Restoration of motor activity of joints with the help of devices Artromot

apparatus Artromot The Artromot product line is an specialized passive effect simulator , designed to develop a particular joint.

Is an excellent addition to the main therapy for arthroscopy, capsulotomy, arthromia, injuries of various kinds.

The principle of operation is the passive treatment of the damaged joint by electromechanical painless action.

Therapy with the help of the device Artromot is possible as an outpatient, visiting specialized fiz.procedures in the hospital, and permanently at home, having previously purchased the device or rented it.

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Existing types of devices

  • Artromot K1
  • Brush device
  • Apparatus for treatment of elbow joints
  • Other devices of the
  • series What doctors and patients say
  • Cost of the device
  • Conclusions
  • Existing types of devices

    For each joint, knee, hip or wrist, there is a separate design of the device, which varies considerably depending on the purpose.

    Basic types:

    1. For example, Artromot K1 is designed to repair knee joint .The patient is in a horizontal position, places the necessary leg directly in the apparatus and begins to perform extensor-bending movements. The principle of operation of this model Artromot is CPM-therapy, in which the knee joint does not experience an axial load.
    2. Artromot F , carries out passive mobilization of joints of the brushes, including the joint of the thumb. The device is adapted for the left and right hands. Weighs only 1 kilogram. It is used for the lesions of the joints of the hands that limit their mobility.
    3. There is a device for elbow joint development , - e2 .Produced in two models, with a seat for the patient, and a compact version - without an armchair.

    There are models for the shoulder joint, wrist, ankle and ankle joint. Artromot K3

    There are also variations of the K1 model for specific effects on the hip joint.

    Let's consider more in detail the most popular devices of the given series.

    Artromot K1

    Effective in fracture of patella, tibia and femur, neurogenic contracture, meniscus resection, joint replacement, meniscus resection.

    Not recommended for use in thrombosis of the lower extremities, the progression of acute infection, also with paraarticular heterotopic ossification, unstable osteosynthesis.

    The device has the ability to unbend / bend the hip joint to 115 degrees, the knee to 120 degrees. The process of extension / bending starts smoothly with a small degree of stretching.

    Soon, after treatment, pain reduction is noted, the amplitude of the natural extension of the joint becomes larger, the healing processes are accelerated, and the swelling is removed.

    Brush device

    Artromot F is a small device weighing one kilogram, and measuring no more than 30 centimeters.

    Suitable for both right and left hands. It is put directly on the patient's arm with subsequent fixing of each finger into special levers. With its compactness, it is convenient to use at home.

    Used with synovectomy of the tendon, atrolisis, tenolysis, replantation, and the disjunctive Dipitrene contracture. The therapeutic effect is observed in a few days, in the form of reducing existing pain and improving the functionality of the fingers.

    Has four speeds. It is able to unbend the transphalangeal joint to 90 degrees, the interphalangeal proximal joint to 110, and the longitudinally to 70-degree joint.

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    device for treatment of elbow joints

    Apparatus for elbow There are two types of apparatus. Directly E2, and E2 Compact. The first is a device consisting of an active part for the hand, and an armchair for the patient. The second one is a simplified version, without an armchair.

    Used to treat injuries of the elbow joint. Namely, with osteotomy, pseudoarthrosis, post-fracture states.

    Do not use during acute inflammatory conditions, if there is an infection, or if the osteosynthesis is unstable.

    Weight with the chair is 29 kilograms, without 17. The maximum angle of the extension is 140 degrees.

    Other devices of the

    series There is also a number of other models of Artromot for this or that joint.

    For example:

    1. K3, K4 - a variety of apparatus for the treatment of the hip joint. They differ from K1 mainly in the architecture of the chair-lounger and the mechanisms of fastening the legs.
    2. N , is intended for the treatment and development of the wrist joint. Suitable for left and right hands.
    3. S3 , develops the shoulder joint. Has the ability to withdraw the hand to 175 degrees.
    4. SP3 , is used to improve the functionality of the ankle and ankle joint.
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    What doctors and patients say

    We suggest studying the reviews of doctors and patients about the device.

    Several years ago our hospital purchased a number of Artromot machines for the elbow, shoulder and hip joints.

    Many patients after fractures, I prescribed massages, special gymnastics to restore full-fledged movements. But many could not keep up the full course, and after a while, they simply abandoned their exercises, remaining, albeit with small, movement defects for years to come. Now I propose to undergo a course of treatment with Artromot. Passivity and painlessness in the procedures is the key point in the popularity of the rehabilitation course by this device.

    In the near future, we hope to expand the range of services and purchase all existing devices for other joints.

    Orthopedic doctor, Maria Olegovna

    In the summer he fell off the bicycle and broke his arm. When the plaster was removed, I could not straighten my hand painlessly. I thought it would pass by itself. But the problem remained and did not think to decrease. Then I went to the hospital, hoped to undergo some procedures and restore the mobility of the hand.

    I was advised to undergo a short course of restoration by Artromot. Literally a week later, the angle of the turn of the hand increased significantly, and after another week, my hand was mobile, as in the good old days.

    Максим, 24

    There was a stroke in me, hardly has departed. But there was a cut of legs and hands. I can not move them at all. I'm very bad at walking. The son rented two apparatuses for the leg and for the hand. Every day on a little develop the affected side.

    After two weeks, the mobility of the hand began to return, I go much more and better, but so far with a cane. Very satisfied with the effectiveness of this device. I no longer hoped for a full recovery and recovery of motor functions. But now I have a well-founded hope.

    Svetlana, 56

    The cost of the device

    The price of the devices The arthromot varies depending on the purpose and version of a product and is: apparatus Artromot

    • K1, K3, K4 -( respectively) 4300-4600, 3800, 4100 euros;
    • E2 - 6100 euros;
    • SP3 - 4300-4600 euro;
    • N - 3800;
    • F - 4800.

    It is possible to rent a device. For example, in Moscow, the rental price varies from 1600 to 1800 rubles per day .


    The presence of an electromechanical drive turns the entire Artromot product line into a unique tool for passive joint development .

    From the patient nothing is required, no independent loads, it is enough to sit down, or lie down, fix the necessary part, set the appropriate settings and receive a passive effect. The machine itself unbends / bends the required joint within the prescribed degree.

    The only drawback of the entire line of vehicles is a fairly high cost. The way out of this can be found in hospitals where it is possible to undergo a course of treatment as a exercise therapy, or to take the necessary apparatus for rent.

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