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Splints on wrist joint after removal of protecting gypsum ligaments styloid fracture. Price, reviews

Most scientific studies have shown the high efficiency of recovery and support tools for the musculoskeletal system. So, in the treatment of wrist joint application orthosis allows a 1.5 times less applied anti-inflammatory drugs.

The content of the article:

  • 1 What are orthoses?
  • 2 Function wrist orthosis
  • 3 Types of orthoses for wrist joint hands
  • 4 degree of hardness
    • 4.1 soft
    • 4.2 semi-rigid
    • 4.3 strong rigidity
  • 5 Results of application of the orthosis
  • 6 How to choose the right size?
  • 7 Catalog of orthoses on the wrist joint
    • 7.1 Orthoses easy fixing to protect the ligaments
    • 7.2 Wrist splints to support the styloid process
    • 7.3 Orthoses during breaks and sprains
    • 7.4 Orthoses used in arthritis, arthritis, synovitis
    • 7.5 Apparatuses used after fracture
  • 8 Videos about splints on wrist joint

What are orthoses?

Wrist supports the movement of the hand and forearm, and is the second most active after the ankle joint. The three parts of the carpal joint lies 15 bones, a lot of tendons, ligaments, so it is very agile and the most vulnerable.

Splints on wrist joint - a device for stabilization of discharge, correction arms anatomical articular axes.

Phones include:

  • tires;
  • bracelets;
  • stabilizers;
  • bandages;
  • brace-splints;
  • clips.

Function wrist orthosis

The fine structure of the parts may occur radiocarpal various inflammatory processes, fractures, contusions, as there is a lot of bones, tendons, ligaments.

Frequent pathology:

  • Tendonitis of the wrist;
  • arthritis;
  • dislocation;
  • fracture;
  • tunnel syndrome;
    Splints on wrist joint after removal of gypsum styloid fracture, ligament protection. Prices, reviews
    hand wrist carpal tunnel syndrome
  • ganglion cysts;
  • bruises and injuries;
  • weakness of ligaments.

It is impossible to prevent unforeseen illness, injury, but there are machines that speed up the healing process and relieve pain. This orthosis to support the wrist.

The goal of treatment with orthoses:

  • Ensuring the stability of the wrist and hand.
  • Biochemical control the alignment of the wrist and hand.
  • Limiting excessive movements and wrist stress.
  • joint protection.
  • The redistribution of the pressure on the wrist.

Each type of orthosis is designed for a specific disease. Thus, brace for the treatment tunnel syndrome is a view of a collecting device, because tendonitis not accompanied by joint deformation.

When treating arthritis used tires or tires having different functions: static splints, dynamic tire. Such devices are used in the acute stages of the disease or as a support when the affected joints and surrounding soft tissues.

When different types of fractures lock protects and stabilizes the bone, it immobilizes the wrist and thumb, reduces the load on the arm. In the case of tendinitis device used to immobilize the wrist or fingers of the affected tendon to rest, reducing inflammation and pain.

To prevent sporting injuries include various options fixing the bracelet to the affected area.

Types of orthoses for wrist joint hands

There are a large number of support devices. Some of them fix the joint on a large plot, including the hand and fingers, while others - in a limited space.

Types of orthoses:

  • Stabilizing.
  • Postoperative.
  • To save the joint at rest.
  • Stabilizing joints and fingers simultaneously.
  • Wrist brace tread palm.Splints on wrist joint after removal of gypsum styloid fracture, ligament protection. Prices, reviews

To support and apply bandages, which are made of dense, but the elastic fabric. Their function - compression or compression of the joint to lock.

Splints on wrist joint used for bruises, dislocations, sprains, arthritis, tendovaginitah as a compression bandage. For preventive purposes elastic bandages are used. They do not restrict the freedom of movement, but to protect against injury.

Orthoses are divided into two types:

  • Static. They perform the function of correcting and stabilizing.
  • Dynamic. Are used to prevent excessive mobility of joints during activity or in the performance of a variety of professional activities.

degree of hardness

Splints are available with varying degrees of fixation.


Adaptations required during regeneration when smaller lesions in the wrist channel. They minimize the pain, provide support under heavy braking, warm hand, are recommended for unstable joint in the rehabilitation period. They are made of a soft elastic material.

Such devices are popular with people involved in sports. Be appointed in the following cases:

  • recovery from injury,
  • complication of the inflammatory process in the tendons and joints;
  • myositis, edema during inflammation ligaments;
  • in rheumatoid arthritis;
  • for the treatment of tunnel syndrome;
  • if joint instability.


