Mikozan of nail fungus: reviews, instructions, prices

Mikozan (Mycosan) - antifungal serum that promises to get rid of nail fungus, not only in the short term, but with a minimum of action. Moreover, the principle is similar deposition lacquers Lotseril, Batrafen or any other antifungal varnish. In other words, Mikozan completely invisible - your nails will not be highlighted in color or somehow differently during health cures. But for the most important thing is to nail treated, because of the fungus on the hands and feet is not easy to get rid of even the seemingly more powerful tools.

If you believe the reviews on the Internet, this lacquer solution is almost the best of the best. Virtually every article of the fungus is the person who writes that helped him exactly antifungal Mikozan. Let's look in more detail what kind of set Mikozan and when to expect results.

Release form and composition of the drug

Ease Mikozan drug lies in its features set. In one package you can find the very ointment that will be used for the treatment of fungus. Means located in the small tube is 5 ml, equipped with a brush. In the configuration are disposable brush - 10, instructions for use and even diary, which greatly simplifies the treatment.

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As part Mikozana contains the following active ingredients:

  • Rye extract enzymes - has high antifungal activity;
  • pentylene - enhances the action of enzymes;
  • hydroxyethylcellulose - polymeric thickener;
  • dimethylisosorbide - chemical that enhances the permeability of nutrients through the keratinized cell layers;
  • water.

Blog ensures consistency in the treatment process, ie protects against forgetfulness and by crossing procedures. It provides the ability to create templates for tracking small changes in surface area covered with the yield treatment. using nail files are complete, you can quickly and easily prepare your nails for use of the drug.

Pharmacological effects

Mikozan - is an antifungal agent that is designed for outdoor use. When applied to the affected nail, the drug forms a special film, penetrating the deepest layers of the nail, the nail increases the density plates, reduces its porosity and forms a protection against the negative impact of any species of fungi, creating conditions for their elimination.

Mikozan negative effect on the lipid membrane of fungi, causing their further destruction. Effect of the drug prevents their further growth and multiplication of the entire nail plate, restoring their natural growth.


  • Individual hypersensitivity;
  • age barrier - anniversary to 4;
  • child bearing.

Side effects

Rarely observed skin reactions such as rashes and itching.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use Mikozana required before applying the lacquer completely clear nail from the patient Decorative paint and residues of ointment, cream, or another antifungal agent, if any, available.

This is followed by a few steps:

  1. Disposable mop up the affected nail sawing station.
  2. Apply serum using the applicator a uniform layer.
  3. Wait for 2 - 3 minutes until dry means.
  4. Repeat manipulation at the end of the day.

The recommended duration of treatment of onychomycosis Mikozanom - 4 weeks. However, hope for a quick recovery of the nails too is not necessary, as the average for 1 month plate grows by 3 mm. Thus, depending on the size of the nail and the degree of destruction of its complete replacement can occur for 3 - 9 months. Also, serum is used for preventing the spread of a fungus to adjacent intact nails.

To keep track of the therapeutic effect of the manufacturer issued a special template that allows you to store the measurement results in the diary and see the progress. Fix the area of ​​the affected area is recommended 1 time per month. The template is packaged with serum. If you want to strengthen the layer, or brittle nails, Mikozan used only 1 time per day.

Additional recommendations for the treatment of nail fungus Mikozanom:

  1. Thoroughly dry the interdigital space.
  2. Do not remove the cuticles.
  3. Better hygiene of the hands and feet.
  4. Wear shoes appropriate size (shoes must be neither free nor close).
  5. Regularly moisten the skin extremities, not allowing to warm weather the skin loses moisture quickly.
  6. Unlearning the habit of gnawing or biting their nails when nervous.
  7. Buy shoes made of natural materials.
  8. At the time of the treatment reserved by a sufficient number of socks made of cotton.
  9. Trim fingernails with a small rounded tip.
  10. In public places with high humidity, wear flip-flops, brought from home. They protect the foot from injury and disease-causing infections.

In the treatment of onychomycosis Mikozan used only externally. Use one tube of serum several sick prohibited in order to avoid cross-contamination. In multiple lesions of nail fungus for filing of each plate is necessary to take a new nail file.


