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Drugs with L-Carnitine for weight loss: a description of what is best to choose

Recommending the patient to lose weight, doctors often prescribe drugs with carnitine for weight loss. But some patients who read about the dangerous influence of fat burners, afraid to drink the medicine for fear of harm to health. But, unlike most anti-obesity agents, Carnitine has no rough influence on fat metabolism and is safe for the body.

What is Carnitine

The drug contains an amino acid, similar to the one that is synthesized in the human body. Carnitine is widely used by athletes because of the ability to burn body fat and promote muscle building corset. But it's not all the benefits of amino acids.

Weight Loss Carnitine provide the following properties:

  • accelerate metabolism;
  • improved digestion of adipose tissue and the conversion of fat into energy.

In addition to fat loss, the received slimming preparations carnitine strengthen the heart muscle, toxins and increase resistance to stress.

The use of carnitine not only provide weight loss, but also improve the overall health, give vigor and improve vitality. The drug was well tolerated and safe for health.

That will be offered at the pharmacy

The network of pharmacies can purchase drugs have as a part of L-Carnitine:

  • Karniton;
  • Elkar;
  • Karnith;
  • SportEkspert L-carnitine;
  • carnitine;
  • L-carnitine ( "Solgar" manufacturer).

Despite the fact that drugs vary greatly in price, all products contain the main active substance - carnitine and are suitable for weight loss.

But before taking the tablets, you should check with your doctor dosage and dosing frequency. Although the amino acid overdose is practically impossible to provide a full diet is necessary to take medications correctly. Typically prescribed drink 2-3 tablets or capsules twice a day, but the other receiving circuit can be assigned.

Can I buy the drug for weight loss in the sports shop

Supplements based on L-Carnitine for weight loss can be bought in the department of sports nutrition.

There will be offered:

  • Liquid concentrated syrup in vials or ampoules. Before use, the need to dilute to the desired concentration.
  • Pills. This release form contains small amounts of active agent and is rarely used by athletes.
  • Capsules. Compared with pills contain nearly twice as much of the active ingredient.
  • Powder. Before use, preparing slurry with water and the powder mixture.

All proposed carnitine supplements are very good for losing weight by burning body fat.

Compatibility with other medicines

Obese people are often forced to take medicine for life, so the question is: is it possible, together with carnitine slimming take drugs from pressure or other drugs - often sounds.

But carnitine - a substance produced in the human body, and a slight increase in the concentration of amino acids will not affect the efficiency of drugs taken for life.

Are there any contraindications

Carnitine is only contraindicated if you are hypersensitive, but such cases in clinical practice have been reported.

It is not recommended to use the amino acid for weight loss, if you have the following diseases:

  • cirrhosis and other serious violations of liver function;
  • diabetes;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • functional adrenocortical insufficiency;
  • metabolic disease.

In these conditions, to lose weight by using Carnitine is necessary under medical supervision.

Carnitine provides weight loss through improved metabolic processes and accelerate the breakdown of fat. An amino acid is a natural regulator of metabolic processes, and receive L-carnitine helps to lose weight without harm to health.


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