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Periodontal disease. How to save your teeth, what medicines help, folk remedies, how to treat

Periodontal disease causes destruction of bone tissue in the dental alveoli. Characterized also shattered sore teeth and gums. Due to periodontal disease periodontal pockets are formed.

They occur inflammation and suppuration. To the doctor, patients have come in the later stages of periodontal disease, but to save the teeth is possible, if the treatment prescribed professional periodontist or dentist.

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  • 1 What is periodontal disease, unlike periodontitis
  • 2 Effect of the disease on the body
  • 3 Causes of periodontal disease
  • 4 symptoms of periodontal disease
  • 5 diagnosis of periodontal disease
  • 6 Prevention of periodontal disease
  • 7 To which the doctor ask
  • 8 Features of oral care with periodontitis
  • 9 therapies
    • 9.1 Feeding habits with periodontitis
    • 9.2 rinse
    • 9.3 Medications
    • 9.4 Traditional methods
    • 9.5 Dental and surgical treatment
    • 9.6 Other methods
  • 10 complications
  • 11 Videos about parodontosis

What is periodontal disease, unlike periodontitis

Systemic loss of soft tissue of the oral cavity lead to gum disease. Pathology is called periodontitis. The distinguishing characteristic of periodontitis is its absence of inflammation, bleeding during eating or brushing.

If no timely appeal to a periodontist, inflamed soft tissue, break the connection between the teeth. They become loose and fall out. Periodontitis is an infectious disease against which breaks the connection between the tooth and bone.Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment

periodontal disease stage degenerative processes
stage I Visible clinical signs are practically nonexistent. X-ray and medical examination did not show, but the process of exposure of the tooth neck is already running. Some patients complain of sensitivity. Desna fall, but the teeth are still in place.
stage II Characterized by significant exposure of tooth necks, there are gaps between them. It darkens not only the enamel, but the roots of the teeth. X-ray results show atrophic changes in securing teeth.Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment
stage III Clinical signs are more severe. The roots of the teeth appear more mobility increases, the gap widening. Unpleasant sensation and discomfort after consuming person concerned hot, cold or acidic foods. Radiography will reduce the height of the alveolar bone.
stage IV High sensitivity and tooth mobility that prevents a person to eat food or chat. High probability of tooth extraction.

Timely treatment prescribed periodontist, will stop the progression of the disease and to prevent serious consequences.

Effect of the disease on the body

Periodontal disease can not be seen independently at an early stage of development. External symptoms are absent, internal pathological processes have a negative effect on the bone, destroying it. With the development of periodontal disease, the gums become thin, settle and discover the roots of teeth. Increased sensitivity to any stimuli (temperature, chemistry).Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment

Over time, if you postpone the trip to the doctor, the pathological processes affect enamel. Changing its color, erosion occurs, the partition between the teeth are reduced. There is an inflammatory process, against which laid bare and teeth fall out.

Causes of periodontal disease

The main factor of provocative disease is impaired blood supply to tissues around the teeth.

There are other reasons, against which there is periodontal disease:

  • failure in the functioning of the endocrine system;
  • malocclusion;Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment
  • weakened body protection;
  • failure exchange material in the oral cavity;
  • diseases of the digestive organs;
  • periodontal damage;
  • negative habits (alcohol and cigarettes);
  • lack of vitamins and minerals in the human body.

Soft or microbial plaque deposits in the gums and provoke serious pathological processes. It is important to start treatment as early as possible in order to prevent the possible consequences (erosion, change in the color of enamel, severe lesions lead to tooth loss).

The risk category are people in the family whose relatives suffered from periodontal disease. The same goes for those who smokes a lot and drinking, neglect oral hygiene. Concomitant endocrine disease and tartar increase the risk of disease.

symptoms of periodontal disease

The disease occurs in stages, features appear at each stage.

Clinical symptoms of periodontal disease are:

  1. On the first (initial) stage changes the state of bone tissue. Pathological processes can be detected by radiography. From external signs should alert the human gums pale hue.Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment
  2. In the second step of periodontitis gums omitted, and laid bare necks of the teeth. Patients complain of itching in the gums, bleeding, and high sensitivity. Partitions between the teeth are reduced, stuck leftovers. In some situations the affected dental hard tissue.
  3. In the third step periodontitis half bare necks of the teeth, located near the tissue destroyed. Irreversible processes not only cause loosening of teeth, but also to their loss.

With periodontitis offline halitosis, can not be said about periodontitis. The doctor will tell you how to save your teeth safely and without complications, using specially selected drugs.

diagnosis of periodontal disease

Establish an accurate diagnosis helps instrumental examination.

