Dosage Amoksiklava With Otitis
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Amoxiclav with otitis in children and adults

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Amoxiclav - of drugs from the group of antibacterial drugs, characterized by the suppression of life of many species of bacteria. Its main components - clavulanic acid, amoxicillin. The latter refers to the number of penitsilinnovyh antibiotics. Amoksiklav with otitis recommended for complicated course of the disease when the disease caused by pathogens resistant to penicillin.

Perhaps the use of this drug and when diagnosed with otitis media with non-infectious origin. This measure anticipates the possibility of complications of bacterial origin.


Amoxiclav drug, which is an analogue of the drug Augmentin, the modern pharmaceutical industry produces the following forms:

  • Powder for suspensions;
  • Powder for solution for injection (often required for greater efficiency when administering medication intravenously otitis);
  • Pills.

Regardless of the form Amoksiklava, its active substance remains unchanged, the effect of their similar. The difference between the two is present in an amount of antibiotic.

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Experts usually recommend giving your child Amoxiclav with otitis in the form of a suspension. This requires pre-dissolve the powder in water. The dose of the active substance amoxycillin in 5 ml of suspension will be, depending on the release forms, 125 mg or 250 mg. Clavulanic acid, respectively, is in a dose of 31.5 mg and 62.5 mg.

Determine the amount of antibiotic in one form or another can Amoksiklava on information indicated on the packaging. So, in a preparation Amoxiclav Forte, who is also appointed with otitis, it is present in twice the amount.

Amoksiklava feature is that it is rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract. There is a slight accumulation of it in the human body. The bulk of its weight is displayed with the urine, the liver metabolizes the substance minimally. The half-life in the case of its application in accordance with instructions for use Amoksiklava It is about one hour.

Amoxiclav acts directly on the area of ​​inflammation. If there is otitis media, are concentrated in the resultant exudate.

The mechanism of influence of the antibiotic

Otitis media, or inflammation of the middle ear, the effect often is caused by pathological microorganisms from penetrating to the nasopharynx. Infection is first introduced into the mucous membranes, after which the bacteria begin to proliferate, releasing certain waste products. They become the cause of fever, swelling and the appearance of pain.

In this case the antibiotic creates therapeutic concentration necessary to inhibit microbial activity reproduction protection and destruction of bacteria.

Amoksiklava advantage when otitis media is that some bacteria can secrete substances that negatively affect penicillin. But the second major component of the preparation - clavulanic acid, preclude their destructive effect on the antibiotic, thereby retaining its effectiveness.

Embodiments receiving and recommended dosages

For information on how to take Amoxiclav if in a particular case otitis adult or child, will tell the attending physician based on the severity of the disease and the characteristics of the organism.

General recommendations are as follows:

  • If otitis media in an easy manner, taking Amoksiklava assigned only to the ineffectiveness of other drugs for several days;
  • If treatment of otitis moderate severity Amoksiklav may be administered in the form of suspensions, and in tablets with a dosage for an adult to 500 mg three times a day for a child of up to 25 mg of the compound per kilogram of the body;
  • Severe form of the disease requires intravenous administrationWhen the dosage for children is increased to 30 mg per kilogram of body weight for adults - up 1000 mg up to 4 times a day when the acute period passed, a transition to other forms medications.

Take Amoxiclav recommended before meals. The preparation is washed down with a sufficient amount of water. To a suspension of the powder in the desired proportions is diluted with boiling water, then the contents of the container is shaken thoroughly. Storage of the finished product is permissible only in the refrigerator.

Take Amoxiclav adults with otitis and children may be no more than two weeks.

Amoxiclav for adults

Adult tableted Amoxiclav with otitis is the most common form of the drug. Drink tablet immediately before meal. The number of doses per day is determined by the severity of the disease in a particular case, the features of the patient.

Dosage main component may be as follows:

  • three times a day at a dose of 250/125;
  • twice daily at a dose of 500/125;
  • 1 or 2 times a day at a dose of 875/125.

The shape can be selected individually. Usually it is a tablet, but in the most severe cases require intravenous injection.

Amoxiclav for children

In children under the age of 12 otitis media occurs due to the same reasons as in adults. In this disease is often administered Amoxiclav as the most effective according to recent studies and reviews specialists antibiotic. The younger the child, the more should be carefully calculated dosage of the drug.

For kids Amoxiclav appointed with the most severe otitis media, the development of complications. In other cases, treatment of otitis media include painkillers and eardrops. They are assigned to the suspension, which is prepared before starting, spreading powder. For each kilogram of body weight is acceptable 20-40 mg of the antibiotic. The duration of the course Amoksiklava with otitis determined by the physician. The dosage regimen is:

  • three times a day by 5 mL for children under 21 kg;
  • three times per day to 10 ml for children under 40 kg.

The dosage should be prescribed only doctor!


The main contraindications for receiving Amoksiklava with otitis are:

  • allergy to antibiotics, representing the penicillin group;
  • leukemia, and infectious mononucleosis character;
  • problems with functioning kidneys, liver.

Otitis media - it is a serious illness that requires prompt treatment. Often it develops as a complication of a disease. Therefore, all the problems of upper respiratory tract acute or chronic nature, including sinusitis, require adequate treatment.

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