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Levomekol with anal fissures: how to apply the treatment

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The pharmacological properties of drugs, indications, limitations to the designation of the means

Levomekol sold in pharmacies in the form of an ointment. Packed product in tubes and jars.

Levomekol active component are:

  • dioksometiltetragidropirimidin (4 g);
  • chloramphenicol (0.75 g).

Dioksometiltetragidropirimidin accelerates ability to regenerate tissues. Chloramphenicol prevents reproduction and livelihoods of bacterial agents. Auxiliary components are considered to be polyethylene.

The drug reduces the intensity of the inflammation in the affected tissues, it stimulates the good recovery of cells. The agent can work in purulent and necrotic masses. The antimicrobial agent component can kill Escherichia, psevdoponad, staphylococci and other bacterial agents. Levomekol destroys skin cells, it can penetrate into the deeper tissues. Analogue drugs are Solkoseril, Relief, Vishnevsky ointment.

Indications and limitations to the designation of the means

Levomekol used in various fields of medicine: surgery, dermatology, proctology, gynecology and others. Primarily ointment prescribed surgeons for patients with purulent wounds or complicated course postoperative period (when postoperative wounds fester and inflamed). Levomekol injected directly into a wound or make dressings with ointment. The drug can be administered in the wound even through drainage.

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The means used for treatment of bedsores in bedridden patients. The medicine prevents the attachment of secondary pathogens, accelerates the healing of erosions and ulcers in advanced cases.

In surgical practice levomekol can treat boils. The drug has a good anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the amount of pus inside furuncle. The drug works even after opening the abscess. The formation in this case bandage soaked with ointment.

In cosmetology and dermatology Levomekol prescribed to eliminate acne. The drug is applied in dot or a thin layer on the entire surface of the affected skin (in the presence of multiple lesions). Levomekol reduces the formation of new cells, cleanse the skin. Use tool shown in the complex therapy of acne.

The drug can be used in sinusitis, otitis externa. The means shown for external use in lymphadenitis.

Levomekol with anal fissures often prescribed proctology. Good medicine helps to reduce inflammation, itching. Means prescribed after laser or surgical excision of anal fissures (after complications). Levomekol in this case helps to recover faster after surgery to prevent postoperative complications.

Levomekol not use in patients with eczematous and psoriatic skin formations. You can not assign agent for patients under 3 years of age. Do not use the ointment in the presence of allergy to components agents in patients with fungal infections of the skin.

During application levomekol may cause allergic rashes on the skin. After application of an external agent in a patient can occur burning sensations, redness, itching, swelling. In patients with a tendency to allergies is possible angioedema. If it occurs, it is necessary to call a doctor. Since the active ingredients levomekol able to penetrate into the blood in small quantities, the patient may appear weakness, fatigue.

The concept of hemorrhoids, clinical manifestations, the main directions of therapy

Hemorrhoids - a disease in which there hemorrhoids and fissures in the anus. The pathology is chronic. The cause of the disease is the veins of small pelvis and rectum.

At the initial stage of the disease the patient has a crack at the anus. Cracks appear periodically and heal. In a complicated course of the disease may cause of hemorrhoids with fissures. Patients with hemorrhoids complain of severe itching, burning sensation in the anus. Due to the expansion of the pelvic veins and colon rectal bleeding can occur in patients. The intensity of the bleeding may be different.

When hemorrhoids there is a tendency to constipation. Hemorrhoids complicate the act of defecation. Nodes are often traumatized after emptying the bowel, accompanied by bleeding and the formation of new cracks.

Hemorrhoid Treatment is based on the use of venotoniki. They allow you to strengthen the walls of veins. Patients administered various ointments for healing cracks. Also shown at hemorrhoid pain relievers, healing ointments and creams.

In severe cases, cracks in the anus excised surgically or with a laser. Excision of cracks shown in severe disease (frequent relapses cracks deep cracks that heal very bad, the combination of cracking and hemorrhoids, cracks and anus fistula). Operation is directed removal of jagged edges cracks. The nodes are also removed in the anus, if they grow large. Internal nodes are removed without fail, since the passage of feces they are constantly damaged and bleed.

Postoperatively, the patient is a systemic antibiotic therapy and local anesthetics, healing, anti-bacterial ointment. After the operation, be sure to prescribe laxatives medications to soften the stool, so as not to split the seams, do not there are new cracks during defecation. Patients after surgery shows dietetics. When the anal fissure Levomekol is used quite often. It helps to heal the crack, to prevent inflammation.

Using levomekol for patients with cracks in the anus

Levomekol an exacerbation of anal fissure is assigned locally. Before using the drug the patient should empty the bowel. If you can not go to the bathroom, you can put an enema (microlax) (enema can not be done if there is an internal node). After emptying the crotch area should be washed with water. Skin necessarily wipe dry with a towel. Before applying the medicine should wash their hands.

If anal fissures smear Levomekol permitted directly on the skin with a thin layer. The same drug can be impregnated gauze patch, folded several times, and to impose on the anus. After applying gauze flap with medication need to lie down for 15 minutes. The drug is absorbed during this time. After 15 minutes should remove the gauze patch.

If large cracks in the anus, it is possible to leave the gauze patch with levomekol overnight. For this scrap should be recorded. This procedure is performed once per day.

Cracks can be external and internal. If the crack is located inside the anal passage, it is possible to use tampons. When anus fissures Levomekol ointment is applied to the tampon, whereupon it is inserted into the anus. The medicine is left as the night. At the site of application means may be felt burning. It passes through the 5-10 minutes.

Coursework levomekol therapy lasts for 5-7 days. If necessary, the doctor may prolong the course of treatment. The medicine should not be used continuously, since complications can arise. At long application levomekol can join a fungal infection, which greatly complicate the course of the disease.

You can not use their own means, as it has its own limitations to the destination. Before the treatment it is necessary to see a doctor. He will examine and further examination. If you experience severe itching and burning the drug should not be used. If the drug is allergic to cancel it and seek medical advice.


Levomekol actively prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The drug promotes rapid healing of fractures. The therapy in nursing symptoms (inflammation, pain, itching). Levomekol prevents secondary bacterial flora. During the treatment of cracks in the anus need to strictly follow the doctor's recommendation. When used properly, the drug therapy to be effective enough.


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