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Linex child in 1 year: how to give the dosage instructions

Lactic acid bacteria are necessary for normal functioning of the intestines. Their therapeutic properties determine Linex positive effect, but rarely assigned young patients. It is not surprising that parents question arises: how to give Linex child in 1 year?

release Form

The drug is produced in the form of capsules, sachets and drops. Most often used for a small child last two dosage forms. This is due to the maximum convenience of their use in neonates and infants. However, if desired, the capsule can be opened and its contents mixed with the juice or any other liquid.

Indications for use

Linex is used for normalization of the digestive system:

  • to maintain an optimal composition of intestinal microflora and normalization of bowel function (in particular for colic, flatulence, defecation disorders) in children from birth;
  • to restore the intestinal flora during and after antibiotic therapy;
  • to reduce the risk of digestive disorders caused by infection of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • to support the activity of the immune system.

Dosage and method of use

Linex in sachets:

  • for children from birth to 7 years using a one-off one bag of the drug per day;
  • from 7 to 12 years old should take 2 sachets twice a day.

Child 1 year Linex most convenient to use in sachets or drops. Powder contained in the bag is mixed with the potable liquid (at a temperature not higher than 35 degrees).

Duration of treatment - 1 month. If necessary, you can repeat the course after 30 days.

Linex (children) in the drops:

  • babies from the first days of life is assigned 6 drops per day of the drug to be added to any beverage products at a temperature not exceeding 35 degrees.

Linex capsules:

  • babies from birth to 2 years appoint 1 capsule three times a day;
  • Children from 2 to 12 years of age should take 1 to 2 capsules three times during the day;
  • patients under 12 years, needs taking 2 capsules three times a day.

If the child is unable to swallow the capsule, it can be opened and mixed with a small amount of drink.

Linex Forte:

  • children from birth to 2 years of use 1 capsule of probiotic once a day;
  • child 2 - 12 years old are required to use 1 capsule 1 to 2 times a day;
  • you should use 1 capsule flows from 1 to 3 times daily for adults and children from 12 years.

Linex Forte therapy in children under 6 years requires strict control of the attending physician.

If used in probiotic treatment period antibacterials observe interval between the reception of at least 3 hours.


Before giving Linex year-old child, it is necessary to ensure the absence of the following indications:

  • presence of hypersensitivity to the substances included in the composition means;
  • hypersensitivity to dairy products.

use Features

Linex in young children should only be used according to the pediatrician's instructions. If a baby is suffering diarrhea for more than 2 days, you should consult with your doctor, because this pathology can be not associated with dysbacteriosis and infectious or viral diseases, which treatment is carried out on a special scheme.

There are many reviews of doctors and parents about the positive therapeutic effects of the drug, according to which it is believed Linex help year-old child after 7 days. But this is not always the case, since the length of bowel function recovery depends on the severity of the little patient. That's why full course of therapy is usually not less than 14 days.


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