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Ingavirin and Acyclovir, what better compatibility

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Treatment of HSV infection requires the use of antiviral drugs. One immunostimulatory agents, which include Kagocel, Ingavirin, Arbidol, etc., Is not enough. It requires heavy artillery - antiherpetic means. Traditionally, for the treatment of diseases caused by the herpes virus, acyclovir is used. Find out what will work Ingavirin and Acyclovir, what properties have these drugs and what is the difference between them.

Some information about drugs

acyclovir - a focused antiviral action. Used in the treatment of herpes virus and cytomegalovirus different localization. It is used for several decades. Ingavirin - modern antiviral drug.

It was originally developed as an anticancer agent, but the efficacy was insufficient against cancer. But antiviral activity was observed with respect to:

  • Influenza viruses;
  • enteroviruses;
  • Viruses causing ARI ARI and chronic airway diseases.

features overview

In order to find out what is best Acyclovir or Ingavirin, compare the main parameters of these drugs.

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Mechanism of action

It slows down the reproduction of viral agents. It stimulates the production of interferon and lymphocytes responsible for the immune reaction in response to pathogen infection.

It suppresses the production of biological substances that cause an inflammatory reaction

It accumulates in the cells infected with the virus.

Activates cellular immunity. It promotes rapid healing of herpetic lesions prevents the formation of new lesions, reduces their pain





Prevention and treatment of SARS, acute respiratory infections, colds and flu, caused by the different pants

Treatment and prevention of herpes infection of the mucous membranes and skin;

chicken pox,



Children younger than 7 years,



Sensitivity to the drug


Children up to age 3 years.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding is assigned to the cautious

treatment regimen

Regardless of the meal, 1 time a day. The course of treatment - 1 week

Regardless of the meal, 5 times a day. The course of treatment - 5-10 days

release Form

Capsules for oral administration

Tablets for oral administration, ointments and creams for external use


About 500 rubles per piece 7 capsules

From 30 to 500 rubles depending on the dosage and packaging manufacturer

Drug interactions

It enhances the antimicrobial activity of antibacterial and antiviral agents

Activity Enhances rotivovirusnuyu immmunomodulyatorov and antivirals

The use of the world

Used only in Russia, it is not approved by the FDA

It is used in Europe and the United States, approved by the FDA

The comparison results

Comparison of Acyclovir and Ingavirin shows that the preparations differ in terms of the basic parameters and have the following advantages and disadvantages:

Acyclovir-esteem compared to ingavirin:

  • Accessible to all segments of the population;
  • Effektivnat in the treatment of herpes and cytomegalovirus is recognized worldwide;
  • Approved for use in pediatric practice (3 years).

Disadvantage - often have to drink (5 times a day).

Disadvantages Ingavirin:

  • High price;
  • The lack of evidence that would confirm its effectiveness.


  • More indications for use;
  • Easy to use - drink once a day.

Do Acyclovir compatible and Ingavirin

Preparations are not analogous to each other. However, with herpetic infection Acyclovir may be taken together with ingavirin to enhance antiviral and immunostimulatory effects.


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