Many patients before applying the antifungal agent prefer to carefully study the reviews about it. Mikozan from nail fungus reviews collected on the network for the most part positive only, and here are some of them.

  1. Nothing I can do to bring the fungus in the nails. Dermatologists and designated tablets Mikozan as an external agent to enhance the effects. Previously tried couple of other antifungal agents include, with the same method of application i.e. in the form of varnish, but they had a different composition, and the effect is weak. On their background Mikozan liked namnogobolshe. Possible and tablets have played a role, but the defeat was much smaller. Now and sandals are not ashamed to wear.
  2. In August, 2016 I noticed a fungus on the big toes of both feet. Tried on the advice of a dermatologist to treat: alkaline bath (soap and salt 1: 1 tablespoon cream and potassium iodine for 2 months of no results. True, these alkaline bath softened nail plate to a state that nogtepye plate completely behind the meat, they had to be cut to the ground. Now I go entirely without nails on their fingers. Now the doctor has appointed varnish (not remember the name, already ordered at the pharmacy, said another smear iodine nails, gave clotrimazole for soles. New treatment has not started. I think that in parallel to try and folk remedies (bath with apple cider vinegar and oil all 1: 1 teaspoon in warm water. Watch what happens in a month and a half, and will describe the result. I am very sorry for everyone who suffers from this muck. Thanks for your attention.
  3. Until such time as I tried mikozan, I thought that divorce... .Prichem worth it is not cheap, but looks at the nogotochki his patience snapped and I decided... To tell the truth, to him no other means used. Somewhere after 2 weeks of daily use (by the way, I do not always get to use 2 times as specified), the result, I still saw nogotochki really outdoorsy and yellowness left)))) Joy was not limit. The only negative that I can say, because it is the price of this drug certainly do not have enough for a long time, so You have to buy a few tubes to full recovery (though perhaps it depends on the degree of damage fungus).
  4. Only those who have ever had a fungus on his feet, aware that he was treated for a long time, and best of all, of course, to see a doctor, so he ordered some medicine. That's my doctor advised this preparation Mikozan, and said handle their nails for several months, 2 times a day. The effect of the application Mikozana I noticed almost immediately, the affected nails I regularly cut away nail files that come with the kit. 1 month later started to grow healthy nails. Now, I put or render a cream for prevention.
  5. I also helped, with the first effect did not have to wait a long time (a month is really a period when a fungus). Prior to that used Exoderil, which proved to be ineffective, the bubbles 8 lying empty and 1.5 years for nothing. And there was corny, new shoes shook in the middle toe in -those wound near the fingernail and then the fungus. To doctors did not apply, and nothing can. But the fact that Mikozan helped. What is important, I drill (instead of saws included) to recover the maximum upper layer of the nail plate to the drug penetrated deeper, it can and played no role in the effectiveness of treatment. In sharp those treated only one tubikom, and six months later the nail was normal, just in case went to smear another six months having bought a second tube. Those. I can recommend, but not the fact that will help in the case, the fungus is different as I understand it, and the drug can not beat it. I fortunately was lucky and did not have to sort through dozens of drugs.

Among those who wrote reviews, there are people who complain that Mikozan not helped. But compared to the positive feedback from them not so much.

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Medicines with the same pharmacological effect:

  • Atifin;
  • ekzoderil;
  • Lotseril;
  • Bitafin;
  • Mikonorm;
  • Lamisil;
  • Batrafen;
  • Mozoyl.

If you are looking for a tool that will be effective and will help get rid of onychomycosis, be sure to consult your doctor. He will select the best drug for the treatment of specific forms of the disease.

special instructions

Mikozan of nail fungus is only applied topically. You can not transfer funds to others to avoid the development of cross-infection. Each nail file is used only once and only for one of the nail plate.


Mikozana cost is relatively high. It ranges from 500 to 1200 rubles. In Russia, the price of Mikozan cheaper - around 600 rubles, in Ukraine - about 1200 rubles (385 hryvnia). Buy agent can be in almost any pharmacy, in addition, it is available online and through pharmacies.

Terms of sale

Protivomikoticheskoe means you can buy at a pharmacy without a special prescription form from a doctor.

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