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Glycine children under one year

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If there are special readings neurologist may prescribe taking Glycine children under one year. This amino acid can be given to babies from birth. It is recommended to take in case of violations of the nervous system, also provide a means for preventive purposes.

Characteristics funds

After hearing from the neurologist's recommendation to give the child Glycine, parents want to understand yourself and find out what kind of drug.

Glycine is a metabolic medicament which normalizes metabolic processes taking place in the body. With his regular admission:

  • activates and normalizes protective inhibition of the central nervous system;
  • reduces emotional stress;
  • is anti-oxidant, anti-toxic effects;
  • It regulates the operation of glutamate receptors.

Glycine gets into tissues and body fluids of the body of the child. He is transported through the blood to the brain cells. Under its influence is reduced in the brain development of "exciting" the glutamic amino acids instead stimulated production of "inhibitory" gamma-aminobutyric acid.

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Because of this in the body of a newborn baby:

  • normalizes metabolism;
  • improves overall psycho-emotional state;
  • normal sleep.

At the age of 3 years in accordance with the instructions assigned on 1/2 tablet per day. But the exact dosage Glycine children under one year should be chosen by the physician according to the individual indications. Some will be enough ΒΌ of the tablet.

Duration of reception are also set individually. In most cases, you must give Glycine children for 1-2 weeks. Sometimes doctors advise to drink it for a month.

To give a tablet in the form neraskroshennom impossible infants. Parents need to grind it into powder and pour in the baby's mouth or a dip in the resulting crumbs nipple.

Indications for infants

Neonatal Glycine prescribed for the presence of specific diagnoses. Glycine to give children under one year can be carried out after the diagnosis and obtain appropriate advice from a neurologist. It is prescribed in the following cases:

  • increased muscle tone;
  • confirmed intrauterine hypoxia;
  • perinatal encephalopathy;
  • loss during delivery of the nervous system.

Also, it is prescribed for limb tremor in newborns. It is believed that the state should be normalized independently to three months of age, but sometimes a pediatrician or neurologist can advise parents to help your child.

Also, doctors prescribe Glycine with sleep disorders. Because it is able to reduce the excitation. However, the dosage should be determined by a physician, focusing on the state of the young patient. Recommendations physician may differ from the dosage regimen indicated in the instructions for use.

Many parents, having been appointed by the doctor, continue to doubt whether the child Glycine can be up to one year. Glycine - an amino acid that is part of the food, it is also found in breast milk. Contraindications to the said preparation is not, so you can safely give glycine in a designated doctor dosage.


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