Folk remedies for nail fungus on feet, rapid and effective treatment

Onychomycosis - is intractable fungal nail disease, which today meets every 5 on the planet. Healthy man enough to walk barefoot on the beach or on the floor in the pool or water park to fungus spores fall to the surface of the nail plate. Treat the infection can be in many ways, but the folk remedies for nail fungus are considered to be the best in terms of security for the body.

Virtually all of medicinal antifungal agents are toxic and adversely affect the function of vital organs. Therefore, at the initial stage of the disease folk remedies may be much more effective than synthetic drugs.

The use of popular recipes must be combined with strict hygienic measures, this will help prevent the further spread of the infection and will protect others from possible infection.

The best folk remedy for nail fungus

Folk remedies for nail fungus on the feet is permitted to combine with designated dermatologist pharmacy medicines. Therapy results in this case will be higher.

At home onychomycosis treated with herbs, products and materials:

  • Iodine.
  • Vinegar.
  • Onion.
  • Coffee.
  • Garlic.
  • Propolis.
  • Kerosene.
  • Novocaine.
  • Tar birch.
  • Essential oils.
  • Tea mushroom.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Tincture the apricot gum.

Consider the most effective measures in the treatment of nail fungus folk remedies.

Tea tree oil

Choose a high-quality oil esters. It should not be cheap. Only 100% oil will help. Typically, commercially available vial is 10 ml. This amount is enough for a whole year and still remain.

Every day for the night with a pipette, which is built into the bottle, drip on each nail a drop. The liquid coats the entire nail plate, nail around the area and even the interdigital spaces.

Dry the fingers outdoors. Wrap the gauze and put cotton socks.


Used most usual iodovy 5% solution. People he considered to be the most effective, affordable and helping with the provision of a method of an important disinfectant and antiseptic intense beneficial effect.

Per day have twice applied to all the affected places, where there is a fungus. Going tanning and burning directly across the fabric. