Bowen's disease: symptoms, photo, treatment of women and men

Bowen's disease (intraepidermal carcinoma) - is a rare skin disease is dangerous because without medical effects goes into squamous cell carcinoma.

A clear cause of the tumors one can not name, but many experts are inclined to believe that a great influence on the emergence and development Bowen cancer have ultraviolet rays, trauma constant skin, contact with arsenic salts, a predisposition to cancer diseases.

In men, the appearance of a pale pink coin-like growths are usually diagnosed between the ages of 40 and 70 years in women after 50 years.

Causes of

Bowen's disease develops when carcinogenic effect on the body of factors. The causes of tumors may include:

  1. Frequent contact with chemicals such as arsenic, resin, tar, etc .;
  2. Exposure to ionizing radiation;
  3. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, trigger the development of Bowen's disease are the presence of chronic dermatoses:

  1. Planus;
  2. Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa;
  3. Discoid lupus erythematosus.

In some cases, the cause of disease Bowen became traumatic lesions of the skin with the formation of scar tissue. In addition, doctors do not exclude the possibility that Bowen's disease may be caused by infection with HPV (human papillomavirus) oncogenic types.

Bowen's disease sometimes develops on the background of other diseases related to skin changes - cornified cysts Mibelli's disease, epidermodysplasia Lewandowski-Lutz and others.

Bowen's disease symptoms

The main symptom of the disease is the occurrence Bowen single (or multiple) neoplasms of the skin (see. Photo). The most common tumors are localized data on the head (up to 40% of cases), at least - on the palms, and the mucous membranes of the male genital organs.

The first sign of the disease is the appearance of the skin of a small reddish spots with fuzzy borders. After some time, a plaque formed yellowish scaly surface in its place. When exfoliation tissue surface formed bloodless moist wound in their place.

With the passage of time on the affected skin area can be formed Wart growth and plots with atrophic changes in the skin. Diameter formations may range from millimeters to 5-6 centimeters. As a rule, Bowen's disease is characterized by a single neoplasm, however, multiple lesions may occur in some cases.

Complications and consequences

The main consequence of threatening disease Bowen's is a progressive malignancy in squamous cell carcinoma with invasion into the surrounding soft tissues and metastasis.

In addition, the following complications:

  • infection inflammatory focus;
  • ulcerated plaques;
  • sepsis.

Survey data Frequency Bowen disease association with cancer of the internal organs ambiguous: the authors, indicating the presence of communication, was diagnosed with cancer of the internal organs in 57% of deaths from the disease Bowen. Nevertheless, additional studies significant increase in the incidence of internal cancers were observed only in patients with foci lesions on the closed areas of the skin (33%), whereas at Bowen disease on exposed skin cancer visceral frequency was only 5%.

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For the diagnosis of Bowen's disease conducted a visual inspection of the wound site, biopsy and histological examination of tumors obtained sample.

Cells formation histologically similar to squamous cell skin cancer cells, but the difference lies in the fact that they are located only in the upper layer of the skin and do not extend in its inner layers do not penetrate through the basement membrane skin.

Those skilled in the diagnosis of disease Bowen required to differentiate it from psoriasis, eczema, lupus, and other senile warts.

How to treat Bowen's disease?

Standard therapies for this disease does not exist. Treatment of Bowen's disease is carried out in each case individually, taking into account the affected places, the patient's age, size and number of foci, general health and other factors. Often used a combination of several therapeutic methods.

For patients with the disease of Bowen offers a variety of treatment options:

  • chemotherapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • electric destruction;
  • photodynamic therapy;
  • surgery and others.

They have a high efficiency, but assume in advance which method will help the individual patient, it is difficult. Therefore, for each patient is offered an individual treatment plan.

surgical methods

Many patients treated by surgical removal of the tumor. It is very effective, because cancer cells do not penetrate deep into the skin and does not metastasize. Skin lesions excised with a scalpel. After removal of pathological nidus overlap joints formed scar hereinafter. The operation is performed under local anesthesia.

For the better cosmetic results applied micrographic surgery Mos. It is particularly indicated for large lesions on the head, neck and fingers. During the intervention controlled microscopy surgeon removes layer after layer, simultaneously analyzing the obtained tissue under a microscope. Once removed prior to the formation of a healthy layer, interference terminated. Mos surgery - the most effective method of treatment of Bowen's disease.

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What is the prognosis?

Forecast Bowen's disease with timely implementation of favorable treatment. After removal of the pathological focus the patient may forget about the disease. If skin formation is not removed, the risk of its degeneration to invasive cancer is 3-5%.

The probability of such transformation above with symptoms of the disease in the genital region or erythroplasia Keir, in these cases, it is 10%. However, some scientists believe that the rate of degeneration disease Bowen in skin cancer is 80%. Such discrepancies in figures depend on the difference in the detection of diseases in different countries, different climatic conditions and insolation intensity t. D.

Therefore, in confirming this diagnosis, it is best to remove it surgical or medical means and not worry about the possibility of skin cancer.

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Preventive measures consist in sleduyuzem:

  1. In skin dermatitis observed by a dermatologist.
  2. Avoid exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation.
  3. If there is contamination of papillomas Cancer type monitor their health.
  4. Avoid traumatic effects on the skin, if happened, carefully finish the cure.
  5. Protect from the contact with aggressive chemical environments. If you have to work with them, use the personal protection equipment.
  6. Carefully inspect the skin after forty years, with suspected modification of existing structures to consult with an oncologist.

In the event of tumors immediately contact the oncologist for advice.

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