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Professor, ophthalmologist world-renowned Edward S. Avetisov developed a unique exercises for the eyes. His method of recovery by means of a complex of exercises He has gained worldwide recognition.

Initially, the purpose complex includes prevention and treatment of myopia and strabismus children. The result of applying a technique proved improvement of the optical system of the person as a whole.

The content of the article:

  • 1 Why spoil the vision? Meaning accommodation
  • 2 The essence of development ophthalmologist E. Avetisova
  • 3 The principles of the method
  • 4 The use of techniques
  • 5 When the Avetisov of eye exercises is most effective?
  • 6 Indications and contraindications
  • 7 Exercises for eyes on Avetisov
    • 7.1 The first set of: increased blood supply
    • 7.2 The second set: strengthening the eye muscle motor
    • 7.3 The third set: improving the accommodation
  • 8 Especially eye gymnastics for children
  • 9 What measures are needed in addition to the gym?
  • 10 Videos about exercises to improve vision

Why spoil the vision? Meaning accommodation

The causes of visual impairment are classified into three main categories and is determined by various factors.

Congenital medical acquired
  • heredity;
  • birth defects and anomalies;
  • prematurity.
  • thyroid disease;
  • diabetes;
  • low back pain;
  • certain infectious and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • high cholesterol;
  • the effects of a stroke.
  • mental and physical fatigue;
  • overload the visual apparatus;
  • weakening, fatigue accommodation apparatus;
  • lack of vitamins, poor diet;
  • inadequate lighting of the workplace;
  • adverse ecological situation in the area of ​​residence;
  • bad habits;
  • lack of exercise;
  • age-related changes of the visual apparatus;
  • incorrectly chosen means of vision correction.

If the causes of visual impairment are acquired, it is possible to halt and reverse the disease process. Enough to eliminate pathogenic factors, lead a healthy lifestyle.Gymnastics for Avetisov eye, facilities for children, adults

Gymnastics for Avetisov eye will provide invaluable assistance in restoring vision. Its action is aimed at stress relief and exercise different muscles human visual apparatus, in particular, the mechanism of accommodation.

When a person is in vivo, for example, on a walk or in the countryside, his focus and vision are constantly changing focus. View jumps from distant object to a close, from light to shadow, from side to side. Thus, employed and actively working muscles, providing the right eye operation.

The modern pace of life, especially the professional activity, the emergence of new computer gadgets help to increase the burden on the visual apparatus. Children from an early age, have not yet learned to read confidently use tablets and phones for a long time while stationary.

Static posture, muscle fatigue, neck and shoulder belt does not promote normal circulation and supply of oxygen to the tissues of the brain and eyes.

Long-term focus on a device screen causes overwork and some of the work off other groups of muscles of the visual apparatus. As a result of accommodative muscle atrophy.

Accommodation is called the eye's ability to perceive different distance objects, changing the point of focus. This mechanism allows you to clearly see the objects, they may be at whatever distance.

The essence of the process is as follows:

  • To consider an object close by tension and relaxation of the ciliary muscle ligament Zinn increases the curvature of the eye's lens, it becomes similar to a lenticular lens, helping small to see parts;
  • to provide a definition of a distant object perception Zinn ligament strains, and the ciliary muscle relaxes, the lens becomes a flat shape, which allows to see clearly into the distance.

accommodation mechanism is reflexive in nature, all processes occur automatically, unconsciously. They are controlled by the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

The essence of development ophthalmologist E. Avetisova

Avetisov Edward S. doing research in the field of ophthalmology. His focus on the development of strabismus problems optometry (eye surgery through a lens) and the mechanism of development of myopia in children. Working on the problem of non-surgical correction of strabismus in children, the professor has identified a pathological dependence on the position of the eyeball muscle spasm of accommodation.

Gymnastics for Avetisov eye, facilities for children, adults
Avetisov Edward S. - inventor of gymnastics for the eyes
Gymnastics for Avetisov eye, facilities for children, adults
Son E. Avetisova, Avetisov Frish, continued his father's work

Avetisova E. FROM. has developed special exercises for the eyes, relieves tension and spasm. Exercising is highly effective and safe for independent use. The emphasis is on training the accommodative apparatus.

The professor emphasized the importance of early prevention of ophthalmic problems. He argued that prevent pathology is easier than to treat it. It is recommended to start gymnastics for the eyes as early as possible in childhood. Then more likely to maintain good eyesight into old age.

Adults also shows these classes. They adapt the visual apparatus to high loads. Also, exercise can help relieve tension with the eye muscles, restore the circulation. They eliminate the discomfort of "dry eye" and "sand under the eyelids." Avetisova began gymnastics at any age.

The principles of the method

To get from the lessons of the method Avetisova maximum benefit, you must follow the following principles:

  • regular employment;
  • calm, measured, deliberate exercises;
  • positive attitude;
  • compliance with correct posture;
  • implementation of preventive measures.

Gymnastics undoubted advantage is that its implementation does not require special training or special conditions. Can be engaged at a convenient time in the workplace or at home. It will be enough of one session per day. Exercises complex simple, understandable and easy to perform. The charging time is 15 minutes.

