Genital warts in women: photo, treatment, prevention

Genital condylomas are not more than a bodily outgrowths or warts, which are usually formed in a zone external genitals and anus. Warts is an inflammatory disease that often develops in women.

The culprit is the infamous human papilloma virus. When the warts, their vigorous growth and spread can not hesitate, you should consult a specialist, because the disease can become the initiator of cervical cancer in the future.

What it is?

Warts - a pathological proliferation of the mucous membranes of the genital organs or the skin, characterized by the appearance of flesh-colored growths. In form growths similar to scallops, there are broad or flat.

Warts caused by the human papilloma virus, which is found in 70% of the population. The virus may be a long time in the body, not manifesting itself clinically, and only as a result of the impact of predisposing factors - activated.

Causes of

Infection does not always require direct contact. In a study of sex partners the virus is found in both. Papillomavirus is benign, under favorable conditions able to regenerate into a malignant tumor. This is the reason for the mandatory removal of outgrowths on the skin, regardless of their location and size. Genital warts in women formed more often than men.

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Causes of occurrence:

  • lowered immunity;
  • recurrent candidiasis;
  • inflammation of the genitourinary system;
  • intercourse without protection.

At risk women older than 25 years without a steady partner, sexually active. After infection will take place a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 9, when the first symptoms. Sometimes latent period lasts for years, the virus does not manifest itself.

Genital warts - signs and photos

In the females, genital warts (see. pictures) are generally formed around the clitoris, the anus, the entrance to the urethra in the mucosa of small and large labia. Sometimes this kind of warts in women is localized to the walls of the vagina or urethra, as well as on the skin groins, thighs and buttocks.

The incubation period, ie the time from infection to onset of the first manifestations different from a few months to several years, depending on the state of the immune system body. The earliest symptoms of genital warts - is the emergence of small, a few millimeters in typical formations anogenital areas.

Once his defenses weakened, the HPV activated "perforate" the surface layer of the epithelium - the epidermis and extends outwardly in the form of warts.


Genital warts are diagnosed quite simply because they can be well seen in the usual way. Flat warts are diagnosed as complicated. Therefore, when lesions of warts anus and genital performed thorough examination of the cervix and the adjacent region using additional techniques. In particular carried warts differentiation from other tumors on cervix smears taken for analysis of the urethra, and cervix.

PCR diagnostics performed in order to determine the type of virus and its quantitative composition, investigated tissue cells warts for cancer cells, the titer of antibodies to the virus human papillomavirus. Besides the patient being examined for the presence of HIV and other diseases transmitted through sexual contact (STDs).

When should you see a doctor?

Penetration papilloma virus in the human body may not appear clinically for a long time, but its activation and formation of warts in severe cases can lead to cancer neoplasms. It is very important when detecting at the symptoms of the disease immediately seek medical attention. In addition, a gynecologist should apply to the case, if a woman has had unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner who has warts of the penis.

Modern treatment specialist can help prevent the development of complications and the formation of warts on the skin and mucous membranes of the genitals.

Treatment of genital warts in women

To combat the pathology is used as a conservative medical therapy and surgical methods of treatment.

Get rid of HPV circulating in the blood of a patient, fundamentally impossible. Treatment of warts in women pursuing a cosmetic goal, that is to give an aesthetic appearance. Besides radical removal methods formations in therapy include antiviral drugs followed, that inhibit the activity of HPV, and then assigned to drugs that stimulate immunity. Do not neglect and non-specific techniques to enhance the body's defenses (normalization of the daily routine and diet, vitamin complexes, the fight against chronic foci of infection).

