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Amber and folic acid: can together compatibility comparison

Beneficial features

Main advantageous properties of succinic acid:

  • It helps to normalize the condition of chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • normalizes brain activity;
  • improves liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system;
  • toxins from the body;
  • neutralizes the damaged cells;
  • prolongs youth body, it acts as an antioxidant;
  • enhances the level of hemoglobin;
  • It strengthens the protective functions of the body.

succinic acid benefit to the organism due to the fact that it does not accumulate in the tissues, acts directly on the affected organ. Vitamin often administered in combination with ascorbic acid to patients during epidemics of respiratory diseases.

Folic acid has a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic system and strengthens the immune system. The drug is given to both women and men, especially in disorders of the reproductive system. However, care should be taken to use the tool in the presence of uterine fibroids and other benign and malignant tumors.

Women folic acid is very important when planning pregnancy and during gestation. Lack of the vitamin in this time of great danger to the health of the baby.

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Also, isolated and other useful properties of the component:

  • normalizes the digestive tract;
  • It reduces the likelihood of heart attack or stroke;
  • effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia;
  • normalizes blood circulation process;
  • strengthens hair and nails;
  • prevents the premature termination of pregnancy;
  • It improves memory function.

Allowed compatibility succinic and folic acid in order to achieve quick results treatment. Sometimes in combination with these drugs are prescribed to take lipoic acid, which is also involved in the normalization of the lipid metabolism. Such a complex is often used for teenage children, when there is a severe strain on the nervous system.

For men, succinic acid and folic assigned when low sperm viability on the results of analysis. After passing the 3-month course of treatment significantly increases the chances of conceiving a child.


The daily dosage of succinic acid, in particular depend on the indication. For an adult patient admits to accept no more than 1000 mg of the compound per day. However, a high dose is used only for a short period.

Folic acid is commonly prescribed to take in an amount of 400 mg per day for an adult. The amount of the substance is increased in acute shortages and during pregnancy. Lipoic acid used is not more than 0.05 g, 3 times of knocking.

Succinic acid, folic acid and lipoic may cause harm to the body if used improperly. Therefore, before applying important to study the instructions.

Contraindications and side effects

Complex folic acid and succinic contraindicated in the following deviations:

  • presence of cancer tumors;
  • severe liver and kidney disease;
  • idiosyncrasy components.

Folic acid and succinic not the same allergy can however only observed at one of the vitamins. Therefore, if you have any alarming symptoms should consult a physician.


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