Patients are assigned the following tests:

  1. Reparodontografiya. We study the blood flow in vessels which are located in the soft tissues around the teeth. A survey to determine cardiovascular disorders and degenerative changes.
  2. Computed tomography (CT) of the jaws.
  3. radiography (Intraoral or panoramic). The doctor examines the necks of the teeth, soft tissue, interalveolar partitions.Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment
  4. Laser Doppler fluorimetry. Investigate periodontal tissue using a laser.
  5. Ehosteometriya. Ultrasound examination of soft tissue in the alveoli, measuring their density.
  6. Polarography. The diagnostic method by which determine the amount of certain substances in the periodontal tissues.
  7. General blood analysis. It helps to determine the erythrocyte sedimentation rate. When periodontal disease results show abnormalities.

Research allows professionals to learn, the condition of the soft tissues around the teeth, the bone structure. It was also found hidden degenerative processes. In most cases, a periodontist or dentist is enough to examine the oral cavity and have x-rays.

Prevention of periodontal disease

Warn pathology easier than painful and long period to deal with it.

To prevent the development of disease, is sufficient to adhere to rules and useful expert advice:

  1. Take complexes of vitamins and minerals. To add to the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  2. Carefully monitor the hygiene of the oral cavity. Brush your teeth every morning and evening. After the meal, use dental floss or interdental cleaning brush. Rinse your mouth with antibacterial solutions, balms, conditioners.
  3. Visit the dentist regularly for preventive purposes. The doctor will determine the disease at an early stage and will select safe treatment.
  4. Produce professional cleaning of the teeth from plaque specialist.
  5. Timely treat diseases of the oral cavity.
  6. Give up bad habits (smoking and alcohol).Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment

Periodontal disease (how to save teeth and prevent complications - it needs to comply with oral hygiene) can be prevented by regular physical activity. They allow you to maintain the immune system and have a positive effect on blood circulation.

To which the doctor ask

Treatment of periodontal disease has been a periodontist, a dentist. The main goal of therapy - to restore blood flow and connection of the gums. Picking treatment, the doctor is guided by the results of the survey allows for the development of periodontitis, step as the individual characteristics of the patient.

Refer to paid or unpaid doctor, a personal matter of each individual. It is important to take into account the responses of patients professionalism. Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatmentAn experienced doctor periodontist will choose the most effective and safe treatment to prevent serious complications.

Features of oral care with periodontitis

Patients are advised to brush their teeth special toothpaste which comprises plant components. They have an antiseptic effect and contribute to the regeneration of damaged tissues. suitable toothpaste containing a minimum quantity of abrasive substances for patients with periodontal disease.

Brushing is performed for at least 3 minutes with a soft brush. Movements should be vertical. Horizontal brushing teeth exhausts deposits deeper into the slot. After the meal is recommended to use dental floss. If there is bleeding, cleaning can be replaced by special rinses pharmacy solutions.


Treatment of periodontal disease begins with the removal of dental plaque that trigger the inflammatory process. Continue for 10-14 days, patients prescribed anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment
periodontal disease treatment begins with the removal of stones

Folk remedies used in treatment after consulting with your dentist, periodontist. The patient is assigned to a strict diet. operation is shown in the absence of a positive result.

Feeding habits with periodontitis

Periodontal disease (how to save teeth, keeping a diet - it needs to eliminate harmful products) requires a major adjustment of the diet. Proper nutrition restores balance of minerals and vitamins.

Featured products Exclude from the menu
Cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt. Contain calcium. Strong coffee and tea. Containing substances stick to teeth and adversely affect enamel. It formed not only the plaque, but also destroyed periodontal.
The liver, carrots, pumpkin. The source of vitamin A. Carbonated drinks.
Beans, oatmeal, buckwheat, parsley, egg yolk, fish. Contain vitamins group B. Cookies, candy, chocolate products.
Red berries, pepper. Source vitamin P. Flour products.
Currant, cranberry, cranberries, citrus fruits and sauerkraut. It contains vitamin C and nutrients. Remove tartar. Sour, fatty and rich food.
Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment

Sugar and sweet necessarily excluded from the diet since they support the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity.


It is recommended to use an effective tool for the oral treatment with periodontitis - mumie (solely natural without tablets). The product is used in various dental diseases. To prepare the solution must be mixed 2 g mumie with water (0.5 v.).

Use it to rinse 2 p. per day. Can be taken orally 1 tsp Rinsing is carried out in the morning and evening until complete disappearance of signs of periodontal disease.

For oral treatment is also used "Chlorhexidine" 0.05%. After gums procedure further treated gel "Holisal". First, brush your teeth after breakfast. Then caressed their chlorhexidine.Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment

Dried gums with a gauze pad and applied "Holisal". Rinsing is carried out 2 p. a day for 10 days. After the treatment for 2-3 hours. It not recommended to eat. Treatment can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.


Medicines picks periodontist, given the stage of the disease and the patient's condition. Treatment is carried out for a long time, because it is important to not only remove the symptoms of periodontal disease, but the underlying cause of pathological processes.

