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Kraurosis women. Home Treatment folk remedies, medications, ointments. Reviews, photos signs of disease

Occurrence kraurosis vulva or sclerotic lichen due to changes in hormonal levels. The majority of cases be the highest of 50 years, but there are a lot younger patients. kraurosis treatment in women aimed at reducing the intensity of symptoms, prevention of the degeneration of the pathologically altered tissue in cancerous growths.

The content of the article:

  • 1 What is kraurosis
  • 2 Causes and mechanisms of disease development
  • 3 Symptoms of the disease
    • 3.1 initial stage
    • 3.2 atrophic stage
    • 3.3 sclerotic stage
  • 4 diagnosis kraurosis
  • 5 Treatment
    • 5.1 Diet for kraurosis: allowed and forbidden foods, the general principles of food
    • 5.2 Photodynamic therapy kraurosis: indications, preparation and conduct, course duration
    • 5.3 Drug treatment: group name preparations application circuit
    • 5.4 Traditional treatments: recipes effective means
    • 5.5 Surgical treatment: evidence, preparation, rehabilitation
  • 6 Prognosis and complications
  • 7 Videos about kraurosis

What is kraurosis

Sclerotic lichen -zabolevanie vulva consists of the mons pubis, large, labia minora, clitoris, urethral outlet, the initial segment of the vagina.

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Kraurosis manifests as benign chronic inflammation of the vulvar tissues, dystrophic, atrophic and sclerotic subcutaneous tissue, mucous membrane of the epidermis. Accompanied by a pronounced symptom - incessant itching.

Fully healed from sclerotic depriving impossible. Kraurosis flow alternates phases of remission, relapse.

Fabrics vulva unstable to infections due to high humidity and low acid environment. The sensitivity of the mucous-skin receptors is determined content of quick response to changes in the hormonal balance, metabolic products.

These factors explain why the vulva occur negative changes in disorders of hormonal levels, especially before and after the menopause. Lack of estrogen leads to functional impairment of tissues. To stop the progression of the disease it is important to begin treatment immediately after diagnosis.

Causes and mechanisms of disease development

The etiology of the disease is not fully understood. Hypothesise not fully explain the mechanism of occurrence of kraurosis. But experts agree on a common opinion about the factors of infectious, autoimmune, psychological, provoking the development of sclerotic lichen.

These risks include:

  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • ovarian diseases (Andechs, cancer);
  • pituitary gland injuries, disorders of the anterior lobe functions;
  • insufficient production of cortisol by the adrenal glands;
  • early menopause;
  • human papilloma virus, herpes;
    Kraurosis women. Treatment of folk remedies, medications, ointments. Symptoms of the disease
    Often kraurosis vulva in women cured with HPV - the virus is very often provokes kraurosis
  • ovariectomy (surgical removal of ovaries);
  • chemical burn obtained by podmyvanii, douching;
  • surgery or trauma to the external genital organs;
  • chronic vulvovaginal;
  • mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia;
  • Prolonged exposure to stressful situations;
  • reduction of the immune defense;
  • insufficient or excessive intimate hygiene;
  • wearing synthetic underwear, frequent saunas, baths, resulting in overheating.

Decreased immunity, affecting the development of kraurosis, against the background of frequent colds, chronic diseases, nicotine and alcohol dependence.

The mechanism of development kraurosis until the end is unclear.

The disease occurs in the following order:

  • violation of blood circulation, swelling of the skin and mucous membranes, leading to hypoxia;
  • hyperkeratosis, destruction of collagen fibers, elastin, nerve endings;
  • plugging arterioles due to violations of the connective tissue structure, difficulty of blood supply to the vulva.

Doctors call this cycle a vicious circle from which escape is impossible. Sclerotic lichen occurs when a combination of several factors. It is not enough to study pathogenesis causes difficulties in the treatment and prevention kraurosis.

