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ACC or Flyuditek what better comparison, the differences

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Coughing - this is a very common problem faced by everyone. It can have different flow pattern and causes, but this disease is treated, as a rule, only drugs. Therefore, in the article below, we will try to find out what is better: ACC or Flyuditek cough. Indeed, according to many doctors, these drugs are similar. And if this is in fact, we'll find out later.

Differences in composition of preparations

Preparation ACC - mukolticheskoe means is of the combined type, provided in the form: syrup, solution for inhalation, the hot beverage (powdered material), and effervescent tablets. All four forms of the drug composition is almost the same, based on acetylcysteine, and the only difference in the composition of tablets, powder and syrup can be auxiliary components.

As for the second drug - Flyuditek, then it stands based on a completely different active ingredient: karbotsistein who also holds mukolticheskim effect. Therefore, if we compare ACC and Flyuditek composition, the difference between these drugs is available. Well, we should not forget that Flyuditek is available only in the form of syrup, leaving it significantly inferior to ACC for its versatility.

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pharmacological differences

Despite the fact that ACC and Flyuditek significantly differ in composition, pharmacological effects of these drugs are similar enough. After ingestion, and the ACC, and Flyuditek absorbed in the mucosa, and have a direct impact on the human respiratory tract, by thinning the accumulated phlegm.

However, the active drug substance ACC and also has an additional effect, that is to neutralize toxins appearing in the body after ingestion of paracetamol or aldehydes. Therefore, ACC, by pharmacological action, is also superior to its counterpart Flyuditek.

Is it possible to co-use of drugs

The question of what is better: Flyuditek or ACC we've already figured out, and now it's time to move on to the next, no less important question: Is it possible to take ACC Flyuditekom complex? And the answer is simple: yes, you can. After both of the above preparation are similar pharmacological group, and the basis of their composition is completely different active ingredient.

However, to take ACC and Flyuditek in the complex is better in different forms, so as not to harm the individual parts of the body. In particular, a combination of drugs should be considered in the treatment of cough in children. Since an early age the body is just being formed, and too much load it is strictly prohibited.

to replace drugs

Despite the fact that both these drugs are well cope with the problem without harming the health of their active substance anyway able to cause an allergic reaction if you are hypersensitive patient. Well, in that case, the best solution would instead take Flyuditeka ACC, or vice versa, to replace ACC Flyuditekom, depending on what the patient is allergic (on acetylcysteine, or karbotsistein).

If treatment with one drug does not give the desired effect, the ACC and Flyuditek can be replaced by a similar medicine, referring to mukolticheskoy group.

And the best analogues will be:

  • Mucosolvan (expectorant, based ambroxol hydrochloride);
  • Bromhexine (oral drops, on the basis of bromhexine hydrochloride);
  • Haliksol (full analog Mucosolvan having identical composition).

So we have determined that it is better: ACC when coughing or Flyuditek and found compatibility of these drugs and their analogs. However, even the possession of such information, it is better not to engage in self-medicate and consult in advance with your doctor about taking the above-mentioned funds.


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