Who Produces Amoksiklav?
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Who produces Amoxiclav?

Amoxiclav is the most effective antibacterial drug penicillin. Successfully applied in gynecology, surgery, otolaryngology, urology. A powerful tool against bacteria that have resistance to the different kind of antibiotic. When you purchase it is important to pay attention to who the manufacturer Amoksiklava.

General information about the manufacturer

Making Amoksiklava conducted in the following forms of production:

  • Tablets that differ by concentration of active ingredient in mg and the amount of the package.;
  • Powder for suspension, often administered to children. For preparing the slurry is sufficient to add the necessary amount of water and mix until dissolved.

Each formulation is provided detailed instructions for use. It has a detailed description, the dosage, indications and contraindications.

Which country produces Amoxiclav?

The manufacturer is - Lek dd Verovshkova 57, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Country of origin Amoksiklava powder can be as Slovenia and Austria.

If you have any complaints, consumers can contact the Russian Mission - Closed Joint Stock Company "Sandoz", which is located in Moscow, on Presnensky quay 8.

Analogs and prices

In Amoksiklava Kviktab are analogues, among the most famous: Oksamp, Ekoklav, Arlette.

Oksamp - a well-known antibacterial drug, which is produced in Russia. The drug is substantially similar Amoksiklava. Unlike in the form of release.

Ekoklav - antibacterial preparation of Russian production. The price of the above products is lower than that Amoksiklava.

Arlette - a broad spectrum antibiotic. Made in Russia. Price higher than the price of the original drug. It has some contraindications for age.

See also: Instructions for use to Amoksiklava

The price of the medicine in different pharmaceutical establishments may differ materially. As of today, you can buy the drug for home delivery. Most companies take orders in telephone mode, and via the Internet. Ordering in electronic form to fill in the appropriate form. Available on medical prescription.

Amoxiclav - a popular drug used to treat bacterial infections, it is a powerful tool to combat pathogens.
Doctors do not recommend self-medicate, as incorrectly chosen regimen and dosage will lead to serious complications.

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