Symptoms of the disease

Intensity of symptoms directly related to the duration of the disease, the degree of spread of inflammation foci and the adequacy of the treatment. At the beginning of kraurosis, the clinical picture is mixed. Signs lubricated, patients' complaints minor or non-existent.Kraurosis women. Treatment of folk remedies, medications, ointments. Symptoms of the disease

Further development kraurosis intensifies symptoms. There is not passing severe itching that lasts for years. This feature prevents the proper rest at night, reduces efficiency. increased blood pressure on the background of unstable psycho-emotional state. Failure occurs in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in the body, which is fraught with obesity.

Sears vulvar tissues become tense, painful. After washing away with soap and clearly felt the tightness of the skin. Traced violations when urinating: frequent urge, a burning sensation, incontinence. Sometimes difficult act of defecation. Increase of signs depends on what stage of development is kraurosis. In total there are three.

initial stage

In the first phase there is a constant, molesting day and night itching. Symptom appears brighter during physical activity overheating. Behind him there is a burning sensation, tingling. Broken blood microcirculation, which leads to swelling of the mucosa and skin. redness of the tissue appears dry, micro-cracks. Sexual intercourse brings discomfort.

atrophic stage

It says the plane of the labia minora, clitoris shrinks, narrows the vagina. It appears secondary symptom - lichenification, characterized waxy appearance whitish hue, a decrease in elasticity of the affected tissue, the formation of scales on mucosal dermis. Dry tissue susceptible to injury, intercourse is painful.

sclerotic stage

At the last stage of the flow kraurosis smoothed and atrophy of the vulva tissue. There are difficulties with urination, defecation due to pathological changes of the urethra, anus. Coitus becomes impossible. Fall pubic hair.

The mucous membrane, the skin takes on the color of mother of pearl, glossy shine. the lesion extended to the inner parts of the thighs. Due to malnutrition and sklerotirovaniya subcutaneous tissue, the epidermis dries on it appear non-healing wounds. Complicated by a bacterial infection accompanied by the erosion of suppuration.

diagnosis kraurosis

Kraurosis women whose treatment begins after laboratory studies tests, confirmed by their results. Especially it is difficult to differentiate from other skin (vitiligo, atopic dermatitis), systemic (diabetes) disorders at an early stage.Kraurosis women. Treatment of folk remedies, medications, ointments. Symptoms of the disease

During the medical examination, the doctor may suggest lichen sclerosus, but due to lack of characteristic symptoms to put the correct diagnosis difficult. The survey helps patients identify specific diseases, provided the impetus for pathological changes in vulva.

Conducted a visual inspection of the external genitalia. If the first stage it is not enough, then the second and third stage of development of symptoms of bright leaves no doubt in diagnosing sclerotic lichen.

Gynecologists known kraurotichesky triangle, characterized symmetry. The top of the figure located on the pubic base - one third of the labia. Color triangle whitish, istonchonnye tissue sections raschosov, erosion, or microcracks.

Diagnostics includes vulvoskopiyu, the initial colposcopy vaginal segments. Simple vulvoskopiya identifies the affected vessels and skin thickness. Advanced embodiment under examination repeated increase determines the presence or absence of cancer cells with the help of auxiliary means.Kraurosis women. Treatment of folk remedies, medications, ointments. Symptoms of the disease

During the procedure, there is a fence of biological material for cytological, histological examination for the detection of human papilloma virus, herpes. To exclude diabetes doctor prescribes an analysis on the content of glucose in the blood.


The onset of sustained remission includes both medical therapeutic and surgical, changes in the apparent anatomical structures. Reduce symptoms of minimally invasive medical procedures - vulvar denervation alcohol, laser and radiation therapy.

Doctors are advised to relieve symptoms and to prevent use the following guidelines:

  • underwear to wear natural fabrics;
  • wash twice a day, using a mild detergent for intimate hygiene;
  • get rid of nicotine addiction, eliminate the use of alcohol;
  • eat a healthy diet;
  • exclude the use of flavored hygiene products for bath and shower deodorant pads and tampons;
  • do not use a colored toilet paper.

It relieves itching, reduces inflammation of the special diet. Stabilizes the psycho-emotional state reception sedatives, vitamin complexes. Relieves patients physiotherapy - ultrasound, electrophoresis with painkillers when burning and itching.

