Phimosis in boys: before and after photos. phimosis treatment without surgery

Phimosis in young boys, many parents notice, but not all adults know that it is important to constantly monitor the status of the genitals. The head of the penis foreskin closed, trying to open it causing pain. Sometimes the skin dublication so dense that there are serious urological problems develop inflammation.

Parents of a newborn boy should know what to do if your baby is not exposed glans penis. Panic and confusion - bad assistants after revealing a delicate problem. According to statistics, the physiological phimosis in children occurs more than 90% of boys and 1 year. The article describes the causes, types, treatment of phimosis in boys of all ages.

What it is?

Phimosis - a narrowing of the opening of the foreskin in boys, due to which the penis head opens painfully and with difficulty, or not open at all.


It is understood that phimosis - is not a disease, but a special condition which is related to physiological characteristics of an organism (age), heredity and tissue damage foreskin. In this regard, there are the following forms of phimosis:

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  1. Physiological - is found in the majority of the boys before the onset of puberty is associated with functional maturation preputial cavity. It is not a pathology, and independently are allowed after 7 years.
  2. Pathological - occurs as a result of inflammation, injury, metabolic disorders and requires treatment;
  3. Hypertrophic (proboscis);
  4. atrophic;
  5. Scarry.

The frequency of occurrence of some form of phimosis depends on age. The children in the majority of cases it is physiological in nature and in men is caused by scar changes.

Causes of pathological phimosis

If the infant natural phimosis resolves on its own, that is, phimosis, which has a form of the disease. It provoked a few reasons:

  • genetic disorders in the development of skin tissue of the penis;
  • infectious diseases (especially urogenital system);
  • inflammation or injury of the penis (usually occur during careless cleaning or inspection of a child);
  • failure to comply with hygiene rules.

All these reasons are provocateurs in the development of the disease, which is fraught with serious complications (for example, acute urinary retention).


The basic symptom of phimosis in boys or adult males - a partial or complete inability to denudation of the glans penis.

In addition, the patient may experience:

  1. Reduced potency.
  2. Pain during urination.
  3. In the case of activation of inflammation may occur purulent discharge, the temperature rise substantially and significantly increase the lymph nodes of the body.
  4. Urination disorders - the liquid flows slowly drops or a fine stream, preputial region while there is inflated due to the accumulation of urine, and the impossibility of its rapid withdrawal.
  5. When Paraphimosis formed a sharp pain in the head and penis foreskin uschemlonnaya is blue, the sexual organ increases in size and becomes inflamed - is in need of urgent surgery.

Help your doctor is required for the following symptoms of phimosis:

  • fever;
  • insufficient jet during urination;
  • swelling of the head of the penis;
  • inflammation of the glans penis;
  • bluish head of the penis;
  • inability to fully open the glans penis in children older than seven years;
  • swollen lymph nodes in the groin;
  • the appearance of pus even when lightly pressed on the head of the penis;
  • severe pain during urination (small children long cry after this process);
  • drop of urine output (at very severe).

The emergence of at least one of these symptoms indicates that phimosis from a safe, self-passing with age, moved to the pathological, requiring emergency treatment. Leave in the case of a child without treatment and expect that will take place phimosis aggravation itself, it is not necessary. This can significantly worsen the condition of the child and lead to a much more complex treatment. For those mothers who are unwilling or unable to seek to address to the doctor to come to the aid of traditional medicines, which are easy to use at home.


This pathology can provoke the appearance of unpleasant consequences. These include:

  1. Paraphimosis.
  2. balanoposthitis. Inflammation develops due to stagnation of secretions.
  3. Problems with urination, urinary retention.
  4. The increment of the foreskin to the head.


Frequent condition that develops in boys with phimosis. It is important to keep in mind: under no circumstances should you exert more effort when trying to expose the glans penis. The fact that it expands smoothly along the direction of the opening of the urethra, and the barrel member is much narrower. As a result of the forcible opening of the foreskin head several stretches (this may cause a short-term sense of pain), and then tightly covers the ring member for the head.

Manifestations paraphimosis:

  • head is enlarged and swollen;
  • boy feels severe pain (babies crying and does not give a touch to the penis).

Squeezed blood vessels no longer perform their function, and head tissues begin to experience a lack of oxygen and nutrients. If time does not take action, it can develop necrosis or gangrene of the member, forcing doctors to remove the affected area - the patient is incapacitated.

