The temperature after the operation for the removal of appendicitis

Temperature after removal of appendicitis is a common occurrence. Recovery after surgery directly depends on its success. On the first day after surgery, doctors take measures aimed at detoxification of the patient: in this case the person is under close medical supervision. It is worth noting that on the first day after surgery, the risk of complications is high: it can be bleeding or bladder paresis. The patient should inform the doctor in time about the symptoms that disturb him. After discharge from the hospital, seams may disperse: if you see such a problem, call an ambulance immediately! The patient can not get up: you should lie still.

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  • 1 Why does the temperature rise?
  • 2 Causes of symptom

1 Why does the temperature rise?

The temperature after an operation for appendicitis may indicate the presence of an inflammatory process. If she went up in a day or two after an appendectomy was performed and then dropped to normal marks, you should not worry. This is quite normal, and it indicates that the body resists surgical intervention. Soon the patient should recover. Sometimes the symptom indicates serious complications: if it lasts more than 7 days, while a person has vomiting, constipation, heaviness and abdominal pain, immediate medical intervention is necessary.

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It happens that the temperature rises due to weakening of immunity. Do not forget that in the post-operative period the body experiences stress. An unpleasant symptom can manifest itself because the intestine absorbs substances that are not useful for itself with the perforated ulcer of the stomach. During surgery, the body loses a lot of fluid;Postoperative wound also secretes fluid: against this background, immunity decreases. It is important to remember in what state a person entered the hospital. If it was very severe, in the postoperative period, the temperature will almost certainly rise.

2 Causes of symptom

Consider the causes of fever. Often they are associated with the establishment of drainage. By raising the temperature, the body reacts to the stimulus. When the drainage is removed, the well-being will improve. Note that in this case, the temperature does not need to be knocked down, medicines are taken only when urgently needed. A sharp rise in temperature often occurs against the background of sepsis, inflammation of the internal organs. In this case, you need to use antibiotics( remember: medicines are prescribed by a doctor and self-medication is strictly prohibited).In some cases, an operation to remove pus is required. Do not forget that after surgery, the body remains weakened. Immunity decreases, and a person becomes prone to various diseases, including infectious.

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If you are infected with an infectious disease, consult a doctor: he will consult you, prescribe diagnostics and treatment. How long does the temperature after the operation to remove appendicitis? It is worth taking into account the nature of surgical intervention. A doctor can perform a standard operation or a laparoscopy. With laparoscopy, the surgeon makes small incisions and through them operates the patient. This procedure can lead to an increase in temperature, but the symptom will not last long: only 3 days, then it will pass by itself.

If the operation was carried out in a standard way, the temperature can rise to 38 ° C.Recovery will occur for 5 days. With a purulent form of appendicitis, the temperature rises before surgery and remains for a week. This will indicate a serious complication - peritonitis. With this disease, the symptom can last for a couple of weeks. The doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment, which also uses antibiotics. If the temperature rises above the level of 38 ° C, you should immediately call your doctor.

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