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ACC with sinusitis: help or not

Composition and pharmacological properties ATSTS

The drug ACC - it mukolticheskoe means of combined action, based on the active substance is incorporated only - acetylcysteine. Unlike many analogues, recommended in the sinus, and other pathologies of the respiratory tract, ACC has the largest list of available forms, which includes:

  • Effervescent tablets;
  • Syrup for oral doses (optimal drug form for a child);
  • A solution for inhalation;
  • Soluble powder for hot drinks.

The main pharmacological characteristics of ACC is to be diluted sputum, accumulated in the respiratory tract. But, in addition to this effect, the drug is also able to purify the body of toxins into the blood received together with aldehydes, or paracetamol.

On this basis it appears that treat sinusitis ACC is not quite appropriate. However, to apply this tool in the above mentioned pathologies is still recommended for removal of the characteristic symptoms. Well, in what doses should be taken at the ACC sinusitis, and paired with some medications, we will consider further.

symptomatology sinusitis

Pathology sinusitis is considered a form of sinusitis that is characterized by an inflammatory process occurring in the area of ​​the maxillary sinus. The principal causative agents of the disease are the bacteria and viral agents which, when enters the maxillary sinuses, inhibit secretion safener responsible for nasal moisturizing passes.

As a result of such disorders, inflammation (catarrhal or purulent) begins in the area of ​​the maxillary sinus, which is called sinusitis.

This disease is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • The general weakness of the body, hypersomnia;
  • A bad cold (breathing through the nose is completely blocked, and get rid of the congestion does not help even a special drops);
  • Cough accompanied by phlegm (one of the reasons why doctors recommend taking your sinuses ACC);
  • Chills;
  • Increase in body temperature (up to 37-38 degrees);
  • Pain in the upper part of the head (most often in the sinus suffer forehead, an upper row of teeth, nose and eye area).

However, the above symptoms are peculiar only to the banal sinusitis flowing in the chronic stage (no complications).

But when the acute phase of sinusitis, the symptoms list added:

  • Intoxication (manifested by nausea, dizziness, and sometimes even vomiting);
  • Rise in body temperature, to the level of 39-40 degrees;
  • Persistent headaches (pressing character);
  • Face edema.

It should also be noted distinguishable for purulent sinusitis that is characterized by periodic discharge of pus from the sinuses. Well, in order to avoid such consequences, it is sufficient when sinusitis take ACC.

The dosage of the drug in the sinus

The instructions to the drug manufacturer ACC indicates the total dosage of the drugs used for the treatment of wet cough.

Dosage depends, first of all, the patient's age:

  • Kids between the ages of one week to 2 years, a day is recommended to give no more than 100-150 mg of the drug (it is only about the syrup). In this case, the daily rate of syrup is best broken down into 2-3 doses;
  • For children, aged from 2 to 5 years, will be considered a normal dose of 400 mg of the drug on the day. However, as is the case with children who have not reached 2 years of age, the daily dose should be broken down into 4 sets;
  • For children whose age ranges from 5 to 14 years of age, the RDA ACC (in tablets, or in syrup form) around 600 mg, which should be also divided into 3 doses;
  • In adolescents and adults, aged 14 years, the daily rate of the drug is the same with the previous age category - 600 mg. However, the share is the amount of drug is not allowed to approach 3 and 2.

As far as the situations when the doctor recommends the use of NAC for the treatment of sinusitis, the above figures the daily requirement will change significantly in the smaller side. Namely:

  • For patients under the age of 2 years, the daily rate dropped to a level of 50 grams per day;
  • For patients aged 2 to 5 years, the rate margin decreased by half (200 mg per day);
  • For children aged 5 to 14 years, the daily rate will drop to 300 mg of NAC;
  • For adult patients with sinusitis, the daily rate is not more than 400 mg of the drug.

It will also change, and duration of treatment. For example, if banal wet cough, doctors recommend taking NAC for 3-6 months, with sinusitis (chronic or acute), this figure reduced to 5-7 days (until disappearance symptoms).

Methods of administration of the drug

According to many doctors, it is best to take against sinusitis ACC in the form of tablets. In fact, compared with other forms of medication pills pop-absorbed into the mucous membrane much faster, and the first action after their admission will be felt after 1-2 hours.

Take the pill is only recommended after a meal, as well as a syrup, or a hot drink. And as a solution for inhalation, his appointment does not require compliance with any rules. But compared with other forms of ACC for inhalation solution will not help so much.

Possible side effects

Based on the information provided in the article above, it can be concluded that the ACC (or Long ACC) are recommended in the sinus, only to suppress the characteristic symptoms of pathology. But to cure sinusitis this drug is not capable.

It should also be noted that taking NAC in the sinus allowed not all.

are an exception:

  • Patients having individual intolerance to acetylcysteine;
  • Patients suffering from peptic ulcer type;
  • People who have been, or internal bleeding has been observed previously in the lung region (regardless of the cause of bleeding);
  • Patients with allergic reaction to fructose;
  • Patients under the age of 14 years, suffering from renal failure or hepatitis.

If we neglect the above caveats, or do not comply with the dosage of the drug, it may result in the emergence of patient side effects, expressed as:

  • Indigestion;
  • Nausea, vomiting until;
  • heartburn;
  • Periodic headaches (pain often accompanied by tinnitus);
  • Increasing pressure;
  • Arrhythmia.

In order to avoid such negative manifestations, patient enough to take the drug from sinusitis ACC strictly according to instructions, in compliance with its daily requirement.


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