Doctors prescribe the classic topical treatment creams, ointments, gels. It is gaining popularity innovative method photodynamics.

Degenerative processes manifest themselves in different ways, the emergence of a mechanism, the flow is ambiguous disease. Physicians are suitable for the treatment of individual patients, given the concomitant illnesses. Each case requires a long complex therapy. Treatment is reduced to restore blood flow, metabolism, reduce inflammation foci swelling.

Diet for kraurosis: allowed and forbidden foods, the general principles of food

To mitigate the disease and the factors that provoke symptoms kraurosis gain, doctors are advised to adhere to the principles of healthy eating. Excluded from the diet products with carcinogens, the large number of calories, salts, synthetic preservatives, dyes.

These include:

  • pickled, fried, smoked food;
  • hot spices;
  • allergenic foods;Kraurosis women. Treatment of folk remedies, medications, ointments. Symptoms of the disease
  • containing caffeine and fizzy drinks;
  • semi-finished products;
  • fast food;
  • stores and home canned foods;
  • sweet pastries, confectionery.

Maintains the elasticity at the proper level, eliminates the dryness of the skin of the vulva the use of vegetable oils, especially olive oil and corn.

Recommended foods containing antioxidants needed nutrients for normal functioning of the body:

  • raw and steamed vegetables and fruits;
  • fresh juices from fruits green;
  • potato, beetroot juice;
  • buckwheat, oatmeal;
  • bran, wheat;
  • seafood, fish;
  • nuts, pumpkin seeds;
  • red meat, liver, eggs.

List of products comprises micro and macronutrients to increase the elasticity of the dermis, antioxidants that prevent tissue degeneration.

Photodynamic therapy kraurosis: indications, preparation and conduct, course duration

Kraurosis in women, the treatment of which requires a comprehensive approach, becomes less pronounced under laser irradiation of the vulva. To minimally invasive procedure was more effective, prior to colposcopy pass, pass general and biochemical blood test.

Photodynamic therapy begins with the intravenous injection of a photosensitizer input, which is concentrated in the tissues affected, together with exposure to low-intensity laser beam destroys abnormal cells by their entry into a chemical reaction with a dedicated oxygen active radicals.Kraurosis women. Treatment of folk remedies, medications, ointments. Symptoms of the disease

Thanks to the regeneration, the dead cells are replaced by new, healthy tissue to form.

Pros medical procedures:

  • healthy cells remain in an unaltered state;
  • It does not require subsequent sessions;
  • performed without the patient's room in the hospital;
  • no pain, cosmetic defects;
  • rehabilitation period passes quickly, without complications.

The method is particularly relevant to young and middle age due to the high efficiency (95%), absence of scarring.

Drug treatment: group name preparations application circuit

Treatment kraurosis via pharmacy means is reduced to restore blood flow, relieve inflammation foci, swelling, itching women. Patients prescribed medications as local and systemic.

The means applied externally include:Kraurosis women. Treatment of folk remedies, medications, ointments. Symptoms of the disease

Pharmacological group, a trade name of the drug pharmachologic effect How to apply

Glyukokortiko steroids

Prednizalonovaya ointment Reduces the permeability of blood vessels, swelling, itching, Up to three times a day a thin layer of no longer than two weeks.
hydrocortisone ointment Blocks allergen accelerates the local metabolism, reduces the sensitivity of the mucous membrane, the dermis Similarly, the first week is allowed to use up to 60 g agent
Dermoveyt (cream or ointment) Cool inflamed areas, removes redness, eliminates itching, swelling. 1-2 times per day, the duration depends on the degree of development of the disease, but no more than 4 weeks. You can use dressings impregnated agent within 2-3dney
sinaflana ointment Regulates the metabolism, it inhibits the synthesis of arachidonic acid, has a cumulative effect Used in pure form up to two times daily for 5 days, when mixed in equal parts with children's cream duration of administration increases by 2 times.


