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Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, fever, medicine and other tablets Melaritm

FROM desinhroniey biological clock or jet lag faced by virtually all people who often make flights ends up in another time zone while traveling or at work, and in a few hours.

This syndrome is associated with the inability of the human body to readjust to the other time mode instantly. It is believed that this malaise relatively harmless, although very frustrating, especially if after hours of flight to be actively involved in work activities.

The content of the article:

  • 1 What is jet lag?
  • 2 Causes
  • 3 Forms stage
  • 4 symptoms desinhronii
  • 5 Differences from jet lag fatigue
  • 6 To all the harder?
  • 7 Whether health syndrome threatens?
  • 8 How to deal with jet lag?
    • 8.1 Preparation for the trip to distant lands
    • 8.2 What to do during the flight?
    • 8.3 What to do upon arrival?
    • 8.4 adaptation techniques in a different time zone
    • 8.5 Diagnostics
    • 8.6 jet lag treatment
  • 9 preparations
    • 9.1 Tablets
    • 9.2 Eye drops
    • 9.3 Nasal saline
    • 9.4 Can I take stimulants?
  • 10 light therapy
  • 11 Antidzhetlagovye SPA
  • 12 Sport
  • 13 complications desinhronii
  • 14 Videos about disinhronii

What is jet lag?

Movement by air transport from one time zone to another breaks the rhythm of the human organism. This is due to the fact that the long flights cause hormonal disturbances.

Members of flight crews, according to scientific research in saliva cortisol concentration is responsible for morning awakening above normal 3 times.

Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, medicines, tabletsIts high content provokes the development of stomach ulcers and also harms the brain and nerve cells, worsening memory and attention.

Jet lag syndrome - is a natural protective reaction that occurs when changing time zones. In this case, get off vital circadian rhythms (internal body clock), responsible for the alternation of waking and sleeping.

At the intersection, for example, the Atlantic Ocean on the vessel jet lag occurrence is avoided since the body of swimming move gradually adjusted to the other clock beats. When moving the air transport of human body gets stress.

All this causes a malaise, as a result of imbalance there is the work of all internal organs, accompanied by physical and psychological discomfort (insomnia, lethargy, disorder intestine). This condition, though unpleasant, but still temporary.

Gradually, the man is able to enter into a rut and to adjust to the new conditions, but this does not happen immediately, so like syndrome and is called "jet lag", consisting of 2 English words: jet - plane, lag- lag.


Jet lag - a syndrome that is manifested by the failure of the biological clockWhich is produced with a regular alternation of night and day. A man accustomed to live in a certain mode, falling asleep and waking up at certain hours, and feeling the end of the day of knee fatigue and desire to rest.

At the same time a deviation from the mode (or vice versa early rise longer sleep in the day) does not violate human performance as jetlag. However, even in this case, many people woke up earlier than usual, or vice versa slept through a few hours longer complain of fatigue, weakness, nesobrannost.

When abruptly gives time violated the biological clock, and the body is not able to respond quickly to new conditions. This may disturb the process of thermoregulation, strays rest and sleep changes certain hormone production (melatonin, cortisol).

Forms stage

The shape of the distinguished desinhroniyu non-working day and desinhroniyu caused transmeridiannym flight.

Step jet lag allocated depending on the severity of symptoms duration:

  • acute (less than a week);
  • subacute (from a week to 3 months): occurs when the time zone has changed more than once;
  • chronic (more than 3 months): occurs when the time zone is changed by 5 times.

symptoms desinhronii

Jet lag syndrome is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • increased nervous irritability;Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, medicines, tablets
  • increases irritability and fatigue;
  • person becomes apathetic, he does not want anything;
  • significantly decreases reactivity and increases retardation;
  • there is a feeling of being lost in time and space, disorientation;
  • there may be some deterioration of motor coordination;
  • hardly get to concentrate on anything, remember any information;
  • drowsiness, but at the same time often insomnia;
  • migraines, dizziness;
  • frustration of a chair.

Differences from jet lag fatigue

Jet lag syndrome and fatigue is difficult to differentiate because of similar symptoms, but some differences Still available:

jet lag syndrome Fatigue
Fatigue and lack of energy overtake immediately after hours flight, the condition may be worse than the usual fatigue. However, over time symptoms recede and do pass. The normalization process can be accelerated. It occurs when the daily energy loss due to a busy schedule, has a cumulative effect. Increases gradually and over time increases.

To all the harder?

Transfer flight with minimal impact easier for people who are in good physical shape and not having serious chronic diseases, heart problems, high blood pressure.

