Aerophobia as easy to get rid of the fear of flying on an airplane?

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Aerophobia a fear of flying or other aerial vehicles. This phobia can be associated with numerous other phobias, but may be present on their own. Fear of flying, according to various estimates, affects one in three people, but a full-blown phobia occurs much less frequently.

Flight delays that are often encountered in popular destinations, can significantly enhance the fear of flying. No matter grow or not your fear of flying in a phobia, it is in any case has a devastating impact on quality of life.

What it is?

Aerophobia - is the fear of moving on all types of aircraft. Considered variety uncontrolled fear may be a separate phobia either a manifestation of other phobias, such as fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) or heights fear (Acrophobia).

Why there aerophobia?

Each person has a history of dislike for flying. Although many of the question: "Why do not you fly?" And the answer is nothing, because they will not be able to articulate the reason for his fear. Nevertheless, all aerophobia there are some common reasons due to which they have closed themselves to the sky:

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  1. The man had no personal negative experience of flying, but he heard about the disaster, or too much watching movies on relevant topics, or does not pass any negative news;
  2. The memory of the psychological trauma in similar circumstances: for example, people once was flying the plane, but the flight for any reason was given to him easy, perhaps, the car got into a zone of turbulence or made an unsuccessful landing - all of this is deposited in the impressionable minds of passengers on long time;
  3. A person in flight interfere with other phobias - fear of height or death, claustrophobia or turbulence;
  4. Infected by fear from others: a moment ago there were no signs of psychological discomfort, but one look at his neighbor through the cabin, which is clearly nervous, do not allow passengers to climb into the sky.

If you understand the causes of fear, then you can figure out how to get rid of aerophobia to eliminate from his life all its unpleasant symptoms.


In most cases, people do not immediately realize that tend to experience fear of flying. Initially, he was diagnosed at an easy anxiety debited to stress, fatigue, new experiences, etc.

Over time, the symptoms become more and more, people always takes with him on a journey sedative. If the disease is aggravated - it is necessary to prescribe treatment that combines medication and work with a psychologist.

People exposed to the disease, says:

  • growing pain in the heart;
  • nausea, stomach cramps;
  • increase in heart rate;
  • Strong headache;
  • pallor (or sharp opposite the blood flow to the face);
  • uncontrollable shaking of hands and feet, cramps;
  • a strong lack of energy, fatigue;
  • nervousness, irritability.

Scientists have found that some people are predisposed to the appearance of this phobia. Most often it affects people who have suffered some kind of mental illness, severe stress, depression, disorders. Fear is often experienced by people with an exuberant imagination, easy-suggestible and impressionable types. In many cases, the disease is a harbinger of claustrophobia. Important role in this played by genetics, living conditions, educational attainment, and a variety of social factors.


There is no laboratory or instrumental methods of diagnosis aerophobia. Diagnosis is based on the patient's complaints and talk with a psychologist or psychiatrist. During the consultation, the expert attempts to establish the causes of fear that will pick up an effective therapy. It is important to differentiate from other aerophobia fears (claustrophobia, vertigo, fear of death, turbulence), and held their parallel treatment in identifying related phobias.

If during the diagnosis of the person identified diseases of the cardiovascular system, autonomic disorder, or problems with the vestibular apparatus, it is sent for consultation to a neurologist and cardiologist.

How to overcome aerophobia?

Most cases aerophobia passes quickly, without resorting to medication. If an anxiety disorder lasts more than six months, and the fear of flying does not weaken, despite these efforts, it is necessary to seek help from a therapist. Should get professional advice if:

  1. Aerophobia causes a constant, intense, disturbing capacity fear, which goes with the approach of the time of the event (the flight) in a panic;
  2. One realizes that the fear of the plane excessive, unjustified, selective, and is superior in frequency and intensity adequate excitement;
  3. Personality begins to consciously avoid flying in an airplane, always trying to find and use an alternative, but it is often ineffective in time, way to travel.

To date, there are many effective techniques you can use to quickly get rid of aerophobia. It has been used successfully in the treatment of anxiety disorders following.

Almost any practical direction of psychology is actively working with phobias. phobia adjusted quickly enough within:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • emotional image therapy;
  • hypnosuggestive therapy (with the proviso that no phobia "second bed");
  • Rogerian therapy.

How is the treatment?

Not normally required the appointment of anxiolytic drugs. For the treatment of fear of the aircraft sufficiently conversation with the doctor, explaining the actual nature physiological symptoms and drawing up individual programs to overcome / correct / disposal of Fear of Flying.

Doctor task: to give an accurate logical explanation occurring somatic symptoms associated with a phobia. For example, the patient must understand that heart palpitations - not a sign of cardiovascular disease, but the result of an exaggerated response to the stressor. It is necessary to aerophobia completely got rid of the uncertainty and lack of clarity of what is happening with him and have a clear plan for reducing anxiety.

About improvised means

How to cope with aerophobia as part of treatment - we are told, now let's see what you can do yourself. First, let's acknowledge that there are situations in life in which we are powerless. Therefore, the experience of the disaster, sitting in a plane at an altitude of 10 km - just senseless, after all, you're not a pilot?

To deal with the disorder and can be a simple discussion of their fear: our mentality is such that verbalized (expressing) the fears we conditionally share them with someone and thereby reduces the level of stress. And finally, do not get carried away watching documentaries about disasters and then you do not have to think about what is the fear of flight and how to get rid of it.

What happens if not treated?

At its extreme aerophobia dangerous to humans. The mental state of each flight has become increasingly unstable, a person begins to feel increasingly panicky state, even when it is on the ground.

He was haunted by nightmares in which the aircraft is down, killing all passengers on board. As a consequence - it may be insomnia, the patient becomes nervous, irritable, it ceases to do everyday duties. Spoil relations with loved ones, have problems at work. Holidays are the same type, within the railway or road transport. In terms of health - the picture looks no better. Phobic often have problems with the cardiovascular system. They are most often exposed to stroke and heart attack and is undergoing treatment at the neurologist.

If a person suffering a panic fear of flying, you still have to use this mode of transport, and does not recognize the pill - the only way to relieve the anxiety becomes alcohol. Frequent use can lead to alcoholism, which treatment is rarely effective, if not eliminate the cause. That is why alcoholics among high percentage of people suffering from different kinds of fears.

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