What to do if laid ear at home

But, if you think about it, it all depends on the cause of this congestion.

Reasons for concern

Ears can lay for several reasons:

  • chronic, purulent or acute inflammation of the middle ear (otitis);
  • inflammatory processes in the eustachian, auditory tube (eustachitis), as a result of antritis, rhinitis and other respiratory diseases;
  • vascular diseases accompanied by differences in blood pressure (hypotension, hypertension);
  • penetration of water into the open canals of the outer ear;
  • lack of hygiene of the ear canal;
  • circulatory disorders of the inner ear, which leads to deterioration of the nutrition of the auditory nerve.

Symptoms of congestion in the ears

Consider the symptoms of congestion in the ears, in accordance with the comorbidities:

  • otitis media - (purulent discharge, headache, ear pain, body temperature rise);
  • turbootitis, eustachitis - (swallowing saliva causes ear pain, hearing impairment, noise in the ears);
  • vascular diseases - (irregular, rapid heartbeat, a sharp change in body position, simultaneous congestion of both ears);
  • malfunction of the auditory nerve - progressive gradual deterioration of hearing.

Separately, you can say about turbootite pregnant.

This unpleasant condition develops in pregnant women amid hormonal, natural processes.

Treatment of ear congestion

As we have said: the treatment of ear congestion is carried out, in accordance with the reasons that caused this condition. 291a

Due to the fact that the cause of the disease state may be various and diverse factors, first of all, a detailed and accurate diagnosis is necessary.

An otolaryngologist, after conducting appropriate diagnostic procedures and examining the history, will determine the need for consultations of some other specialists of specialized medical specialists (neuropathologist, cardiologist and others).

Remember that only an otolaryngologist can prescribe medication for ear congestion!

Treatment of ear congestion of infectious or inflammatory origin is carried out in accordance with the following scheme:

  • drainage of the middle ear;
  • removal of organic obstacles (water, sulfur plugs, purulent formations);
  • treatment of the ear and nasopharynx with antiseptic and antibacterial solution;
  • sometimes used vasoconstrictor m corticosteroids;
  • taking symptomatic drugs (anti-inflammatory, painkillers, antipyretic).

It is important that medication be administered under the supervision of the attending physician, otherwise the spread of infection to brain tissue and complete loss of hearing (deafness) is possible.

In case of hearing loss as a result of neurological or cardiovascular disorders, the appropriate treatment is prescribed by narrow specialists:

  • a neurologist or a cardiologist.

Sulfur is extracted from the auditory canal rather quickly and painlessly, on an outpatient basis and using special drainage devices.

Physiotherapy treatment of ear congestion helps to reduce the time of therapy and the recovery period:

  • electrophoresis;
  • pneumomassage;
  • UFO;
  • UHF

What to do if the ear is laid in the home

Self-treatment at home consists of two main parts:292a

  • at normal body temperature;
  • with increased.

All manipulations with the auricle should be carried out with extreme caution.

 At normal body temperature, your procedure will be as follows:

  • clean the auditory canal with a cotton swab;
  • from the cocktail tubule, make a small Vatnub turundochka;
  • soak it in saline (one glass of pure (boiled) water + one tsp of salt);
  • squeeze out excess solution;
  • gently insert the turunda into the auditory canal;
  • wrap a sore ear with a warm cloth (a bag of salt);
  • wait, lying on its side, for about an hour and a half (the ear should be laid from the bottom).

At elevated body temperature, proceed as follows:

  • drink antipyretic drops (take pills);
  • DO NOT clean the ear pledged (do not use alcohol or warming compresses;
  • use iodine-saline solution (a glass of boiled oxen + table salt (one tsp) + two or three drops of iodine);
  • rinse with this solution;
  • in case of severe earache, call emergency room immediately.

Please note that home treatment of ear congestion is an extreme measure that cannot replace a full-fledged, qualified help of a doctor.

Take care of yourself.

Be healthy!

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