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ACC analogues: a review of the best products, the comparison of alternatives

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Description of the drug and its structural analogs

Mucolytic with detoxifying ACC property (ATC R05CB01 cipher) contains one active component - acetylcysteine. Acetylcysteine ​​liquefies phlegm and displays of any nature, impairs the ability of bacteria to attach to the walls of the airways, prevents inflammation. This substance is also cleanses the liver with an overdose of paracetamol poisoning and phenols, dichloroethane, aldehydes. ACC can replace an analogue with an identical composition and dosage form release agents or with other active compounds, but a similar therapeutic effect.

Synonyms drug

ACC structural analogues of the drug are all single-component drug code in ATC R05CB01, A part of which is only acetylcysteine. These synonyms 100 percent on the same indications, pharmacodynamics, therapeutic effect and interaction with substances other medicines.

List of structural analogs of ACC:

  • Ekzomyuk 200;
  • Mukobene;
  • N-AC-Ratiopharm;
  • Weeks Active EkspektoMed;
  • Mukoneks;
  • N-acetylcysteine;
  • Acetylcysteine ​​Sedico;
  • Atsestin;
  • Mukomist;
  • Fluimucil.
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Patients older than 14 years, if necessary, replace the ACC Long must be chosen long-acting analogue. Due to the increased content of acetylcysteine ​​these drugs affect more than 4 hours after consumption, so they are allowed to drink once a day.

Synonymous analogs ACC Long acetylcysteine ​​at a dose of 600 mg:

  • effervescent tablets - Atsestad, Asibroks;
  • powder d / oral solution - Espa-Nat, Atete, Evkabal, Kofatsin;
  • beads for r-ra d / ingestion - Atsistein plus acetals C.

Most of synonyms differ from ACC composition auxiliary components. Therefore, it is necessary to read the instructions contraindications, and especially the use of each selected to replace analogue.

Drugs with a similar effect

Instead, you can take the ACC mucolytic, coinciding with him in the fourth level ATC code. They have identical acetylcysteine ​​action and indications, but contain other active ingredients.

Which substances are analogues mucolytics ACC:

  • erdosteine;
  • Ambroxol;
  • karbotsistein;
  • bromhexine.

Important! Each substance has individual contraindications particular application. Therefore it is necessary to use an analog read the instructions and consult a physician.

Drugs with erdosteine

Erdosteine ​​(erdostein) refers to substances with mucolytic expectorant properties. He is an analogue of acetylcysteine ​​as well liquefies viscous mucus, improves its outflow in case of acute or chronic diseases of the respiratory system, inhibits the free radicals and enhances mucosal immunoglobulin A, preventing inflammation shell. Even smokers erdosteine ​​prevents the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on the α1antitrypsin and granulocytes than other analogs do not possess mucolytic ACC.

Drugs with erdostein used in pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchitis, COPD, nasopharyngitis. Effect observed on day 4 from the beginning of the use of medicines with this substance.

Similar preparations ACC with erdosteine ​​and average price (in rubles):

  • Mutsitus 300 mg - 450;
  • Erdomed 300 mg - 600;
  • Ermutsin 175 mg / 5 ml - 550.

To replace ACC analogs erdostein can not be used in the treatment of children aged less than 2 years, 1 trimester pregnancy intolerance constituent components disorder of the liver, insufficiency kidney. Drugs are prohibited to use for people with a diagnosis of phenylketonuria, homocystinuria.

Drugs with ambroxol

Ambroxol substance (ambroxol) has expectorant, mucolytic property. The half-life reaches 12 hours. Formulations with its content is used in the formation of abnormal sputum (code ICD-10 R09.3). They are also prescribed in the treatment of asthma, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, COPD, bronchitis and respiratory distress in infants.

By the action of a substance similar to the drug ambroxol ACC, but additionally weakly suppresses the cough and concentrates more in the lung tissues. Therefore ambroxol for bronchitis is better to combine with acetylcysteine. The drug also increases the levels of doxycycline, cefuroxime and eritrometsina secret bronchus.

Analogs mucolytic ACC with ambroxol and the minimum cost (in rubles):

  • Abrol Sr - 200;
  • Flavamed - 120;
  • Mucosolvan - 150;
  • Remebroks - 230;
  • Ambrobene - 115;
  • Suprema - 100;
  • Ambrogeksal - 120;
  • Ambrosan - 110;
  • Neo-bronchodilator - 125;
  • Haliksol - 112;
  • Lazoleks - 223;
  • Ambrolitin - 103;
  • Ambrohem - 104.

To replace ACC means Maddox, Lazongin and other analogues with ambroxol should not be taken in case of hypersensitivity to their composition. These medications are also contraindicated for people with ulcers of the digestive tract, sudorzhnym syndrome, pregnant or lactating women. Never mix the therapy antitussives. The dosage is chosen according to the analogue age group of the patient.

