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Sumamed child 6 years: The dosage in tablet and suspension

Sumamed antmikrobnym relates to formulations for the treatment of pathological processes caused by an infectious agent. The drug is widely used by pediatricians. The dosage of Sumamed child 6 years set by the doctor individually, since the calculation of the drug per 1 reception depends on the weight of the baby. The medicine refers to macrolide antibiotics. The drug is characterized by gentle and effect on the body, rarely causing digestive disorders after therapy.

Sumamed well tolerated, but may not desired reaction. Therefore, to give pills Sumamed 6-year-old child should be only prescribed by a doctor and in the recommended dosage as well as in a case where the baby can swallow a pill. If it is difficult for him, then give drinking suspension.

Characteristics of drugs

Sumamed favorably with antimicrobials first generation, because it has a broad spectrum of action, then is different groups destroys pathogens, and relatively safe compared to other antibiotics groups. Available drug in tablet form (125, 250, 500 mg), capsules (250 mg) and powder for suspension (20 ml). The active ingredient of the drug is azithromycin. Children aged 3 - 5 years with colds and infections of the respiratory appoint Sumamed in the form of a suspension with a pleasant fruity taste, as a child is easier to take the medicine in such form of



on the use of the medicinal product indicates that his doctors prescribed for:

  • sore throat;
  • sinusitis;
  • otitis media;
  • tonsillitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • Infectious bronchitis;
  • erythema migrans;
  • erysipelas.

Sumamed dose for children 6 years old pediatrician chosen strictly individual and depends on the pathological process that occurs in the body of the baby, his general condition and body weight of the child.


The doctor, hoping the dosage of the drug, take into account the age and weight of the child. 6-year-old baby weighing 19 to 25kg. Sometimes, at this age the child can weigh 29 - 30 kg. The drug is recommended at a dose of 10 mg / kg of body weight per day baby, ie Sumamed 250 mg for a child of six years, appoint 1 tablet 1 time a day. The course of treatment is 3 days. When infection caused by streptococcus may increase the dose doubled (500 mg). This is the maximum dosage should not exceed that.

It is also possible the use of Sumamed forte children aged 6 years. It is a powder for suspension, which has a sweet fruity taste and children can easily take the drug. To prepare a powder slurry dissolved boiled water in an amount of 9.5 ml, well stirred to obtain a homogeneous liquid consistency. Water is supplied in a vial with a syringe attached to the packaging. Also attached to the drug and measuring spoon, which is convenient to measure out the right amount of suspension. The obtained suspension was stored no longer than 5 days in a room with an air temperature not exceeding 25 degrees.

Sumamed Forte dose also depends on the child's weight and is as follows:

  • to 24 kg - 5 ml of suspension;
  • to 34 kg - 1, 5-dimensional medicine spoon.

Upon receiving the funds must drink it with warm water or tea, to wash off the drug with the mucous membrane of the throat. Parents need not exceed the course of therapy, a doctor's appointment. With the resumption of symptoms should not be taken again Sumamed if passed at least 3 months after the course of therapy covered. You need to contact your doctor, who will offer the drug more acceptable in this situation.

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