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Reduxine: a better comparison, the differences

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Popular with slimming drug Reduxine can be found in 2 types: Reduxine and Reduxine Light. Because of the similarity in the names of interested people wishing to lose weight: a Reduxine efficiently. But before determining the best means, it is necessary to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the release form and indication.

Analogs are not always similar in composition

While that is an analog Reduxine Reduxine Light, medications have different chemical formulas and indications for use. Choosing what Reduxine better to consider the basic characteristics of drugs.


Available in tablets containing 10 or 15 mg of sibutramine. The main component of the drug has an effect on receptors located in the brain and reduces the feeling of hunger. In addition, under the influence of sibutramine accelerated degradation of adipose tissue and the release of energy. The man wants to eat less and feel a surge of strength.

The second component, a part of Reduxine - cellulose. Once in the digestive tract, the cellulose fibers swell, and the person feels full after a small meal portions.

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The combined action of sibutramine and pulp can effectively lose weight, down to 5 kg per month.

Application Reduxine shown in severe forms alimentary obesityWhen a person can not reduce weight through diet or exercise. The dose and duration of treatment course selects the physician, self Reduxine can cause serious health problems.

Reduxine Light

Despite the similarity of names, medicinal products are different in composition.

Reduxine Light contains:

  • conjugated linoleic acid;
  • vitamin E.

The difference in the active substance leads to the fact that Reduxine Light otherwise acts on the body: linolivaya acid and vitamin normalize metabolism, but do not cleave the fatty tissue.

Effect of Light Reduxine far below and to fully lose weight, is required in addition to diet and increase physical activity, and do not like people who want to get results quickly and immediately.

At first glance it may seem that more effectively take Reduxine based on sibutramine. The drug is quickly split the fats and eliminate the extra kilos, but this is not always the case. Often, slow weight loss is more secure and useful for the organism.

Stronger is not always better

When deciding which Reduxine better to choose, it is necessary to take into account not only the rate of weight loss, but also the possible harm to the body.

When taken with sibutramine agent occurs:

  • artificial acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • effect on brain centers.

Such stimulation can impact negatively on the internal organs and cause mental disorders. Because of the possible side effects, take Reduxine having a part of sibutramine is allowed only under medical supervision.

With a little extra weight is better to drink Reduxine LightWhich relate to bioadditives and released at a pharmacy without a prescription. Vitamins and linolivaya acid help safely lose weight without harm to health. An additional "bonus" Light will receive Reduxine lack of wrinkles on the skin that appear during sudden weight loss.

What would be better Reduxine - nutritionists decide individually, but the drug sibutramine doctor prescribed only after a full examination of the patient, and if other methods of weight loss have not helped. But drink short courses Reduxine Light is allowed not only to reduce weight but also to correct the figures in sports.


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