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Citramon tablets - instructions for use, composition

Citramone( tablets) - instructions for use, composition

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  • 1 Composition
  • 2 Species
  • 3 Form
  • 4 Indications for use - what helps the preparation
  • 5 Contraindications
  • 6 Instructions for use and dosage
  • 7 Application of Citramone during pregnancy
  • 8 Can I use it for children?
  • 9 Analogues of Citramone
  • 10 Feedback on the use of

Citramone is a combination of drugs that combines analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. Instructions for the use of Citramon should be read before the drug is started to be used. To understand what helps the drug and when it is prescribed, it is necessary to examine its composition and action.

Composition of

To date, the number of manufacturers of the drug has been growing steadily, so the composition of Citramon will be slightly different. However, the main active substance is not subject to change.

The composition of Citramon "classical" included:

  • 0.25 g of acetylsalicylic acid( Acidum acetylsalicylicum);
  • 0.17 g of phenacetin( Phenacetini);
  • 0.027 g of caffeine( Caffeine);
  • 0.021 g of citric acid( Citric acid);
  • and 0.014 g of cocoa.

This composition has ceased to exist today, and phenacetin has been banned, since it can cause serious complications and side effects. Most often the composition of the combined preparation now includes the main three components:

  • aspirin( Acidum acetylsalicylicum);
  • Paracetamol( Paracetamoli);
  • and caffeine( Caffeine).

Composition of Citramone Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory drug of non-steroidal origin. Its action is aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process in the lesion focus, reducing vascular permeability. Also, acetylsalicylic acid has an active effect on the centers of pain perception and thermoregulation, which are in the hypothalamus, and dilutes the blood.

Paracetamol is an NSAID( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) that has antipyretic, partly analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Caffeine is an alkaloid from a number of purines, which has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, and also expands the peripheral blood vessels, increases pulse and palpitation, struggles with symptoms of drowsiness and excessive fatigue.


Depending on the manufacturer's firm, Citramon is of different composition and name. To date, the following varieties are available:

  • Citramon P Citramon P - contains aspirin, caffeine and paracetamol. The use of Citramon P is contraindicated in persons under 14 years of age. Dosage for adults is from 1 to 2 tablets three times a day. Between receptions should be a gap( not less than 6 hours).
  • Citramon Forte - contains in addition to aspirin, caffeine and paracetamol, as well as citric acid. Auxiliary components: cocoa, potato starch, magnesium stearate. The addition of citric acid to the drug is not accidental, it stabilizes cellular respiration at the biochemical level. Assign Citramon Forte to persons from 14 years and above, the dosage is 1-2 tablets up to three times a day.
  • Citramon Darnitsa is the most popular among the rest. The composition includes aspirin, paracetamol, caffeine, citric acid. Auxiliary components: starch, cocoa, calcium stearate and polyvinylpyrrolidone. The rules of application do not differ from previous preparations.
  • Citramone Ultra - consists of acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol and caffeine. Produced in the form of capsules, appoint 1-2 capsules up to four times a day. The daily dose should not exceed eight capsules.

Form release

Citramone is available in the form of tablets. They are pale brown, have visible speckles, heterogeneous. The smell of tablets resembles the flavor of cocoa.

Packing: carton packs, blisters contain 6 to 10 tablets of Citramon.

Pharmacological group of the preparation

Pharmacological group of the drug Combined analgesics of non-narcotic action, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


Citrate tablets have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and partially psychostimulating effects. The latter effect is manifested in the reduction of general fatigue, increasing mental and physical performance.