At the initial stage of the exercises are done in a comfortable pace, slowly. It is not necessary to seek from the first classes to perform all the recommended number of repetitions. You can start with half the norm. Later, the accelerating pace and increasing the permitted loads of up to 12 repetitions.

The use of techniques

With employment on systematic procedure Avetisova following positive changes:

  • It improves blood circulation and oxygen supply of the eye muscles, cornea, lens and retina;
  • enhanced circulation of intraocular fluids;
  • strengthening the muscles that control the eyeball, the result - the elimination of strabismus;
  • strengthens and trains the accommodation unit, thereby correcting myopia;Gymnastics for Avetisov eye, facilities for children, adults
  • thanks to the active flow of blood to the periorbital area of ​​strengthening the power of the brain occurs, the result - increased attention and ability to concentrate.

If an early age to start training on the methodology Avetisova, you can correct and even prevent symptoms of myopia.

Adults whose activities are related to the need to strain your eyes, this technique will be useful. Give rest to your eyes, get rid of unpleasant feelings, help increase efficiency gymnastics to the eye. Even in advanced age with regular employment manage to stop the development of myopia and hyperopia. Moreover, many have achieved full recovery of view!

When the Avetisov of eye exercises is most effective?

The effectiveness of exercises for the eyes, designed by E. FROM. Avetisova, and proved beyond doubt. This set of exercises to help correct some of the problems and deviations. Panacea it is not. Do not expect that it will help with the deep pathological changes in the tissues of the eye apparatus.

Well to state the following correction:

  • the initial stage of myopia in children;
  • mild strabismus;
  • decrease in visual acuity of overload;
  • dryness and irritation of the cornea;
  • "Computer syndrome".

Preventive and therapeutic effect can be expected only in the permanent employment. Will have to show perseverance and the will to achieve tangible results.

The effectiveness of training can increase under the following conditions:

  • deal with on a daily basis;
  • perform complex exercises in sequence;
  • comply with the measures of prevention;
  • during prolonged stress on the eye to take frequent rest breaks;
  • engage in sports: physical activity - the key to good vision.

The first set of exercises can be repeated frequently throughout the day. They are aimed at relaxation and stress relief, which is very useful for the muscles of the eye apparatus.

Indications and contraindications

Gymnastics for Avetisov Eye allows you to remove tension from the muscles oculomotor apparatus after the load. Even a one-time performance of complex helps eliminate dryness of the cornea and restore blood circulation in the periorbital region. Like any other exercises, it has limitations and recommendations.

Indications to perform:

  • work related to the stress of view: from the computer screen;
  • burning sensation, redness of the eye mucous membranes;
  • feeling tired eyes;Gymnastics for Avetisov eye, facilities for children, adults
  • the emergence of "mist before his eyes";
  • reversible drop in visual acuity;
  • to prevent myopia and hyperopia;
  • to correct some visual defects.

Avetisov emphasized the special importance and necessity of gymnastics for children from primary school to adolescence. It was during this period the child is faced with an increased burden on the emerging muscular system. Immature eye muscles require special care.

If you start regular training exercises with the children's age, the likelihood of maintaining good vision throughout life is quite high. So it is important for children to do gymnastics for the eyes with the preventive and corrective purposes. Regular practice will certainly benefit.

But there are conditions in which the eye is contraindicated exercises:

  • inflammatory diseases of the eye;
  • period after surgery;
  • retinal disinsertion.

If these conditions are prohibited oculomotor loading apparatus. If there are indications for the gym, the ophthalmologist will appoint a date when you can start the course and mark the measure of the pressure.

Exercises for eyes on Avetisov

Before you start regular training, you need to get advice and resolution of an ophthalmologist. If the exercise appears discomfort or pain, you should stop training, or to remove the item from the complex. In this case, expert advice as required.

The first set of: increased blood supply

Group exercise of this complex, performing the role of warm-up prepares the eye accommodation apparatus to the increasing load. Improvement and stabilization of the blood circulation and microcirculation intraocular fluid facilitates removal of voltage from the muscles surrounding the eye orbit.Gymnastics for Avetisov eye, facilities for children, adults

Exercises are performed in this order, until you feel mild fatigue. At first, the number of repeats can be reduced. The complex is performed in a sitting position with your back straight, keep your head straight, look forward to them.Gymnastics for Avetisov eye, facilities for children, adults

  1. Carefully and gently touching the eyelids, massage them padded index finger for 1 minute.
  2. With the power to compress the eyelids, squinting. Stay in this state for 3-5 seconds. Open eyes relaxed look ahead 4-6 seconds. Repeat from 6 to 8 times.
  3. For a quarter of a minute to blink rapidly. Relax, look right - 5 seconds. Repeat 6 times.
  4. Close eyes. United forefinger and middle finger is easy, but perceptibly click on the eyeball, as if crushing it for 2-3 seconds. Pause: a deep breath and slowly exhale. This exercise can be done 4-6 times.
  5. Firmly press your index fingers to his brow ridges. Alternately frowns forehead and squint, creating resistance fingers muscles of the upper eyelid and forehead. Repeat 8 times.