Among the surgical methods of treatment of warts, the following methods are most in demand:

  1. Laser destruction. In this method effects the removal of warts produced using a surgical laser. Under the influence of laser skin tissue outgrowth destroyed. In place of condyloma is formed a small wound, coated crust. After a short time under it restores healthy tissue. safe and painless method, but expensive as specialized equipment used for the operation.
  2. Thermocoagulation. This method of treatment of warts and epithelial growths in women is burning tumors using a special tool. During this procedure the woman do a local anesthetic, as the method is quite painful. It is important that thermocoagulation spent only highly skilled gynecologist, as the slightest grazing unit areas of healthy tissue leads to the formation of deep scars.
  3. Chemical destruction. The essence of this method consists in that the influence on warts such drugs which are capable of destroying neoplastic tissue. These drugs are very effective, most of them contain in their composition of nitric acid. Even when you delete multiple and overgrown warts it is enough only two or three treatments to get rid of them completely. After tissue procedures quickly heal, scarring of the skin does not remain. In case of accidental contact with the drug on healthy tissues, these drugs do not cause any harm. very inexpensive and fairly reliable, efficient and secure.
  4. Radiosurgical method. This method of treatment of warts as well as the previous procedure is very costly. The method is characterized by the direction of radio wave surgery on the affected area of ​​the beam of high frequency waves, by which the held section of tissue and removal of warts with its foot. The operation is very gentle and leaves no residue on the skin after.
  5. Cryodestruction. With this method, cauterize warts with liquid nitrogen. Under the influence of low temperatures and frozen tissue formations are eliminated, it remains clean skin in their place. This method is considered to be one of the most inexpensive to the meeting do not need special equipment or expensive drugs. At the same time, the method is not secure, it requires great care and medical expertise, since in contact with skin causes liquid nitrogen burn healthy tissue.

In those cases where condyloma is in the urethra and is less than 1 cm from the external opening, then it can be removed only by means urethroscope. Using the device, the doctor examines the channel throughout the warts and handles special drug that destroys it.

pharmacy agents

For the treatment of genital warts can be used for drugs necrotic tissue formation, but they should not be acidic. Suitable tools such as Kondilayn, Kondilin. The drug is applied exactly on the warts. Removing so dangerous enough - it is difficult to put the drug without affecting healthy parts. Lubricate acute warts morning and evening for 3 days, then make a 4-hdnevny break. If education does not fall off, then treatment should be continued.

Despite the fact that the treatment is carried out at home and on their own, before treat genital warts and after the procedure the patient should be examined by a doctor. During the possible unpleasant side effects include pain, burning, and redness. Also, there are contraindications - pregnancy genital warts can not be removed by this method, and those who are planning to conceive should postpone pregnancy for six months.

The local treatments include injections of interferon, which is injected into the area of ​​genital warts. However, experts do not recommend using this method, because its effectiveness is controversial, and the presence of side effects is great.

Folk remedies

Treat genital warts can not only traditional methods, but also popular, but only after the permit physician. Below we consider the main methods of treatment.

  1. Eggs - you will need chicken. In order to carry out the treatment is not necessary to take the whole egg, you need only protein. Break the egg and remove the yolk, then cook bintik. Lightly moisten it into a protein, then attach to the affected places and top fix band-aid. Use such gadgets can be three times a day, each time not more than 10 minutes. The duration of treatment depends on how quickly disappear education.
  2. Celandine - for the treatment of this plant, you will need only the juice. Get it difficult, because immediately after cutting the plants out of it protrudes juice. They must be carefully cauterize the warts several times a day. Try to medicine gets only to the affected area. Use celandine until until you see that the growths are gone.
  3. Iodine - is the most popular method of treatment. Lubricate the affected area up to five times a day, but it should be done carefully, in order to healthy skin areas were not affected. Apply one drug layer, and then wait until it is dry, and apply a second. The course of treatment lasts for as long as the problem does not disappear completely.

Regarding the use of public money, then they can be used only if the growths affect sex organs on the outside, after all agree to make a lotion to the cervix uncomfortable and dangerous.

Prevention of genital warts

In order to protect themselves from getting hold of a number of measures:

  • avoid stress;
  • complete diet;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • proper rest;
  • Spa treatment;
  • beware of hypothermia and overheating;
  • adequate sleep;
  • hygiene of sexual life (one partner);
  • Obligatory visits to the doctor for any changes in health;
  • not to self-medicate, only after examination of the gynecologist decide on the further action plan;
  • physiotherapy, tempering, massage.

Subject to the measures and the treatment of the patient lead a normal life. This does not negate the good hygiene and protection partner from infection.

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