Recipe Duphalac In Latin?
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Recipe Duphalac in Latin?

Duphalac medication is a laxative for the treatment of constipation in adults and children. For the purchase of medicines in pharmacies prescription Duphalac in Latin is not necessarily present. Laxative without prescription of the doctor.

Pharmacological properties, composition, indications

Dufalac produced in the form of syrup in bottles of 200, 500, 1000 ml, 15 ml bags designed for single dose. The Latin name for the drug Dufalac - Duphalac.

Composition Duphalac:

  • Drug component: lactulose;
  • Additional components: water, flavor enhancers.

Name in Latin Duphalac (Duphalac) also need to describe the product instructions. Names of drugs in Latin are needed to facilitate the work of doctors in different countries, if they speak different languages. Holidays in Russian pharmacies without a prescription.

The properties of lactulose:

  • promotes liquefaction chair, pulling the liquid in the cavity ulcer;
  • stimulates peristalsis of the bowel wall;
  • It is a breeding ground for the normal microflora;
  • It prevents the growth of pathological strains of bacteria.
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The drug is approved for use in infants and pregnant women. The drug is not absorbed in the intestine has no effect on the fetus during gestation.


  • constipation:
  • preparation for colonoscopy, bowel surgery, and abdominal cavity;
  • hepatic coma (encephalopathy).

Recipe drug Dufalac in Latin as follows:


Rp.: Sirupi Duphalaci 5% -200 ml
D.S. By day 15-45 ml for the first 2 days, 30 ml - maintenance dose.


Rp.: Sirupi Duphalaci 5% -1000 ml
D.S. 45 ml once per day for three days before colonoscopy; 200 ml of syrup, previously diluted in 2 ml of water, drink, and 2 reception, the day before the test.

Terms of taking the medicine

Duphalac take once in age dosage. For adults, the dose is a 15-45 ml per day. The syrup is better to drink in the morning during breakfast (in the morning). With daily use of medication the morning becomes a regular chair, goes discomfort.

Dose in children


Dosage (ml)

7-12 years


1-6 years


0-1 year

less than 5

The drug administered in the newborn droplets or dissolved form (mixture or mother's milk). The dosage for children up to 1 month is 1 mL or more, depending on the severity of the clinical symptoms (but not more than 5 ml).

If the patient is shown a colonoscopy, the intolerance enema doctor may prescribe a preparation for Duphalac procedure. Thus an adult patient to drink formulation shown for 3 days at 45 ml per day and diluted with 200 ml of syrup in 2 liters of water. Drink such solution the day before the study is necessary for reception of 2 (14:00, 17:00). The dose determines the doctor for the child.


Duphalac has a lot of positive feedback among patients and physicians. It means actively used in the pediatric, obstetric and surgical practice. Duphalac not require any special storage conditions. Available without a prescription. Price per 200 ml of the drug is 300 rubles. It should not attempt to use a laxative in children, since overdose develop diarrhea and dehydration. Compliance with instructions to avoid unpleasant consequences.


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