by picking up a replacement. By doing so, the symptoms of irritation will disappear quickly enough.

But if the irritation factors of the head rest against infectious diseases, do not hesitate, try to find a way out of the situation on your own. Without knowledge, experience, the necessary survey tools, it is impossible to determine the nature of the infection, especially, to determine its sensitivity to specific antibacterial agents. The only way out is to contact a dermatologist, who can easily determine the cause of the irritation by selecting an individual treatment regimen.

If previously considered irritation factors are safe, do not harm the patient's health, the latter( we are talking about infections) are considered quite serious, since they can lead to serious consequences. A person can face not only long-term treatment, but also a diagnosis such as "infertility."Therefore, at the first signs of irritation, accompanied by a number of other signs, it is advisable to trust a competent, qualified specialist to solve the existing problem.
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