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Miramistin after unprotected intercourse for women and men

Miramistin after unprotected intercourse to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases, genital herpes. This is the most efficient, effective and safe drug, which even in small concentrations kills HIV. For reference - other disinfectants, such as chlorhexidine, to cope with this task in a high concentration only.

According to statistics, today the number of persons who have the disease, sexually transmitted, increases in a geometrical progression. For example, in Russia at the beginning of 2017 1,114,815 people are diagnosed with HIV were registered, of which 30% - are children. Even greater number of people infected with sexually transmitted infections. This can be seen clearly saw the huge queues in vendispanser.

But such problems can be avoided if every time after taking Miramistin random contact or unprotected sex.

What will Miramistin

Does Miramistin unprotected intercourse or the drug manufacturers a marketing ploy again? To understand this, you need to study the properties of the drug.

The active substance having a devastating effect on multiple types of infections - bacteria, viruses, fungi. Effectively treats the herpes virus, which is resistant to date has even to acyclovir.

Clinical studies have proven that Miramistin kills the infection, which causes:

  • gonorrhea;
  • syphilis;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • Candidiasis (thrush);
  • chlamydia.

However, the list of pathologies, which can be avoided by applying Miramistin, is impressive because of the extensive antimicrobial effects. Information can be found at on application to the instructions Miramistin. Miramistin able to even destroy the pathogenic infection, which manifests resistance to antibacterial prepraty.

The important fact is that Miramistin does not damage the mucous membranes. It has the following properties:

  • increases local immunity;
  • reduces inflammation;
  • It stimulates the regeneration;
  • a long time actively fighting the infection.

But a full-fledged after sex will protect against venzabolevany only with proper application of antiseptic.

How to apply Miramistin

It should immediately be noted that drinking Miramistin after unprotected intercourse men do not need. It is available as a solution, spray and ointments. To protect against infection after sex, men should be treated with a solution of the penis and groin area.

Women take Miramistin after unprotected intercourse can not be too. We need to do douching solution.

The maximum effect will be achieved by miramistinom during the first 2 hours of unprotected sex. The main rule - the sooner people will process the genital organs, the less likelihood that the infection will cause infection.

As a preventive measure should be applied after stand 0.1% solution. Pre after sex must take a shower and then treating with a cotton pad moistened with a solution pubis, perineum, inner thighs.

Complete with a bottle of urological present applicator for men and nozzle spray for women. Spray is very convenient to carry douching after sex. Is introduced into the vagina 10 ml of the preparation.

After treatment of external genital Miramistin enter the urethra (3 mL) - male; 1.5 ml - female. Exposure time - 3 minutes. Urethra need to press your fingers to prevent premature leakage of the solution. It is impossible to take a shower and go to the toilet for 2 hours. You may receive a feeling of slight burning sensation, but it's completely normal reaction.

Use Miramistin be even if during sex was used a condom. For the record - we have shown that condom during sex does not protect, for example, by Treponema pallidum, which is the causative agent of syphilis. The bacterium penetrates freely through the microscopic pores of latex. We must not forget that the prevention of diseases - the guarantee of health.


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