In these constructions there are elements of plastic for the full stable brush position. Such orthoses well help in the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, tendon injuries, in the case of other inflammatory processes. Bandages restrict movement carried correct physiological position of the support arms prevent occurrence of contractions in the palm area.Splints on wrist joint after removal of gypsum styloid fracture, ligament protection. Prices, reviews

Apply in the case of diseases and skeletal system disorders:

  • paralysis and paresis after stroke;
  • injuries in the bones;
  • fixing the correct position after the removal of plaster;
  • stretching and ligament damage;
  • reducing post-operative period.

strong rigidity

The design involves metal and plastic parts. The degree of fixation is regulated by various devices.

In many models, joint and fingers firmly fixed in one position.

Rigid tools reduce the rehabilitation period after violation of the integrity of bones, help to keep the hands of motor activity.

They are used:

  • postoperative;
  • for recovery of the skeletal system;
  • to create immobility after fractures, ligamentous ruptures and tendon;
  • in the case of brush contractures after stroke, osteoarthritis, traumatic brain injury.

Results of application of the orthosis

Splints are needed for fastening, unloading joints, as it happens at the expense of physiologically correct fixing position of your hand. Assigned joint remains stationary, not shifting.

Apparatus for wrist arm portion reduces or relieve pain. With the help of compression is created, warming that accelerates blood circulation and lymph flow. As a result, the pain subsides and the inflammation is reduced.

In the case of a certain segment offset arm brace avoids deformation. If the upper limbs do not perform their function, for example, dropped the hand after a stroke, the brace prevents further deformation and the development of complications. In order to prevent the locking devices to protect against secondary injuries.

The use of orthoses varying degrees of fixation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, after 2-2.5 months contribute to the hand grip strength, decreased pain.

Good help with acute purulent inflammation, tumors, when unacceptable appearance of hyperthermia. When treating osteochondropathies, damaged ligaments have proved themselves wristbands.

Results of application of the locking device:

  • reducing pain;
  • eliminating deformation occurred;
  • providing warming action;
  • protection against injuries, post-operative complications.

How to choose the right size?

An important stage of the wrist orthosis channel is the right choice of the locking device. A wrong can bring negative effect. Selection should be coordinated with the orthopedic surgeon or trained orthopedic salon staff.Splints on wrist joint after removal of gypsum styloid fracture, ligament protection. Prices, reviews

The doctor will determine the degree of rigidity desired and personal preference.

With minor injuries fit devices of low and medium hardness, they can be chosen, based on the advice of staff who sells orthoses.

Postoperative apparatus selects a doctor.

take into account the criteria when choosing a device:

  • Localization pains were detected during the study.
  • Character pain (chronic, acute). Each period corresponds to a fixed form splinting. In the acute phase requires rigid immobilization. In chronic pain, for prevention - medium hard or soft option.
  • human constitution, anatomical features.
  • Contraindications. Most often, this includes allergic reactions to the material.
  • Comfortable fit for extended wear.

Letter codes and the parameters corresponding to the size of the wrist:

The value of the wrist, see The size
15 XS
15–17 S
17–19 M
19–23 L
23–28 XL
more than 28 2XL

stabilizing mode of wearing the device is determined by an orthopedic surgeon. Postoperative orthoses are worn all the time, they are removed only during the hygiene procedures in consultation with the doctor. Subsequently wearing time band gradually decreases.

Orthoses on the wrist joint, used for the prevention, constantly not wear because excessive compression affects the muscles, they gradually atrophy.

Catalog of orthoses on the wrist joint

In stores and showrooms orthopedic products offers a variety of means of rehabilitation for people who have disorders of the musculoskeletal system. A wide range of orthotic devices at various prices ranging from 700 rubles. and higher.

Orthoses easy fixing to protect the ligaments

Bandage for a wrist joint OrtoAWU. Made of fabric and isoprene Coolmax, that provide breathability, hygroscopicity. Comfortable to wear, dressing, because it has a regulatory function.Splints on wrist joint after removal of gypsum styloid fracture, ligament protection. Prices, reviews

Used for fixing the carpometacarpal joint, carpal joint unloads, it provides a massage effect.

Used in aseptic necrosis of cancellous bone, osteoarthritis, during prolonged physical exertion. Size is universal, the price of 1 thousand. rub.

Universal bandage on the wrist, Orliman firm. Used for preventive purposes in sports.

It is made from neoprene material with adjustable Velcro fastener.

It can be used daily, it is comfortable when worn and is light, has a micromassage action. Size fits all, the price of 1 thousand. 050 rubles.

