Bursitis of the shoulder joint: symptoms, treatment at home

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Bursitis of the shoulder joint is an inflammation of the bursa, which can occur acutely or chronically. The main feature is the excessive production of synovial fluid which accumulates in the bursa, forming pronounced swelling and joint swelling, an increase in its size.

Shoulder bursitis strongly influences the motor activity of the shoulder and the possibility to make their motor manipulation, as with bursitis time can lead to more serious diseases such as arthrosis or arthritis by destroying the joint and leading to disability.

What it is?

Bursitis of the shoulder joint - the inflammatory process, which is localized in the outer joint capsule that surrounds the joint articular shoulder. Bag in only one joint, but it has a relatively appendages deltoid, supraspinatus muscle and the coracoid.

Causes of

Inflammation of any of the synovial membranes of the shoulder joint can be either aseptic or infectious in nature. The most common causes of the disease are:

  1. Gout.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. Secondary arthropathy in various lesions of organs and systems.
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  5. Injuries or constant Microfracture (bruises, dislocations, sprains, ligament tears).
  6. Significant physical activity, leading to strain on the tendon and ligaments.
  7. Acute or chronic infection (staph, strep, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea).

In most cases a purulent bursitis of the shoulder joint causes staph infection.


Depending on the cause of disease, can be serous, hemorrhagic or purulent its shape:

serous usually accompanied by systemic arthritis (rheumatic, gouty, psoaritichesky, allergic). Synovium thus can be sterile and transparent.
hemorrhagic It happens at a trauma that causes bleeding into the joint. The synovial fluid is visible in the form of blood clots, it is reddish-brown color.
purulent observed in infectious arthritis and the presence of purulent focus. Analysis of joint fluid shows the presence of microorganisms, and synovium itself dirty with muddy hlopkovidnymi inclusions.

Symptoms of bursitis is very reminiscent of arthritis of the shoulder joint.

Symptoms and photo shoulder bursitis

Manifestations of bursitis of the shoulder joint are as follows:

  • pain, inflammation palpable. Particularly acute is felt when stretching or kneading in the implementation of any training exercises;
  • swelling in the joint - at the initial stage, it is not a problem, because the ability to move is not limited, as there is not any pain in the joints;
  • redness of the skin and increase the temperature of the joint area only;
  • PRM volume, which is accompanied by sharp painful sensations, there may be no pain.

In protracted cases appears:

  • high temperature - up to 38 degrees;
  • pain become strong and pulsating;
  • purulent processes - in this embodiment developments begin to manifest symptoms, evidence of intoxication - fever, migraine and increase temperature to 39-40 degrees. Without proper treatment, there is a possibility of formation of purulent arthritis type.

The photo below shows how the disease manifests itself in humans.


The skilled artisan is able to correctly diagnose based solely on visual inspection and the presence of specific symptoms. A distinctive feature of bursitis arthritis is to keep the motor function of the joint.

Additionally performed puncture of the joint capsule. It is necessary for the study of pathogenic microorganisms in its composition (streptococci, gonococci, and spirochetes et al.), which allows you to choose the right medicines and to develop a treatment regimen of bursitis of the shoulder joint. If doctors have doubts, then use X-rays to diagnose.


The goal of treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint is to reduce the symptoms of pain and swelling and restoring movement in the shoulder in volume prior to disease.

  1. The affected joint should be immobilized tight bandage and plaster, if necessary.
  2. All loads in the acute phase should be deleted.
  3. In case of emergency (in hemorrhagic or purulent bursitis) may conduct puncture removing exudate.
  4. The analgesic therapy is carried out by means of conventional NSAIDs (diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, etc.), or analogues used orally, by injection or topical treatments (ointments or gels containing above NSAIDs).
  5. Acute bursitis of the shoulder joint purulent character requires a broader therapy with antibiotics and corticosteroids connecting intra-articular injections.
  6. Selection of antibiotics should ideally be installed with the help of bacteriological analysis of the synovium.

Physiotherapy bursitis is conducted only after the disappearance of swelling, relieving pain and cessation of purulent process.


When purulent bursitis should be done puncture. If this method did not show the expected results to be removed the pus formed by means of the intervention of the surgeon.

After this treatment the wound formed by the standard methods. Analyzing the results of the operation, in some cases, the attending doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics. In particularly severe forms of the disease requires the same administration sulfanilamide means.

Surgery involves the implementation of the following methods:

  1. Autopsy hearth disease and subsequent plugging of the wound.
  2. Clipping portion bursitnoy bag with a view to its purification from excess fluid and formed by the introduction of the treating means to accelerate healing.
  3. Removing the bag and wound antiseptic treatment.
  4. Complete removal of bags formed therein inflammation without opening it.

Speedy recovery of the patient favorably affects the use of UHF or attachment to the forearm dry heat. After treatment of the inflammatory process expert can be appointed a massage.

How to treat bursitis shoulder at home

Pain of low intensity can be removed by simple folk remedies:

  1. Freshly picked lilac leaves applied to the sick area and bandage. Make sure that to the limb is at rest.
  2. It helps compress of propolis tincture. The infusion is prepared with vodka (the ratio of one to ten) for five days.
  3. Take 200 grams of honey was added 100 ml of juice squeezed from aloe, were mixed with 300 ml of alcohol. All ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mass which is then applied to the damaged area, a bandage is fixed and insulated. Compress hold on the joint for 60 minutes, the procedure is carried out twice a day. The duration of treatment is two weeks.
  4. Slightly chipped cabbage leaf is applied to the affected area from above and insulated woolen scarf or a scarf. The compress should be changed after four hours during the day, duration of treatment up to a week. Good help and fresh potatoes.
  5. Showing soothing, warm bath with pine extract, hay. Useful in daily self-massage (15 minutes twice a day) in order to relax the muscles in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčedema. Massage can be performed with lavender or pine oil. After the procedure, be sure to wrap the affected joint with warm cloth.
  6. A simple and effective tool - saline compresses. In 500 ml of a boiling water diluted with a large spoonful of common salt. In the resulting composition is moistened gauze and put it on the affected joint to eight hours. Then apply a fresh compress. The duration of treatment is 14 days.

If there are significant changes, severe pain, and inflammation of the extremely long flowing it is recommended not to self-medicate, and as soon as possible to see a doctor in order to avoid the development of complications. In the absence of proper treatment, the disease can progress and lead to significant movement disorders by the shoulder joint.


Having dealt with how and what we treat bursitis, move on to the least important issue - a timely and proper prevention of the disease.

Among the main prevention measures in this case, special attention should be paid to:

  • mandatory treatment antiseptic even minor damage;
  • to minimize permanent injury bursa;
  • Obligatory use of special protective bandages during exercise;
  • timely treatment of various infectious diseases.

The joints of the human body is a complicated mechanism, and any damage of their constituents can cause serious trouble in the future. With timely treatment to doctors, most patients fully recover from bursitis with conservative methods, especially in the early stages of the disease. After all, the success of therapy in this case depends on the timing of its use.

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