Assigned antibacterial drugs broad spectrum anti-inflammatory drugs, means to improve circulation:

  1. "Metronidazole". The patient is prescribed on 2 tab. 2 r. per day after meals. The course of treatment lasts from 5 to 7 days. Its main task - the destruction of harmful bacteria, pathogens that have become pathological processes.
  2. "Ribonuclease." The enzyme preparation having antiinflammatory action. Ribonuclease (1%) was mixed with procaine (0.5%). The resulting solution is applied to affected areas of the oral cavity in the form of applications. Leave compress for 30 minutes. The procedure was carried out 1-2 p. per day for 10 days.Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment
  3. "Troxevasin". It improves blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels in the soft tissue around the tooth region. The gel is applied to the affected areas in the morning and evening, massaging movements. The course of treatment lasts 3 weeks.

Periodontal disease (as rescue medications teeth - it is possible to use drugs) require long-term therapy, especially if the disease is discovered at a late stage of development. Drugs or dentist selects parodontolog, should take them according to a doctor's appointment, as drugs cause side reaction.

Traditional methods

Recipes sorcerers and healers can use complex with traditional therapy, strictly after consulting your doctor. Self-medication can cause complications of periodontal disease, cause adverse reactions.

folk remedy Recipe The course of treatment, efficacy
Propolis and calamus Article 0.5. pulverized plant root pour vodka 0.5 l. 20 g of propolis required 0.5 L of vodka. The components are mixed separately and leave for 10 days. The resulting solutions are combined in proportions of 2: 1 and 3 min mouth rinse. Treatment is continued at least 5 weeks. Within three days of periodontal disease symptoms become less pronounced.
Apple vinegar 100 gr. Water will need 1 tsp vinegar. The resulting mixture is thoroughly rinse your mouth. Treatment is carried out at least 30 days. Reduced bleeding gums, disappears halitosis and killed pathogens.
Fir oil Moistened cotton swab to apply to the sick gum for 15 minutes. Suffice it to 18 procedures, then you need to make a break for 6 months and continue treatment.

Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatmentPeriodontist will help you choose an effective and safe means of traditional medicine.

Dental and surgical treatment

Periodontal disease (how to save teeth by operational) in advanced forms require professional help dental surgeon. Treatment can restore atrophied gum and bone tissue.

Surgical intervention includes:

  1. Holding an open curettage. During surgery, the surgeon removes the diseased tissue, tartar.
  2. osteoplastic surgery. For replacement of destroyed tissue using synthetic materials. After 3 months, they take root and synthesize new bone tissue, which allows you to completely restore the alveolar bone and strengthen loosened teeth.
  3. The membrane technology. The operation used cells (stem cells, fibroblasts, protein structure) allowing update periodontal.
  4. Splinting. During surgery, the doctor strengthens the loosened teeth and distributes the load on the healthy parts of the jaw.

With the help of flap surgery transplants increasing natural gums.

Other methods

Applications with mummy reduce symptoms of periodontal disease. Substance (5 g) was mixed with water (0.5 v.). The resulting solution is wetted by the affected areas a cotton swab. The course of treatment is not less than 7 days, after which you can take a little break and continue treatment. Applications accelerate the regeneration process and reduce pain.

Strengthen the periodontal tissues, and improve the condition of the gums helps chewing movements. Suffice it to 3-4 p. per day for 10 minutes to give the exercise. You can chew a sprig of fir or oak, pine needles, sauerkraut. In the blood circulation is enhanced during each session. You can not chew on crackers or nuts. Chewing begins with careful movements. Increase their permitted after strengthening teeth.Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment

Massage a positive effect on blood circulation and lymph movement, gum strengthens and improves the trophism of, prevents the development of various diseases of the oral cavity. In most cases, the procedure is performed after injections to cure better and more rapidly absorbed.

For massage using special equipment. At home, it is carried out hands, heading away from the jaw to its edges.

During self-massage on the gums cause medical ointments or gels, which stimulate the blood circulation, reduce pain and itching. Movement cautious with minimal pressure sensitive enough every day for 3 p. Procedures pay 3 min.

Electrophoresis drugs after elimination reduces inflammation symptoms of periodontitis. Procedure duration is 15-20 minutes, sufficient 15 sessions.Periodontal disease. How to save the teeth, medicines, folk remedies, treatment

Darsonvalization based on application of high frequency current and voltage. soft tissue warming improves trophism. Procedures are carried out in a day, each session takes 15 minutes. The course of treatment includes 25 sessions.


Without timely treatment of periodontal disease provokes serious consequences. Pathological processes are gradually progressing, clinical signs of increase. Soft tissue atrophy in teeth. Then his teeth bared, taking a wedge shape, and become loose. It needs removing some parts thereof.

Medical statistics show that periodontal disease has a negative impact on the digestive system, causing a variety of diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Degenerative processes also contribute to the emergence of oncological pathologies.

Periodontal disease should be treated on a mandatory basis and under the supervision of a dentist, periodontist. The doctor will tell you how to save teeth and prevent serious consequences. Timely treatment specialist will identify the disease at an early stage and start to complex therapy.

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