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De-Nol during pregnancy: can or not

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The properties of drugs

De-Nol is gastroprotectives protecting the gastric mucosa. Its main ingredient - bismuth tripotassium dicitratobismuthate. Available medication in tablet form. Pregnant De-Nol is contraindicated, as well as breastfeeding, as it has teratogenic properties.

De-Nol - quite a popular tool that is often prescribed for the treatment of ulcers, 12 duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, gastritis and other gastrointestinal disorders. According to the testimony it is often combined with other drugs of antibacterial action. Efficacy of De-Nol is quite high, especially in relation to H. pylori.

Treatment with this agent is usually a few weeks. Formed at reception protective film on the damaged areas of the mucosal healing and promotes good zarubtsovyvaniyu.

De-Nol has the following effect:

  • reduces the activity of the gastric enzyme;
  • It promotes good blood circulation;
  • It strengthens the natural protective barrier of the mucosa.

Prolonged treatment medicine and repeatedly exceeded dosages may give rise to side effects. Also not to be taken De-Nol with other drugs manufactured based on the same active substance (bismuth). Be aware that some medications (Almagel, Maalox, etc.) reduces the effectiveness of funds.

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Important! During pregnancy, take De-Nol is not necessary, since the effects of the drug endangers the health and life of the child.

De-Nol late in, early pregnancy and during lactation

What if during early pregnancy De Nol takes? A particular danger is the medicament is for admission to the period when laying systems and organs of the fetus from approximately 5-6 weeks.

How dangerous or safe was welcome De Nola, if the woman did not know about the ensuing pregnancy, can only tell the attending physician. You may need additional tests.

Important! After attachment of the embryo to the uterus and the establishment of a common mother's blood with the child receiving the drug may have a negative effect on the fetal development of the organism, lead to mutations and interruption pregnancy.

With long-term treatment of bismuth, the main active ingredient into the bloodstream and breast milk. If the child is breast-fed, the milk entering his body preparation may disturb the operation of the nervous system and lead to kidney damage. Derived drug with faeces and through the kidneys.

On the question of whether pregnant De Nol, doctors respond negatively. It is also forbidden to use this tool during breastfeeding. If De nolom treatment should a breastfeeding woman, the child is transferred to artificial feeding, to avoid the bismuth contact with his body.

For the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, doctors prescribe equivalents - drugs of similar actions that do not harm the child. Selection of these assets is a physician in each case, taking into account the associated diseases, general health status and analysis of the risks for the child.

Doctors advise being treated chronic disease before planning a pregnancy. Supportive therapy and dieting will prevent exacerbation, carry and give birth to a healthy baby. Pregnancy is a strict contraindication to treatment De nolom.


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