Ekzoderil of nail fungus: reviews, instructions, prices

Exoderil - an antifungal drug for topical use, belonging to the group of drugs - allylamines. The main active ingredient solution is naftifine hydrochloride, auxiliary components - ethanol, propylene glycol and purified water.

The drug is actively used in the treatment of different types of fungal infections caused by pathogens yeasts (Pityrosporum, Candida), pathogenic dermatophytes Trichophyton genus, mikrosporum, epidermofiton, fungi Aspergillus and other species of fungi.

Structure and Composition

According to the instructions, Exoderil produced in cream form and a solution for external application.

One milliliter of solution contains 10 milligrams of its composition and some naftifine hydrochloride Auxiliary components: ethanol - 400 milligrams, propylene glycol - 50 milligrams and purified water - 475 milligram. Implement 1% topical solution in dark glass bottles of 10 ml, in cartons.

One gram of cream contains 10 milligrams naftifine hydrochloride and additional substances such as: benzyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, sorbitan stearate, cetyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, stearyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, polysorbate 60 and water cleared.

Implement the cream in aluminum tubes of 15 and 30 grams, in a cardboard package.


Both types of release agents are only intended for outdoor use. After application to the affected area begins 2.3 elaboration squalene epoxidase that provokes a decrease in the content of ergosterol in fungal cells.

Synthetic antimycotics is the basis of medicine, it is active in different types of dermatophytes, yeast fungus, and mold of origin. Ekzoderil performs an antibacterial agent against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, the activity of which provokes infectious state.

The anti-inflammatory effect of the solution is expressed mainly in the field of anti-inflammatory therapy. Against the background of the use of reduced redness and itching, inflammation. Efficacy fungistatic and fungicidal effects depends on the strain of fungi.


At the first signs and clinical manifestations of fungal infection should immediately appeal to the dermatologist.

Ekzoderil helps with the following diagnoses:

  1. Athlete's foot and skin folds;
  2. Mycosis of interdigital spaces;
  3. Fungal nail plates (onychomycosis);
  4. Trichophyton (ringworm);
  5. Microsporia - lesions of the skin of the head in the area of ​​hair growth;
  6. Dermatological candidiasis;
  7. Dermatomycoses various kinds;
  8. Chromophytosis;
  9. Otomikov - fungus external auditory meatus.

Side effects

May cause redness, burning, dry skin with scaling. All these phenomena are limited to the use and terminated after giving up ekzoderil.

Are least likely to receive an allergic reaction. Such treatment requires a doctor for the purpose of specialized funds.

During pregnancy

The preparation when applied topically has no teratogenic and embryotoxic effect. However, during pregnancy it is recommended to use the drug under the supervision of a physician. The appointment of the drug during pregnancy is possible if the expected benefit to the mother is higher than the potential risk to the fetus.

The drug is used with caution during lactation. Use of the drug can only be prescribed by a doctor.


Cream and Exoderil solution contraindicated for use in humans in the presence of the following states:

  1. Individual hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to any drug component;
  2. Pregnancy and lactation;
  3. An open wound in the area, which should be applied to the drug.

Children under 18 years of solution and cream Exoderil should be used with caution.

Instructions for use

Depending on the release forms, instructions for use ekzoderil slightly different.

  1. Ointment can be used in all situations related to infection by the fungus.
  2. The solution was highly effective on smooth surfaces with hyperkeratosis and on the scalp.

The choice of the form of preparation is behind a dermatologist.

How to use a solution of

When infected nail fungus spores Ekzoderilom treatment in solution form for up to 6 months.

Before the first session lesion cut down, cut with scissors or soften urea. In the latter case, the brushing surface victim urea solution, finger wrapped with polyethylene film and tightly fixed at 3 days. Then applique with urea is removed and cut out damaged areas with scissors nail. The solution from the bottle dropped on the finger pad and evenly distribute the liquid over the nail bed, the plate itself and cuticle. The treated finger bandage (except for sealed). Before each processing procedure antimycotic nail washed and wiped with a soft cloth.

If the first month of the application solution or Exoderil cream does not improve the condition of nails, treatment was discontinued and re-apply to the doctor for the passage of new surveys and review of the diagnosis.

Instructions for use Exoderil cream

Prior to treatment of the affected area with the hands or feet of the symptoms of the fungus washed and dried. Then, using scissors or a nail file maximally removed the affected nail portion. Plate smeared twice a day, grabbing a bed and cuticle. Against onychomycosis Exoderil use 6 - 8 months.


Ekzoderil reviews the application for the treatment of fungal infections of the skin a little smoother, but among most of the available - positive. This is due to the high efficiency of the drug, due to which the fungus on the skin to heal quickly enough. Separately, in a review, noted that after treatment no relapses.

  1. I want to insert, and my 5 cents. Accidentally drove a nail on the arm splinter, inflammation withdrew and did not think about the fungus. Eventually the nail almost was not, continuous horrible outgrowth. For several years, suffered, I suffered. I can not remember from where learned about ekzoderil (drops), but it perfectly and quickly mastered. Now a beautiful and smooth nails. Analyzes did not hand over, but in parallel at that moment I tried Nystatin, maybe he helped inside.
  2. Treated chronic nail fungus Mikozanom over 1 year and 8 months following the instructions, but no result. I decided to try Exoderil solution. He took off his brush with mikozana and put it on the bottle ekzoderil. Everything came perfectly, and now the fluid does not flow past the nail of the patient. It is a pity I can not add a photo.
  3. Hello, I consider it necessary to share their own experience of the drug Exoderil in the form of drops (solution). I bought Exoderil solution of nail fungus, which appeared at my husband. Nails flaking, cracked, there were strange brown stains, unbearable itching between the toes. The drug bought at a local pharmacy, poddavschis advertising, which was shown on television. Onychomycosis treated the affected nails for three weeks daily. After a week of application situation has improved markedly, however, the fungus was still in some places. We decided to process further. A month later, the fungus is almost gone. Spent three bottles before onychomycosis completely disappeared. Dignity - real treats fungus. Lack - long-term care and a fairly high price (550 rubles per bottle)
  4. I hate to tell, but one day and my feet suffered this nasty stuff, managed to not even know where to pick up nail fungus. Dermatologists treat ekzoderilom said. I went to the store and quickly bought it, it is not as expensive, by the way. Daily steams feet and anointed them with the affected area. About two months it was gone.

Negative reviews of the use of the drug for the treatment of fungal infections of the skin smooth little, and due to the inefficiency of the existing ekzoderil in a particular case.

Ekzoderil, cheaper counterparts

Cheaper compared to Ekzoderilom are following his drugs analogues:

  • Binafin cream - 70 - 250 rubles;
  • Mikoderil - 200 - 350 rubles;
  • Nitrofungin - 106 - 260 rubles;
  • Terbizil - 70 - 350 rubles;
  • Terbinoks - 70 - 110 rubles;
  • Terbinafine - 50 - 250 rubles;
  • Fungoterbin - 230 - 350 rubles.

For the treatment of nails, you can use the following analogues ekzoderil:

  • Batrafen nail polish;
  • Binafin;
  • Lotseril;
  • Mikoderil;
  • Oflomil nail polish;
  • Fonzhial nail polish.

Full Russian equivalent Exoderil based naftifine - Mikoderil.


Exoderil pharmacies serves as a cream (ointment) and a solution (drops).

  • Ekzoderil cost as a cream or ointment (15 g) was, on average, 400 rubles, a tube of 30 g is 718 rubles and above.
  • Topical solution costs from 550 rubles.

Terms of sale

The drug is approved for use as a means of OTC.

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