Causes, symptoms and methods of treatment of elbow arthrosis

arthrosis of the elbow joint Osteoarthritis of the elbow joint - a violation of the normal functioning of the forearm. The disease is localized in the elbow and renders in the neck.

The characteristic of the disease is that it covers all the elements of the joint: muscles, ligaments, subchondral bone, synovial capsule and shell.

The International Classification of Diseases refers to the Xlll class "Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue" M15-M19 "Arthrosis".

Contents of the article

  • Who is at risk of experiencing an illness?
  • Symptoms and signs of the disease
  • The development of the disease
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • The aims and principles of therapy
    • Recipes from the people
  • Recovery procedures
  • Complications
  • How to avoid the disease?

Who is at risk of experiencing an illness?

The disease occurs as a result of such reasons:

  • injury: bruise, fracture, dislocation, ligament rupture;
  • metabolic disorders and lack of the necessary amount of microelements;
  • rheumatoid arthritis spreads to other areas of the body as it progresses, including the elbow joint;
  • lack of the necessary amount of water in the body;
  • the presence of chronic diseases of this type, such as gastritis, caries, tonsillitis, cholecystitis;
  • is an infection that causes inflammation;
  • age changes;
  • problems with thyroid;
  • toxicosis and toxic poisoning;
  • supercooling;
  • frequent colds;
  • decreased immunity;
  • working conditions and responsibilities in daily life;
  • heredity, if relatives had such a problem, then chances are high that arthrosis will appear in you.

Symptoms and signs of the disease

With arthrosis of the elbow joint, the following symptoms appear:

  1. Occurrence of pain in the elbow joint .With flexion-extension, the pain sensations increase. Also, discomfort is felt when pressing on the elbow. At first, the pain is barely noticeable. It makes itself felt after a load on the arm or when lifting the weight. Over time, the disease begins to progress, and the pain is felt even in a state of rest. Often affects the cervical department. For this reason, ulnar arthrosis can easily be confused with the symptoms of cervical osteoarthritis. pain in the elbow
  2. Crunch when driving .A normal sonorous sound with an unpleasant sensation does not carry danger. But, if it becomes rude and dry - you need to pay special attention to this. Such a phenomenon arises from the friction of one bone against another. The body lacks lubricant, which ensures the normal functioning of the elbow.
  3. Restrictions on movement .Unbending and flexing your arm becomes problematic because of the increasing pain. The symptoms of Thompson and Vetla develop. In the first case, it becomes difficult for the patient to hold the hand bent into a fist. Instantly I want to straighten my fingers. With the second symptom, the patient is difficult to bend and unbend his hand at the level of the chin.
  4. Puffiness .During the illness, there are some changes in the arm area. Osteophytes grow, the amount of synovial fluid increases. There is pressure on the joint from the inside. As a result, swelling and tubercles appear.

The disease begins to exhibit very minor symptoms. But as they progress, they are greatly amplified and cause a lot of inconvenience.

Based on this, several degrees of the disease develop. The correct solution is to consult a doctor with the first signs. But, in life this happens rarely.

The development of the disease

There are three degrees of arthrosis of the elbow joint.

For 1 degree are characteristic:

  • painful feelings are minor, occur after lifting of the severity and physical exertion;
  • there are no external signs of the disease, a decrease in muscle tone can be observed;
  • there is a pain at a retraction of an arm or a hand back and bend-razgibanie in an elbow.

At this stage of the disease, an X-ray is performed to exclude other similar diseases. A picture is taken. A slight narrowing of the slit will be noticeable.

In the second stage:

  • pain increases with hand movement, unpleasant sensations appear at rest;
  • appears crunch;
  • muscle atrophy becomes pronounced;
  • there are external changes in the form of puffiness;
  • pain persists constantly, it becomes difficult to perform normal daily work.

At this stage of the disease most often seek medical help. An X-ray is taken, on which it is possible to trace a number of changes: numerous bony growths, joints, irregularities and deformation.

The end result is sad:

  • all previous symptoms are aggravated, pain accompanies the patient even at night;
  • movement is so limited that a man puts his elbow in a fixed position;
  • joint deformities can be detected with the naked eye, and one arm may be shorter than the other;
  • X-ray examinations show completely destroyed cartilage, absence of articular fissure, multiple bone growths.

