How To Drink Linex?
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How to take Linex: dosage, treatment, instruction

Description Linex, pharmacological action

Linex - preparation of eubiotics group containing living microorganisms. Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which are part of a dietary supplement, pass through the acidic environment of the stomach, reach the intestine with suitable conditions for settlement. The enteric beneficial bacteria acquire antagonistic activity against pathogenic agents and produce mucus that protects the gut wall.

Eubiotiki possess neuromodulatory effects, some receptors stimulate intestinal villi, reduce the sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract to stress factors. Probiotics promote comfortable digestion, helps the absorption of nutrients and vitamins that are involved in the metabolism of many elements necessary to maintain homeostasis.

When imbalance normoflora reduced resistance local immunity, intestine becomes more susceptible to infectious agents. Colonize the intestinal wall pathogenic and pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammation. The inflammatory process is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, disturbed digestion, a person gradually loses weight, it lacks the vitamins and nutrients. In the future, the body itself can cope with such a pathological condition, or it will be necessary medicinal support.

Indications Linex

Linex take on indications in the following clinical situations:

  • Prevention of dysbiosis;
  • Treatment of dysbiosis;
  • Antibiotic-associated diarrhea;
  • Therapy with antibacterial agents;
  • Functional constipation without organic disease;
  • Improper antibiotic treatment, abuse treatment and assigned dose;
  • Acute infections of the gastrointestinal tract (acute intestinal infections, salmonellosis, cholera, dysentery);
  • Pathology of the pancreas, gallbladder, liver, accompanied by disturbance of the digestive functions;
  • Eating disorder (anorexia, a large amount of fatty foods in the diet, vegetarianism, the lack of fiber in food);
  • Immunodeficiencies of various etiologies, including those caused by HIV.

When dysbiosis first symptoms of digestive disorders, with no organic pathology. Symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, constipation, rumbling, bloating, pain associated with food intake, resulting in a few hours after eating. Dysbacteriosis existing for a long time, accompanied by the syndrome of malabsorption, which reduces the efficiency of absorption of nutrients and drugs in the intestinal wall.


Admission Linex must be limited if there is a history of allergic reaction to probiotics, as well as lactose intolerance. If functional dyspepsia symptoms do not resolve after the application of Linex, you need to specify the diagnosis to consult a specialist. At occurrence of adverse symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, unstable chair is also recommended to replace the drug.

Also contraindications can be considered the state reduce the effectiveness of a part of Linex lactic acid bacteria:

  • Severe chronic and acute pathologies (acquired immune deficiency syndrome, hepatitis high degree of activity, diabetes mellitus and other endocrine diseases);
  • Increase in body temperature above 38 degrees, fever, severe intoxication.
  • Detection by laboratory methods and instrumental diagnostics features organic bowel disease;
  • Loose stools longer than 2 days, accompanied by epigastric pain, severe dehydration (fluid loss);
  • Receiving chemotherapeutic drugs that are toxic to the digestive system.

Terms of use

Many patients, for the first time using probiotics are wondering how to take Linex: before meals or after? Rules of administration depends on the dosage form, the indications and the person's age.

A dietary supplement is available in several dosage forms as capsules, drops, powder. Linex need to be taken with foodSince meal reduces the aggressiveness of gastric hydrochloric acid and a large amount of lactic acid bacteria gets to its destination in the intestine. To wash down the drug can be different beverages, including juice, podsaharennyh water, compotes. The basic rule - liquid must be hot. Do not mix with Linex drink alcohol.

Instructions for use for adults

According to the instructions, Drink Linex adults need three times a day 2 capsules, following the general rules described above. Drops and powders, as a rule, are not used for adults. Duration of the course of therapy appoint the attending specialist after finding out the causes dysbiosis, its severity, depending on the presence or absence of malabsorption syndrome.

Rules of admission for children

Linex capsules for children under 3 years old are not typically used. If there is no opportunity to accept or drop the powder sachets must break the capsule shell, pour the contents into a spoon, mixed with the liquid and room temperature to give the child. Kids who can self-swallow capsule appoint 1 thing three times a day. It is recommended to make sure that the child is not drank capsule Linex hot drink.

Drops Linex packaged into vials and are intended for newborns and infants because it does not require swallowing capsules. Daily dose - 6 drops while feeding the baby. Before taking this medication vial should be shaken to evenly distribute the solution.

Linex, packed on sachets, as is more often used in pediatric practice. Linex reception children in the form of a sachet is convenient and comfortable, the powder can be diluted in a jar of baby food or sugary drinks. Kids up to the age of seven recommended 1 sachet per day during feeding. Older children can increase the number of sachets to 2 per day.

How long to take Linex solves the attending physician or pediatrician. Usually the course of admission to therapeutic purposes lasts 14-21 days, taking a dietary supplement for the prevention recommend a period of two weeks.

Joint reception with antibacterial agents

If you need to take Linex with antibiotics, you first need to take a pill antibacterial preparation, 3 hours - a probiotic. eubiotic treatment can begin on the first day of antibiotic therapy, and it is possible - after its completion. The duration of the dietary aid should exceed 2 times the duration of antimicrobial treatment. If fixed assets are for a week, the course of therapy Linex is 14 days.

When co-administered antibiotics and Linex be distinguished possible side effects of both drugs. Linex practically does not cause adverse reactions on the part of the body, while the antibiotic may be accompanied by adverse symptoms:

  • Appetite disorders until anorexia;
  • Lethargy, apathy, nervous disorders;
  • The rash on the skin, redness, swelling;
  • itching;
  • Instability stool, diarrhea, constipation;
  • Increased gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Pain in the stomach;
  • Dryness of the mouth cavity mucous membranes, metallic taste in the mouth.

Similar nutraceuticals

Analogs Linex - eubiotiki containing lactic acid bacteria from the normal flora of the intestinal tube. Dietary supplements differ 3rd generation multicomponent composition, a combination of several bacteria and adjuvants: Atsipol, Bifiform and others. There eubiotics 4 generations, differing in price and method of preparation. Bifiform unlike Linex, a larger amount comprises bifidobacteria. Atsipol - virtually identical analogue as in properties and price.


Linex has established itself as a safe and effective drug for the treatment and prevention of dysbiosis in children and adults. Timely reception of capsules, sachets and drop allows you to restore the intestinal microflora in 2 weeks. The advantage of a dietary supplement that can even begin to receive the newborn, the side effects are extremely rare, contraindications to virtually none.

To get the maximum effect from Linex, it is recommended to follow the instructions or prescription, to avoid self-appointment and self-medication.


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