Wrist band for easy fixing Ttoman WS-E01. Due to easy allergenic material from which it is made, a device for the hand does not cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. Special knit material technology allows it to adhere well to the hand and does not interfere with the movement.

Dimensional table:

  • S - 14-17 cm wrist;
  • M - 17 -20 cm;
  • L - 20-23 cm;
  • XL - 23-26 cm.

Used for injuries, bruises, sprains, as a preventive measure in sports. Price% 700 rubles.

Wrist splints to support the styloid process

Wrist braces to the Netherlands PushBraces firm joint is provided with a special joint stabilization unloading styloid. Suitable for post-operative and conservative treatment. UniPren manufactured from the material.

This three-layer material, whose outer layer is made of a self-adhesive knitted fabric. The middle layer of neoprene foam and the lining is made of soft terry knitted. lock design is made so that it can be worn on their own, and to adjust the size.

The inserted aluminum plastic brace for stabilizing the wrist splint. In addition, the removable unit is inserted into the ring discharger styloid process, thereby stabilizing the distal radioulnar joint. Size universal, from 11 to 24 cm, the price of 3 thousand. 500 rubles.

Orthoses during breaks and sprains

Bus company PROCARE intended for use after stretching, rupture of the ligamentous apparatus. Wearing such orthoses prevents the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Semi-rigid fixation degree, inside an aluminum insert palmar surface.

Size table:

Standard size (cm) 1 2 3 4 5
International (INT) XS S M L XL
wrist circumference 14 to 16 to 19 to 21 >21
Splints on wrist joint after removal of gypsum styloid fracture, ligament protection. Prices, reviews

The brace is made of Lycra material comfortable to wear. Price from 1 thousand. 700 rubles.

Orthez OPPO company for joint support, wrist and fingers.

It is intended for the rehabilitation period, after tendon injury, ligaments, paresis, paralysis, dislocations of the wrist and fingers.

Manufactured in right and left execution. Sizes: S, M, L, that corresponds to the wrist circles: 13.3 -17.1, 17,1-21,6, 21,6-30,5.Tsena 2 thousand. 800 rubles.

Orthoses used in arthritis, arthritis, synovitis

Ortlett firm fixtures of the series SilverLineLux made using a unique technology of 3D modeling, due to which provided the complete fit with anatomical accuracy.

The knitted fabric structure has hygroscopicity, climate control, without compressing the bone, soft tissue, provides full wearing comfort. The average degree of fixation is ensured by silicone inserts that perform and massage function.

Size table:

XS 13-15 cm
S 15-16,5 cm
M 16,5-18 cm
L 18-19,5 cm
XL 19,5-21 cm
XXL 21-23 cm

The brace can be worn on their own with one hand. There is a removable retainer to adjust the fit to the hand. Price from 3 thousand. rub.

Compression bandage Trives T-8391, made of breathable material imzgotavlivaetsya for right and left hands. Supplemented he removable metal plate to the palmar surface.

Splints on wrist joint after removal of gypsum styloid fracture, ligament protection. Prices, reviews
Orthosis to the wrist joint Trives T-8391

It is used in case of:

  • arthrosis, arthritis;
  • destruction or several of the peripheral nerves in the wrist joint;
  • for the prevention of contractures resulting brush.

Well in the rehabilitation period, it can be worn up to 10 hours a day. For the comfort it is equipped with elastic locking strips that can weaken when worn. Price: 1 thousand. 950 rubles.

Apparatuses used after fracture

MANU-HIT DIGITUS - band with support for fingers made of modern materials, easy to put on. It is shown for use after fractures, removal of plaster casts, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve paralysis of hands.

On the orthosis has a comfortable palmar region. The stabilizing device is available for both right and left hand. Size range: up to 16.5 cm in volume wrist - 1, more than 16.5 cm - 2. Price from 3 thousand. 400 rubles.

Fixation ORTEX bus 021 is designed for the period of follow-up care of the damaged wrist joint, finger phalanges. Support for the fingers, palms, forearms made of duralumin and connected strut. For convenience rrtez has straps that secure the arm. It is used in neurosurgery, traumatology, surgery.

Dimensional range:

  • I - 6-8 cm length of the palm;
  • II - 8-10 cm length of the palm.

Orthosis for the right and left arm are sold separately. Price: 3 thousand. 450 rubles.

Medical devices such as splints on wrist joint, combine the knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and engineering. Complementing the main treatment, they bring relief after surgery, injury, sprains. Properly selected bandage effectively performs therapeutic and preventive function, does not cause a person discomfort.

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