Krayonon gel Hormone replacement therapy normalizes metabolism in tissues of the vulva, reduces itching Long, 2 times a week


Ovestin cream It accelerates regeneration and improves the functionality of mucous and skin, enhances the local immune defense No more than 2 times a day for a long time


Androgel cream It activates the synthesis of collagen, which improves tissue elasticity 1 time per day to 5 g for 2-3 weeks

Kraurosis women. Treatment of folk remedies, medications, ointments. Symptoms of the diseaseThe outer most drugs effective in treating kraurosis. Suitable drug prescribed by a doctor, given the age of the patient, the severity of the disease.

To restore sustainable psycho-emotional condition prescribed sedatives (valerian tincture, motherwort, peony), antihistamines (loratadine, suprastin). In small doses used antipsychotics, tranquilizers. To strengthen the immune system suitable vitamin complexes, polyoxidonium, imunoriks.

Improve metabolism, restore blood circulation solcoseryl intramuscular injection. If the tissues of the vulva joined a bacterial infection, antibiotics are used. Incessant itching unbearable eliminate novocaine blockade.

Traditional treatments: recipes effective means

Kraurosis in women being treated continuously, will be less bothered if in conjunction with the first treatment people use drugs.

By popular treatment options include:

  • Sit-bath with chamomile, succession, Marigold. To prepare the treatment solution, a basin filled with hot water to one-third. The color of each of the dried plant in an amount of 100 g or 30 g of each were placed in gauze and dipped in a container. Insist 10-15 minutes, then take a tray fifteen minutes. The procedure was repeated every other day.
  • Decoctions of the leaves are picked currants, wild strawberries, nettle, burdock, horsetail, taken by mouth, reduced the intensity of negative symptoms, accelerate regeneration.
  • Cleaning the chamomile extract, soda solution (a tablespoon per gallon of water) using tar soap every morning and evening bring relief. Help fight disease getting wet genitals with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol tincture of celandine.
  • After cleaning the genitals smeared buckthorn, pine oil and baby cream.
  • To the affected places every day for a week cause application of a mixture of whipped egg white, salt, chopped fresh parsley. Procedure eliminates dryness, tightness of the skin.

Traditional medicines used after consultation with the doctor, make medical treatment more effective.

Surgical treatment: evidence, preparation, rehabilitation

Kraurosis women whose treatment did not bring positive results, heal surgically.

surgical methods:

  • Held vulvectomy complete or partial. In the first case removed pathologically a modified fibrous adipose tissue up to the crotch. The second case is less traumatic, as the cut only mucosa and dermis of the vulva. Cons surgery recurrence -risk sclerotic lichen, scarring. In the absence of complications, patients are discharged from the hospital on the ninth day.
  • When a small-area destruction kraurosis apply cryotherapy or cauterization with liquid nitrogen. The method is effective only in the initial stage kraurosis. If we carry out the manipulation on the atrophic or sclerotic stage, the procedure will cause a worsening of the disease. Hospitalization is not required.
  • More efficient laser ablation or laser cauterization dystrophic tissue sections. The main drawback of minimally invasive surgical method of treatment - multiple scars.
  • To eliminate the pain and itching cross the nerve endings of four channels and remove fatty tissue from the nervous formations. The operation is called vulvar denervation.
  • Plastic surgery involves the removal of damaged tissue and replacing them with new ones, taken from patients with hip.

Surgical methods dangerous complications -krovotecheniem, wound suppuration surfaces autoimplanta rejection. A desire to reduce the area of ​​excision dystrophic tissues leads to relapse.

By this method of treatment often resorted Contractions in pathological vaginal, urethra and anus, making impossible intercourse complicating defecation, urination. By the indications for surgery include increasing epithelial dysplasia, increasing the risk of atrophic degeneration of the tissue in a cancerous tumor.

Prognosis and complications

kraurosis treatment of women improves the quality of life, but bring short-term relief. Sclerotic lichen is not dangerous to life, but completely incurable. The disease is chronic and progressive with time, causing complications.

In 9% of women in the background appear kraurosis malignancies. It is therefore important to handle time, observed at the gynecologist performing destination and regulations.

Author: Yelena Filippova

Registration of the article: Mila Friedan

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