Drugs with carbocisteine

Substance karbotsistein (carbocisteine) has mucolytic expectorant. It activates the regeneration of the mucosa, decreases mucus production, increases the influence of theophylline, antibiotics. Formulations with its contents is used for sinusitis, otitis, respiratory diseases with profusion, sputum viscosity.

Analogs ACC with carbocisteine ​​and the minimum price (in rubles):

  • Bronhobos - 328;
  • Libeksin - 409;
  • rr infusion Mukosol - 97;
  • Fluifort - 299;
  • Flyuditek - 374;
  • Mukolik - 107;
  • Bronhomutsin - 152;
  • other medicines with carbocisteine.

To replace ACC preparations Rinatiol, Langes and other analogs carbocisteine ​​can not be combined with antitussive drugs or atropine. They are forbidden to use in lactating, pregnant women, people with intolerance carbocisteine, ulcerative gastrointestinal disease, glomerulonephritis, cystitis.

Drugs with bromhexine

Bromhexine substance (bromhexine) has mucolytic expectorant. Additionally, it is a drug that suppresses cough and contributing to the production of protein-phospholipid mixture (surfactant), lung tissue helps absorb oxygen.

Analogs with bromhexine as ACC, applied in cystic fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, asthma, cough, bronchitis, COPD, diseases of the presence of viscous mucus, and further - pneumoconiosis, emphysema, tuberculosis. The treatment is recommended to combine with eucalyptus, menthol and anise oil - they increase the therapeutic effect of bromhexine.

Analogues to replace the ACC on the basis of bromhexine and the minimum price (in rubles):

  • Solvin - 62;
  • Bromhexine-4 Berlin-Chemie - 135;
  • Other drugs with bromhexine.

Bronhogeks, Flegamin, Flekoksin and other substitutes ACC with bromhexine compatible with alkali containing solutions is contraindicated with substance use codeine. Analogs of ACC on the basis of bromhexine can not drink in 1 trimester of pregnancy and people with hypersensitivity to components of the medication.

Combination products

To replace the ACC as doctors can not recommend a single-component counterparts mucolytics domestic or foreign production. The combination of ingredients in the composition increases the effect of each substance and extends the range of action of the drug.

Multicomponent analogues and minimum cost (in rubles):

  • Broncho Rinikold (ambroxol guaifenesin + + phenylephrine + chlorpheniramine) - 160;
  • Pulmobriz (acetylcysteine ​​+ ambroxol) - 190;
  • Respiks (ambroxol acetylcysteine ​​+) - 230;
  • Helpeks (acetylcysteine ​​+ ambroxol) - 300;
  • PARALIA Combi (bromhexine + oregano oil, fennel, eucalyptus, peppermint, anise, levomenthol) - 93;
  • Milistan cough (ambroxol karbotsistein +) - 144.

Buy these drugs may be to replace ACC only on doctor's advice, as there is in the composition of several substances. The active components of these analogues have different contraindications, and their actions can negatively change during treatment with drugs other groups.

Cheap mucolytics Russian production

Not all mucolytics domestic production - is cheaper analogues ACC cough. Price of the drug is dependent on the cost of the composition of substances, new developments and the scope of the research, advertising costs.

Russian analogues ACC and the minimum price (in rubles):

  • Elmutsin - 220;
  • Ambroxol - 52;
  • Bronhosol - 92;
  • Orvis Broncho - 124;
  • Toraksol Solyushn Tablets - 115;
  • Bronhostop - 325.

inexpensive analogue ACC sold in pharmacies: Bronhorus or Bromhexine. These domestic preparations contain ambroxol or bromhexine.

Compare cheap analogues ACC:




Active substance Ambroxol Bromhexine
issuance Syrup 3 mg / 1 ml 4 Syrup mg / 5 ml or 8 mg / 5 ml
Tablets 30 mg
4 mg tablets (for a child) or 8 mg of
Oral p-thief 4 mg / 5 ml
Or. drops 8 mg / 1 ml
Dragee 8 mg
Act Mucolytic, expectorant Mucolytic, expectorant, antitussive
Indication COPD, asthma, bronchitis, laryngotracheitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis, cough
Route After a meal in the assigned dosage is taken orally and liberally washed down with water. After the meal, taken orally according to the prescribed dose can not drink alkaline mineral water.
The daily dosage 0-2 years 15 mg 6 mg
2-5 years 23 mg 12 mg
6-9 years 24 mg
6-12 years 45 mg
After 13 years 90 mg
After 10 years 32 mg
Contraindications Pregnancy, intolerance of the composition, lactation
drug interactions Can not be combined with antitussive drugs
Price (in rubles) Tablets 30 mg №20 - 16 4 Syrup mg / 5 ml of 100 g - 93
Syrup 3 mg / 100 ml 1 ml - 45 8 mg tablets №20 - 11
Dragee 8 mg №20 - 38

Important! When selecting analog instead of ACC should be guided by the recommendations of the attending physician about the right of the active substance, as the doctor calculates the compatibility with other medicines. And it is better to abandon the purchase in specialized points of sale or if the medicine is too cheap compared to producer prices - it could be counterfeit.


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