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Ranitidine or De-Nol: can together and what better

Treatment of GI disease often goes with a few drugs or with a better choice in a particular situation. Which is better: Ranitidine or De-Nol in peptic ulcer disease? This disease is characterized by recurrent, involvement in pathological processes except the duodenum and stomach of other organs of the digestive system, the development of complications.

Comparative characteristics of drugs

To determine the best means to treat, can be compared to De-Nol with ranitidine on a number of parameters.


A drug



The main component

ranitidine hydrochloride

Bismuth tripotassium dicitratobismuthate

release Form

Tablets and solutions for injection



Antiulcer drug that increases the production of mucous substances antisecretory effect

Anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent

treatment of children

From 14 years

With 4 years

Appointment of pregnancy






The difference between the drugs is a composition of the mechanism of exposure and age restrictions. Acceptance of any of these drugs should be coordinated with the physician and comply with the annotation to the facility.

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use Features

De-Nol - antiulcer agent having bactericidal activity against Helicobacter pylori. The use of this medication promotes destruction of pathogenic microorganisms and has a protective effect on the gastric mucosa. Compatibility Ranitidine and De-Nol determined by the physician in each case at patient-dye regimens.

Note! When the symptomatic treatment of a patient in the acute stage Ranitidine may be added to the composition after several days of therapy as antisecretory agents.


De-Nol is assigned rate, the duration of which is determined depending on the condition and age of the patient. The duration of treatment should be not more than 2 months. The incidence of recurrent ulcer after drug treatment De-Nol is much lower than when other methods and regimens.

Indications for this tool are the following diagnoses:

  • gastroduodenitis in exacerbation;
  • gastritis;
  • ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer or stomach.

Note! In the treatment of de-nolom for 4 weeks ulcer delayed about 90 people out of 100, but this figure is even higher for duodenal ulcer.


Ranitidine as H2 receptor blocker, shows high efficiency in comparison with other agents, such as cimetidine.

Ranitidine is indicated for the following diseases:

  • ulcers of the stomach or duodenum 12;
  • prevention of exacerbations;
  • erosive esophagitis, and others.

Dosage is determined by the diagnosis and state of health. For adults as peptic ulcer treatment may be a single dose in the evening with 0.3 g or 2 x 0.15 g For the prevention of peptic ulcer at - 0.15 g per night.

When renal pathologies and other related diseases, the dosage may be changed by a doctor. The drug can be assigned only in the absence of cancer.

Ranitidine is generally well tolerated, side effects in the treatment of these means are rare. This medicine should not be abruptly cancel the chronic administration.

Important! Drink preparations together with one calling, one can not, as the reception of De Nol requires separation from other drugs for at least half an hour. And De-Nol should not be taken at the same time, even with food.


Treatment of ulcerative diseases of the stomach and duodenum 12 passes using a range of measures. These include compliance with diet and taking certain medications. Ranitidine taken with De nolom or other analogues with similar effects may be inappropriate.

At De Nola quite a wide range of analogues. They include such drugs:

  • omeprazole;
  • omez;
  • Ranitidine and others.

Compatibility Ranitidine and De-Nol for the treatment of gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer should be determined by the physician depending on the nature of the disease and taking into account the patient's age.


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