At this stage of the disease, getting rid of the disease completely will not succeed. The symptoms are removed, and in the future, careful treatment of the patient's hand will be required.

Diagnosis of the disease


On the photo of arthrosis of the elbow joint on the x-ray

For the diagnosis is carried out X-ray of the elbow joint.

In some cases, additionally prescribed MRI diagnostics, arthroscopy.

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A blood test is mandatory.

After confirmation of suspicion, appropriate drugs are prescribed and give recommendations.

Aims and principles of therapy

The goals of treatment of elbow arthrosis are as follows:

  • pain relief;
  • increased elbow motor capacity;
  • is the right way of life.

Several methods should be used to cure the disease. The most effective is the physical load.

Correctly selected exercises for the elbow joint with arthrosis restores mobility, increases blood flow in the joint area. However, before starting the exercises, you need to remove the pain syndrome.

Treatment regimen:

  1. The medication is prescribed for .Attributed to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Voltaren, Diclofenac, Orthofen. An injection is made intramuscularly or directly into the area of ​​the disease. If after the course of treatment the symptoms are not eliminated - repeated procedures are prescribed. ointment on the elbow
  2. The limb is fixed in a sedentary state with a bandage.
  3. After withdrawal of acute symptoms of , a course of physiotherapy is prescribed: electrophoresis with hydrocortisone, laser therapy, paraffin wrap.
  4. For the restoration of cartilage tissues, chondroprotectors are prescribed: Glucosamine sulfate, Ostenil, Structum. They are used in the form of ointments or injections.
  5. Begins course of physical exercises .
  6. The annual sanatorium treatment of is shown.

If all of the above methods do not bring the desired result, and the disease has reached its peak, a surgical method is used.

Along with the medicamental method, recipes for the elimination of the disease of traditional healers are also used.

Recipes from the people

Treatment of arthrosis of the elbow joint folk remedies allows to achieve:

  • strengthening of the immune system
  • metabolism acceleration;
  • a change in the composition of the cartilaginous tissue, thanks to the intake of useful trace elements and vitamins;
  • stimulation of circulation in the elbow joint;
  • increase in the amount of lubricating fluid.


  1. Propolis ointment : propolis - 50 g;vegetable oil - 50 g. The ingredients are mixed. Dissolve in a water bath. Before going to bed rubbed into the elbow, rewound with polyethylene and a towel. It is left till morning.
  2. Birch Compress .The leaves are poured with boiling water and insist 2-3 hours. The water is drained. Leaves are applied to the joint. They are rewound with gauze or bandage and are insulated. You can use ordinary leaves - fresh and dry. Apply to the sore spot and bandage.
  3. Coniferous baths .Needles needles, pine, spruce pour water and boil for 10 minutes. Let it cool for a while and lower the sore elbow.
  4. Tinctures for ingestion .For the preparation of tinctures, the saber and the tall elephant are perfect.

Count on the fact that folk remedies are completely cured of arthrosis is not worth it. They are used as additional to the basic treatment.

Restorative procedures

restoration of the elbow Restoration of mobility of the elbow joint is due to physical exercises and massage.

Massage is assigned to eliminate problem areas. For a long time this area was limited in motion. A damaged muscle experiences fatigue and disability. Massage helps to normalize the condition.

Gentle physical load allows you to distribute forces evenly throughout the joint. Over time, it strengthens, the former ability returns to it.

Complications of

Most cases of the disease, with properly selected treatment, result in a positive result. However, there is a possibility of complications.

This happens if the patient asked for help too late. In the future, this is manifested in the limitation of movement of the forearm and the periodically appearing pain.

How to avoid the disease?

Preventive measures are as follows:

  1. Moderate physical load. Balanced motor activity.
  2. Overcooling protection.
  3. The correct food intake. Replenishment of the body with vitamins and minerals. food vitamins
  4. Weight control.
  5. Avoiding injury.
  6. After a hard day's work, do a massage or exercise.

Arthrosis of the elbow is quite a serious disease. At the first signs of illness it is better to immediately consult a specialist. At the first stage, the disease is much easier and more quickly treated.

And it's okay if your fears are not confirmed. It is better to be reinsured once again. And of course to prevent any disease is easier than then to cure it.

Keep the right way of life, do not allow excessive loads, diversify the food. Watch yourself and be healthy!

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