Indications for use - from which the preparation

Indications for use - what helps the drug helps Combined non-narcotic analgesic is used in many pathological conditions. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to understand what helps Citramon. The drug is indicated for the treatment of the following symptoms:

  • Pain syndrome. Very often take Citramon from a headache. However, it also acts with other pain symptoms: neuralgic, menstrual, and also with pain in muscle tissue and joints. Often prescribe Citramon and with migraine. It should be remembered that in the case of very severe pains, it is better to give preference to other non-narcotic analgesics.
  • Hyperthermia. At elevated body temperature, it is advisable to take Citramon.
  • Sometimes Citramon is indicated in the combined treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Contraindications Contraindications

  • Hemophilia( as acetylsalicylic acid contained in Citramon, dilutes blood and increases the risk of bleeding).
  • Gastrointestinal ulcer.
  • Gastritis is erosive.
  • Hypersensitivity to the constituent of the drug.
  • Ischemic heart disease.
  • Hemorrhagic diathesis.
  • Hypertension( severe).
  • Renal failure.
  • Atherosclerosis of large vessels( especially vessels of the brain and heart muscle).
  • Hepatic failure.
  • Gout.
  • Increased excitability.
  • Patients under the age of 14 years.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Pregnancy during the 1st and 3rd trimester.
  • During lactation.
  • Hypocoagulation.
  • Hypoprothrombinemia.
  • Avitaminosis K.
  • Alarming conditions.
  • Intolerance is enzymatic.
  • Sleep disorders.
Side effects of

Side effects of Citramon Side effects from taking Citramon are extremely rare, and the drug itself is characterized by good tolerability. However, there are cases when the drug was used without agreement with the instructions and prescriptions of the doctor, which leads to the following consequences:

  • On the part of the digestive system: nausea, repeated vomiting, pain in the epigastrium, possibly a complication in the form of gastritis.
  • From the side of the biliary system: hepatic dysfunction.
  • Kidney side: renal failure.
  • From the side of the central nervous system: dizziness, frequent headaches, not stopable taking medication.
  • From the side of the circulatory system: bleeding, reducing the blood clotting capacity( by reducing the number of platelets).

In the case of uncontrolled use of Citramon, the following allergic reactions are possible:

  • Rash on the skin.
  • Severe itching.
  • Children may develop Ray's syndrome.
  • Hives.
  • Anaphylactic shock.
  • Erythema.

Instruction for use and dosage

Instructions for use and dosage Citramon is prescribed for adults 1-2 tablets. Drink must be still mineral water or boiled water.

Multiplicity of reception: up to four times a day. Frequency of reception: no more than 6-8 hours.

Does Citramone raise or lower the pressure?

Often from patients, you can hear a similar question. It should be noted that Citramon is capable of raising pressure indices slightly, but not significantly. All this is explained by the fact that the composition of the drug includes caffeine.

It excitatively acts on the central nervous system, and also increases the tone of the vascular wall, which leads to an increase in blood pressure. Also, patients should be more careful in terms of tea, coffee or cocoa, since sharing with Citramon can significantly affect blood pressure.

On the other hand, those who have low blood pressure, and at the same time have headaches, may take a Citramon pill.

Usage of Citramon during pregnancy

Application of Citramon during pregnancy It often happens that a woman complains of a headache during pregnancy - this is due to the fact that the circulatory system is heavily loaded due to the formation of additional blood circulation for the fetus. From here the question arises: is Citramone possible during pregnancy?

According to the instructions for use, pregnant women are categorically contraindicated Citramon in the first and third semesters. This is explained by the fact that during this gestational period the important organs and systems of the fetus are laid.

Application in the 1st trimester of pregnancy

The use of Citramon for up to three months is very dangerous for the fetus. The fact is that during this period the vital organs are being laid, and the action of the drug may aggravate this process. Due to acetylsalicylic acid, which is part of Citramon, has a pronounced teratogenic effect.

In other words, this substance can lead to congenital anomalies( the wolf mouth is a pathology characterized by the cleavage of the hard palate, the cleft lip is the cleft of the upper lip).

Application in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy

Given these instructions, a contraindication for the appointment of Citramon is the first and third trimester of pregnancy, however, in the second trimester, too, it is not advisable to take this drug. This is due to the fact that, still in the second period, the laying of organs and the development of the fetus continue.

During this period, premature births are very common, and Citramon will significantly complicate them, as acetylsalicylic acid dilutes the blood. There is a risk of bleeding, because the rheological properties of the blood( coagulability) will be reduced.

Application in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Application in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy The last trimester of pregnancy is also a contraindication for the use of the drug. The birth activity of the pregnant woman will be significantly weakened, and the infant may develop complications in the form of premature closure of the Batalov duct( aortic aperture).