The second set: strengthening the eye muscle motor

The purpose of this complex exercise - strengthen eye muscles, relieve tension and fatigue. the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) is stopped at regular employment, improved visual acuity. Perform sitting, keep your back and neck straight, but not tense. head does not change position.

  1. At the expense of 1, 2 - translate look up. The match ends 3, 4 - stop. 5, 6 - looked down. 7, 8 - do not change position. Be given slowly, breathe freely. Perform smoothly. Repeat 8-12 times.
  2. Adhering to the same account, to do exercise, moving his eyes from side to side, trying to take away as much as possible look left and right.
  3. View down-left, diagonal translate look up and to the right. Run 8 times. Rest for half a minute. Repeat, starting from a position down-right, moving his eyes to a position up-left. Make eight repetitions.
  4. Run eye movement in a circle po- first, then counterclockwise 6-8 times in each direction. Try without changing the position of the head, cover a larger radius Ferris.

First, may cause feelings of fatigue. This is normal. Over time, the muscles will train, and instead of fatigue will come a pleasant feeling of warmth and lightness.

The third set: improving the accommodation

This complex is aimed at strengthening the ciliary muscle responsible for accommodation. fulfill the conditions stipulated in each exercise.Gymnastics for Avetisov eye, facilities for children, adults

  1. Adopt a comfortable position - sitting or standing. At a distance of about 30 cm from the eye to place his own hand, and to focus on index finger. Translate look forward and find a point or an object at a distance of not less than 3-4 m. Wait for the focus of view on this subject. Then transfer the look at the finger again. Repeat 10-12 times.
  2. Starting position is the same as that in the first paragraph. Without taking his eyes from the fingers, slowly bring it to his nose, his eyes fixed to the bridge of the nose. Return the finger and the eye to its original position. Suffice it to 10 repetitions.
  3. Perform the first exercise for each eye to 8 times. "Idle" eye close with his free hand.
  4. I go to the window. Glass marker pen to draw or paste a small label. Suitable as a small picture with fine details. Stand so that you can clearly see all the details of the drawing. With half a minute to consider carefully the image. Translate look at quite a distant object outside the window, trying to see it as clearly as possible. Repeat this sequence 8 times.

Gymnastics for the eyes of Avetisov a guaranteed effect, if it is applied as a preventive measure. Beyond doubt its value in regular exercises for stress relief. Useful and necessary to deal with this training in order to prevent further deterioration of the symptoms of nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Especially eye gymnastics for children

The main advantage of a technique developed by him Professor E. FROM. Avetisov considered highly effective in children, starting from preschool age. It was during this period begins preparation for school.

The children have a long time to be in a static position, increases the load on the eye. Lack of exercise - lack of movement becomes the most unfavorable factor affecting children's health in general and the preservation of vision in particular.

It is hardly possible to eliminate or reduce the interaction of children with products of modern technologies that have become an integral part of today's life. But it is possible to protect and enhance the health of the baby growing and developing an optical system. This purpose is served by gymnastics for the eyes of Professor Avetisova.

It is difficult to get the child to perform regular exercise program. He does not understand and interesting to delve into the inevitable long-term consequences. In this case, a large role to play, parents and teachers. In a playful way, unobtrusively, alternating training and play activities can be of interest to children and motivate them to class.

In many educational institutions Avetisova exercises included in the school curriculum not only for the young but also for the middle and senior management. Teacher during class or at recess allocate time to practice. They explain the purpose and benefit of the children of the complex.

Pupils having fun diverted from school subjects to obtain the maximum benefit. This helps them to relax, to switch, to relieve tension. Parents of children who regularly engaged on Avetisov, celebrated not only improve the view, but also enhancing the overall performance.

Gymnastics for Avetisov eye improves cerebral circulation, as it provides increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to all the vessels of the brain. This increases the intellectual potential of the student.

What measures are needed in addition to the gym?

The main purpose of gymnastics for the eyes - treatment and prevention. Even if correction already prescribed glasses or lenses, you can not just stop regressing, but also completely restore vision.

When there is a person with visual impairment, to achieve the therapeutic effect is necessary to observe certain rules. If your doctor prescribe medicines, they should be used strictly as directed. It is important to understand that gymnastics does not replace medical treatment.

To range of recreational exercise maximum benefit, you need to take the following preventive measures:

  • ensure proper lighting of the workplace;Gymnastics for Avetisov eye, facilities for children, adults
  • choose furniture that allows to maintain the correct posture while exercising;
  • supervise the work, alternated with pauses to rest;
  • limit the time of use gadgets;
  • allocate sufficient time walks in the fresh air;
  • live a healthy life;
  • stop smoking;
  • comply with the measure in the use of alcohol;
  • establish a balanced diet, rich in vitamins;
  • provide physical activity;
  • protect the eyes from UV radiation - wearing sunglasses;
  • to properly care for the means of vision correction - glasses and contact lenses.

If you follow these simple rules, and regularly carry out complex exercises for the eyes, designed by Professor E. FROM. Avetisova can be for many years to maintain the opportunity to enjoy a clear view of the world.

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