Fusion of the glans and foreskin

Prolonged contact epithelia gradually more firmly adhered to each other and formed synechia - seam. This condition only worsens the situation, making it impossible to open head.

developmental stage

By severity of the process are 4 degrees phimosis:

  1. At rest the head is released in full, its erection removal difficult and painful;
  2. At rest, the head of the penis is displayed with difficulty during erection it is completely covered with the foreskin and is not released;
  3. Head can partially display only at rest;
  4. The head is constantly hidden foreskin is not output. Thus urine during urination preputial first fills the bag and only thereafter excreted dropwise.

What is phimosis: a photo before and after surgery

The photo below shows how the disease manifests itself in boys.


Diagnosis is based on the child's complaint or his parents, and the boy's inspection data in a urology office. Laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods carried out in cases of suspected disease complicated forms.

How to treat phimosis in boys?

Treatment of phimosis in children is dependent on its degree, as well as the patient's age. Depending on the degree of process recommended approaches listed in the following table.

The degree of phimosis How to treat?
IV Conservative treatment is ineffective, surgical intervention is necessary.
III If possible, use conservative methods at home, if not helped conservative treatment of phimosis in boys eliminated by surgery.
II At home, use an ointment, use methods of gradual stretching of the foreskin tissue. Any manipulation carried out only in accordance with the recommendations of the urologist.
I The boys at the age of 13 do not need special treatment.

The following methods may be used:

  1. Medication. It is the use of hormonal ointments, such as "Clobetasol", "Bepantel", "Betamezon", "Solcoseril". They need to improve the elasticity of the tissue, reduce inflammation, heal microcracks.
  2. Drug-free. This treatment of phimosis in boys at home is the regular mechanical pulling the foreskin. It should be twice a week, move the foreskin of a child by one millimeter. Pre need to do a warm bath for 15 minutes with any antiseptic (broth daisy, calendula or weak solution of potassium permanganate). It is advisable to lubricate the problem area baby cream. Maximum movement may be up to 2 mm, unacceptable sudden jerks. Carry out data manipulation is necessary only after a urologist instructions.

When the operation is necessary?

Many children physiological phimosis decreases gradually and goes away without the need for any treatment, and even more operations. Therefore, if a child does not bother, it is possible to do without surgery. But there are cases when the operation with phimosis in boys is needed:

  • inflammation is regular, and the treatment of phimosis is inconclusive;
  • urination becomes painful;
  • between the head and the foreskin formed adhesions;
  • severe swelling at paraphimosis;
  • phimosis persists until puberty.

If one of the reasons is right for you, do not panic much, really simple operation with phimosis, done under local anesthesia and takes only a few minutes. And just a day or two you will already be able to return home.

When razvivshemsya balanoposthitis conservative therapy includes the following activities:

  • warm bath with a solution of potassium permanganate - 5 times a day for 4 days; furacillin processing - in the same way;
  • administering ointments antiseptic action in preputial bag - 3 times a day for 6 days;
  • lubricate the affected area vaseline oil - 2 times a day for 7 days.

Outer antibacterial therapy may be different and is determined in each case individually. Emulsions and can be assigned on the basis of antibiotic powder. In implementing the procedures necessary to move the foreskin from the head.


Parents need to monitor the cleanliness of the genitals of their child. Boy is recommended every evening to wash away clean with warm water. The rest of the time you can use wet wipes. Apply the foam is not recommended for swimming. These agents contain chemicals that are irritating to the delicate skin of the penis.

At physiological phimosis is not necessary to expose the head of the penis while swimming. If the child has an inflammation from the accumulated dirt under extreme flesh, then it must be removed from there as follows:

  1. To dial into a syringe without a needle to 10 ml. pure water or warm ekteritsida solution (may be used instead furatsilin).
  2. Pull up the foreskin to the glans penis was hidden and not exposed.
  3. Insert the syringe into the slit, which is formed between the foreskin of the penis and its head (this procedure is more convenient to carry out together).
  4. Release liquid washing out dirt accumulated in this way.
  5. Repeat this procedure 1 or 2 more times.
  6. Drip into the gap between the foreskin of the penis head and 2-3 drops of olive or paraffin oil (oily solutions can be used vitamin A, E).

Be sure to change diapers often have a small child. Due to this prolonged contact the head of the penis with the feces and urine will not. The inflammatory process does not arise.

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