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Folic acid and lipoic: compatibility differences, comparison

Vitamin complexes at various concentrations administered for both prevention and treatment of diseases. Used in conjunction with folic acid and lipoic recommend that patients suffering from Type II diabetes, as well as for the regulation of metabolic processes. This combination is also known in nutrition as a means, a positive effect on weight loss.

lipoic acid

Lipoic acid is also called thioctic acid, Thioctacide or alpha-lipoic acid. By the nature of the impact on the body it is similar to vitamins of group B, because lipoic compatibility and folic acid is quite high.

lipoic acid benefits is following its pharmacological properties:

  • ensuring the assimilation of glucose by the brain;
  • potentiation of antioxidants;
  • protection from exposure to lead and mercury salts;
  • prevention of fatty liver;
  • participation in the processing of carbohydrates and fats.

The last action on the body is associated with the fact that the application of lipoic acid is accelerated with a healthy diet properly selected diet.

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The daily requirement and application

The day a person needs 25-50 mg of lipoic acid. In pregnant women, and patients suffering from liver diseases, the daily rate of up to 75 mg.

Salts of alpha-lipoic acid contained in such formulations:

  • Dialipon;
  • Valium;
  • Thiogamma;
  • Espa-lipon;
  • Thioctacid T.

Use drugs should be according to the instructions and only under medical supervision, because they are sold only in injectable form. Put a shot should the health worker with all the rules of asepsis.

Folic acid

Folic acid was administered in pathologies of the central nervous system, reproductive system and hormonal regulation. When planning a pregnancy in the first trimester, it is indispensable for the full development of the neural tube in the child and prevention of birth defects.

folic acid benefits is its following properties:

  • participate in the maturation of megaloblasts, normoblasts;
  • stimulation of erythropoiesis;
  • participate in the synthesis of amino acids;
  • involved in the formation of nucleic acids;
  • regulation of choline metabolism.

folic acid deficiency dangerous pathologies of the central nervous system, reproductive function. In children, deficiency causes birth defects of the central nervous system: hydrocephalus, encephalopathy.

The daily requirement and application

Lipoic acid and folivaya - not the same thing. Folic acid daily rate for an adult is 0.4 g Take folic acid tablets should be once a day during a meal. For the treatment of existing blood disorders or CNS receiving from 0.8 grams per day under medical supervision.

joint application

Folic acid is different from the Lipoic chemical structure and the action on the body - folacin is a representative of B vitamins The combined use of acids indicated for the second type of diabetes, obesity, psoriasis, diseases of the hematopoietic system.

Slimming effective combination of several biologically active substances: succinic acid, folic acid and lipoic used to accelerate the metabolism process.

The composition of complex vitamin preparations may also contain a nicotinic acid - vitamin PP, linoleic, glutamic, ascorbic acid. According to the instructions they received one tablet a day during mealtimes.

The use of complex vitamins requires prior consultation of a doctor - an excess of vitamins is dangerous severe intoxication and metabolic disorders, increased adverse reactions.


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