To summarize, it should be noted that Citramon during pregnancy is highly undesirable to apply in any of the trimesters, as there is a risk of anomalies and the development of complications, both for the mother and the child.

Use during breastfeeding

In the lactation period, the use of Citramon for therapeutic purposes is contraindicated. It should be noted that paracetamol is safer than those containing acetylsalicylic acid.

Aspirin is able to accumulate in human milk and be passed on to the baby during the feeding period. As a result, the body of the baby undergoes a negative effect of Citramon: a decrease in the coagulation capacity of the blood( a decrease in the number of platelets), which eventually leads to bleeding. Acetylsalicylic acid also leads to irritation to the digestive system, which eventually leads to symptoms such as vomiting, frequent regurgitation and so on. From the side of the biliary system, there is a risk of impairment of the functional capacity of the liver and gallbladder. Also, allergic reactions are possible, and the occurrence of such complications as Reye's syndrome.

Can I use it for children?

Can I apply for children Citramon is contraindicated in persons younger than 14 years of age. This is justified by the fact that the composition of the drug includes caffeine. This natural alkaloid is a psychostimulant. As a result of taking Citramon in childhood, the following side effects are possible: insomnia, excessive excitability, frequent regurgitation, anxiety and general malaise.

To combat headache in childhood and during lactation, it is better to choose paracetamol, also significantly improve aromatherapy, hydromassage and good rest.

Why is Citramone so often used for headaches?
  1. First, this drug is inexpensive and is available in the first aid kit for everyone.
  2. Secondly, the combined preparation at the expense of its components more quickly copes with the headache( increasing physical and mental performance, quickly eliminating the pain and improving overall health).
  3. This drug belongs to the number of non-narcotic analgesics, and therefore does not cause addiction and withdrawal symptoms.
Additional information

Combined use of Citramone with hormonal drugs and anticoagulants can increase the effectiveness of their action. The risk of developing complications and side effects of Citramon enhances the joint use with Methotrexate.

Combination of application of Citramon with barbiturates and Rifampicin is contraindicated.

Analogues of Citramone Analogues of Citramon

  • Citramon-Borimed.
  • Citramon-Ultra.
  • Citramon-Darnitsa.
  • Citramon-Forte.
  • Citramon-P.

The cost of the drug

The approximate price of the medication is from 9 to 40 rubles. The cost largely depends on the packaging, the manufacturer and the number of tablets in the package.

Feedback on the application of

Review No. 1

Citrimon has been known for a long time - since adolescence. At that time, there was not yet such a vast amount of painkillers, and Citrimon was always in the medicine cabinet. Toothache, headache or pain during menstruation. .. Citramone cope well. Plus, the drug costs a penny, and the pain goes away very quickly and for a long time.

However, it should be noted that the drug has a fairly large range of side effects. Once I had a red rash on my back and severe itching after taking Citramon. These phenomena quickly passed after taking antihistamines.

Natalia, 45 years - Kiev

Review No. 2

Everyone experienced a strong throbbing headache or migraine. At this moment, there is no mood, working capacity is reduced, it is simply impossible to concentrate on work. The head cracks and asks for an analgesic. I always save myself with Citramon. First, it is inexpensive, and secondly, it copes with its duties.

Not only does the headache go away, so also the working capacity is back. In 30-40 minutes I can work again in my usual mode and it's only for 10 rubles. Citramon is always in my medicine cabinet and helps me out at the most important moments of my life.

Constantine, 34 years old - Moscow

Review No. 3

Citramon I take not only in case of a headache or migraine. He also helps out during menstruation, and also when the tooth or joints hurts. Conveniently, it acts quickly, and is always available in the medicine chest. Citramon is just a find that has been working for many years, despite the fact that in our time, analgesics are much more than before.

It should be noted that among other painkillers Citramon is one of the cheapest( only 10-12 rubles per package).As for the side effects, they never bothered me, from what I take Citramon to this day. With him, any pain goes away quickly and for a long time. Citramon is the number one drug, it is cheap, convenient and effective.

Evgeniya, 23 years old - Samara

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