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Levomekol of nail fungus

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Levomekol of nail fungus is an excellent tool for the treatment of systemic fungal infection of nail plates. This ointment is a universal drug that is capable of benefiting from the most severe forms of nail fungus. The main component levomekol - chloramphenicol, a broad spectrum of action, so it is recommended to use not only against bacteria but also against fungal infection. The drug is characterized by a white color, it looks like a cream without a specific smell.


Levomekol indicated for use if the patient nail fungus, as a drug that promotes not only suppress pathogenic microorganisms, but also activating the regeneration of tissues.

Fungus Levomekol recommended for use on patients who have been diagnosed following nail mycosis symptoms:

  • unpleasant foot odor;
  • reddening of the skin surface in the circumference of the nail plate;
  • destruction of the nail, as well as changing its color tone (yellow, gray, black);
  • abscess formation under the nail plate, which breaks and is formed wound surface;
  • itchy skin in the area of ​​the patient's nail.
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Levomekol against fungus thus relieving inflammation, remove the symptoms and accelerate healing nail and foot by pathogenic infection. Levomekol especially effective in advanced forms of the disease, when the image of sores and wounds. it is recommended to treat nail fungus in combination to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect with other antimycotic drugs and ointment used as auxiliary and healing facilities.

How to apply

Of fungus on feet Levomekol uniformly applied directly on the inflamed area of ​​the skin surface. The optimum dosage - 1-2 is a skin ointment treatment throughout the course of therapy. It is important to remember that the drug layer should be thin in order to perform a full absorption of the drug in the epithelial tissue. The therapeutic effect of the drug starts 30 minutes after the treatment of the skin.

For the treatment of nail fungus levomekol necessary before each procedure applying ointments, perform the preparatory steps.

They are as follows:

  • foot and toe nails are struck by a fungus, steamed in the warm bath, washed thoroughly with soap and water and then wiped dry with a clean towel;
  • diseased nail plates are cut with scissors;
  • on the surface of the nail infected by fungus, causing a small amount levomekol and then triturated ointment uniformly around the limb to the patient.

An alternative method of treatment of nail fungus is based on the use compresses levomekol. The patient performs the same preparatory procedures, the only cure is applied not to the body, and a sterile gauze bandage. Then it is applied to the nail, fixing plaster.

Action levomekol on fungus

To treat a fungus ointment Levomekol recommended for infection did not penetrate into the deeper epithelial tissue, No further destruction of the nail plate, faster healing wounds and cracks formed. Levomekol as independent antimicrobial broad spectrum characterized by the following therapeutic properties in the treatment of mycosis:

  • It restores the integrity of the skin, which was destroyed by the negative impact of the fungal infection.
  • Cleared chronic and acute inflammatory process, it is prevented from entering the wound secondary bacterial microorganisms present in the environment.
  • Active ointment component acts directly on the protein structure of fungal microorganisms by inhibiting their division and the construction of new colonies.
  • Improve local blood circulation and lymphatic trophic.

Using levomekol in the fight against nail fungus is a direct indication for patients who have a weakened immunity, or else for a long period of time, not involved in the treatment of the disease, which caused the development of mycosis severe.


Despite the versatility levomekol in the treatment of nail fungus, the drug still has a number of contraindications.

The ointment is not used if the patient:

  • Allergy to the primary and auxiliary components levomekol;
  • psoriasis, being in the acute stage;
  • skin eczema stop unidentified natural origin;
  • swelling, excessive redness, rash, formed immediately after levomekol use in the treatment of the fungus.

It is important to remember that before treatment of mycosis levomekol, you must first consult with a dermatologist.


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