This does not mean that the unpleasant symptoms accompanying desinhroniyu always avoid them, a healthy and strong body to adapt quickly and easily cope with the changed conditions.Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, medicines, tablets

The most vulnerable categories of the population such as:

  • pregnant women - exposure to frequent sleepiness and fatigue increases with flights due to the special condition;
  • elderly people - very sensitive to changes in sleep cyclicity;
  • Small children - also because of the downed rhythm of life for a long time can not get into a rut, often moody, restless;
  • people suffering from hyper- and hypotension.

Jet lag syndrome and exacerbated by factors such as:

  • the intersection of a large number of time zones - it takes a long time to recuperate, by an average of 1 hour - 1-2 days;
  • journey into the eastern hemisphere of the earth - you have to go to bed earlier, and it is very unusual for many people.

Studies have shown that women are more difficult to cope with the change of time zones, due to the peculiarities of female physiology and hormonal levels.

In general, the time required to normalize the state depends on the individual circumstances. Some may recover per day, for others it will take a couple of days. Also, there are people, it has no effect on which the change of time zones.

Whether health syndrome threatens?

Desinhroniya is not a disease, and rarely becomes chronic.

Experts do not consider this state is inherently hazardous, life-threatening and health. However, it should be attentive to your body during the flight and after him, take steps to minimize the symptoms to unpleasant manifestations have not acquired a protracted character.

How to deal with jet lag?

There is no guarantee that such a state does not manifest itself after many hours of flight, but to take measures to alleviate the symptoms can be. Logistically well-built trip when the flight takes less than 1 day, reduce the risk of jet lag syndrome.Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, medicines, tablets

However, it is not always easy to plan a route so as to minimize the time spent in flight. Therefore, it is important to take preventative measures before your trip, as well as during and after to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of manifestation.

Preparation for the trip to distant lands

Experts recommend to prepare for the flights in advance, especially if you have to change time zones:

  • It should be the best you can get some sleep. However, prolonged sleep more than 10 hours will not benefit as a consequence of such a long rest is weakness;
  • conduct discharge day in terms of nutrition. It is recommended to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, meat diet, drink plenty of water;
  • have a clear plan of action after the flight, especially if it is a working visit, suggesting a lot of meetings to solve business problems. Schedule to be built in such a way that it is time to sleep and rest immediately after the flight.

What to do during the flight?

Mitigate the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms desinhronii help such tricks during the flight itself:

  • must change position often, move your arms and legs, walk around the cabin (when allowed). It will help to cope with the changing pressure at high altitude and avoid stagnation of blood;
  • preferably clean drinking water and to avoid products containing alcohol;
  • under your head can take a small orthopedic pillow, especially those who suffer from the deposition of salts, and pain in the cervical region;
  • should be selected loose and does not restrict movement clothes to during the flight was comfortable;
  • to create a cozy familiar environment can be taken with a soft blanket, a warm sweater and socks. This will help to relax and possibly fall asleep;
  • if you can not sleep, you can take a mild sedative, but not a sleeping pill;
  • you should not overeat, eat better fruits and vegetables, snacks.

What to do upon arrival?

After landing, you can afford to use a few more calories, including food rich in carbohydrates. In this case all the received energy will be spent on the restoration of the lost power.

It will be useful to stay in the open air: it will improve blood flow and will contribute to the rapid acclimatization. It is time to think of new categories of time zone, it helps the body to quickly come to terms with the change of time zone.Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, medicines, tablets

It is not recommended to drink coffee, energy - it can enhance the excitability of nerve. The menu should be fish, fresh foods (greens, fruits, vegetables), milk products. If possible, you should immediately upon arrival to rest and how to sleep.

adaptation techniques in a different time zone

There are many tips to smooth the display desinhronii:

  • leave everything as it is - this advice is suitable for short 2-3 day visit and there is no need to adapt to someone else's schedule. In this case, the body will be more comfortable to live according to the usual rhythm. This will help avoid re-adjustment when they return home. This method is suitable only in cases where the time difference is not more than 2-3 hours;
  • try to immediately tune into a new night - to endure a period when you want to sleep and go to the night's sleep the new time, but not too late (within 10-11 hours);
  • for 1.5-2 hours before bedtime to give up the activity of both physical and mental;
  • use light therapy, especially if compared to the previous seat of the sunlight is less;
  • apply the usual rituals, adjusts to the proper rest - nice linens, well-ventilated room, no noise and bright light;
  • If you have trouble sleeping, you can use a mask and earplugs for sleeping;
  • If even after resting sunlight unusual time oppresses, you should use sunglasses.


For statement of diagnosis of DS studying patient's complaints:

  • Is sleep disturbed;Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, medicines, tablets
  • whether there is a violation of appetite and work in the gastrointestinal system as a whole;
  • Whether developing nocturia (the need to frequently visit the restroom during the night);
  • reduced if the usual daily activity;
  • how long the symptoms are similar.

The diagnosis of "jet lag" is made by analyzing the patient's clinical history and examination of polysomnography (sleep studies using sensors).

jet lag treatment

there is no consensus among medical and scientific researchers on how to deal with the syndrome flights. At various periods have been developed experimental methods for treating this condition, but nothing really worked at 100% to create and failed. Some doctors are inclined to believe that the state does not require any drug treatment, and runs itself.

However, today modern medicine can offer to relieve unpleasant symptoms accompanying the jet lag:

  • pharmaceutical medicines - receiving neurohormone melatonin, hypnotics, stimulants. Preparations containing melatonin, adjusting the internal circadian rhythms and have sedative effects. Hypnotics and stimulants help to maintain the activity throughout the day;
  • systematization regime of rest and wakefulness;
  • light corrective therapy.

According to available studies after 2-3 days upon arrival in another time zone, jet lag symptoms in a certain number of people are on their own, without any treatment. However, in some cases, this process may be delayed for 7-8 days, which significantly reduces the quality of life, and requires taking medication.


Jet lag syndrome in a number of cases successfully to stop using:

  • tablets (Melaritm);
  • special nasal sprays;
  • stimulants.


To mitigate the symptoms associated with impaired circadian rhythms used means containing melatonin:

  • Tsirkadin;
  • Melara;
  • melaxen;Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, medicines, tablets
  • Melaritm;
  • Sonnovan.

A surge of this hormone in the brain signals the body that it's time to go to sleep. Additional dosage of this hormone during flights can help normalize biorhythms and quickly enter the state when the body is ready for bed. These drugs are taken for 1-2 hours before the bedtime in the new location.

Some experts recommend to start accepting melatoninsoderzhaschih preparations in advance for a few hours or days before the expected flight. However, to take melatonin for a long time without consulting a physician is prohibited.

Eye drops

Research carried out by scientists in 2017, helped to identify a special hormone produced by cells of the eye - vasopressin, which when released into the brain helps to stabilize the biological rhythms. Therefore, it is possible that in the near future to replace the drugs come eye drops to help cope with desinhroniey.

Nasal saline

When cleaning the nasopharynx of dust, germs and its irrigation is growing stronger as the entire immune system, which positively It affects the overall health and helps to quickly get rid of the unpleasant symptoms accompanying flights.

Can I take stimulants?

To receive stimulants should be treated with extreme caution. The world's leading organizations in the US and European countries on product quality supervision deny data developers of such products on their effectiveness in combating jet lag.

These drugs increase alertness, but do not remove the discomfort and cause a number of side effects and addictive.Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, medicines, tablets

However, some people take these drugs (Modafinil, Armodafinil) without consulting a doctor, it can be very dangerous, as these funds are used to treat a very serious condition and deviations (schizophrenia, narcolepsy).

light therapy

When you change time zones to accelerate the adaptation of circadian rhythms it is recommended purposeful exposure to bright light in the optimum time for this day. On the way to the east further stimulating lighting used in the mornings. On the way to the west - in the evening.

However, sometimes for an early addiction can be a useful constraint light eye irritation. So after dawn, many feel better if avoiding natural and artificial light, on the way to the east, and a few hours before sunset - when moving to the west.

This "self-control" from the light protects your eyes from light stimulation, inhibits the production of certain hormones and helps to adapt smoothly. If it is impossible to apply these guidelines may become an alternative to wearing sunglasses.

Antidzhetlagovye SPA

Some spas offer services aimed at eliminating jet lag syndrome:

  • massages;
  • LED-therapy (light exposure);
  • floatation chamber depriviatsii (isolates the person from any sensation, dipping weightless state).Jet lag what it is, how to fight, prevent syndrome, medicines, tablets

These services will not bring harm, help relieve fatigue and relax, but to reconfigure the internal clock they can not afford. They can be considered as an adjunctive therapy in complex treatment of jet lag.


Intense pressure of flying better minimized. You can practice yoga, jogs burdensome. After the flight is also not recommended to give the muscles a strong load. It is better to walk in the fresh air and do simple exercises. When jet lag symptoms will be less severe, you can visit the swimming pool or make a short jog.

complications desinhronii

Some people may experience such effects desinhronii as:

  • side effects of stimulants (coffee, alcohol, energy, drugs) - anxiety, difficulty concentrating, insomnia;
  • subjective distress (depletion of adaptive capacity);
  • exacerbation of mental illness and somatic diseases (existing chronic diseases).

It is impossible to predict how much will be expressed symptoms of jet lag syndrome in each case. This state has the ability to pass a few days later. To ease symptoms and speed up this process should advance to prepare for the flight, and to follow the the reactions of the organism, so that, if necessary, to take measures to mitigate unwanted manifestations.

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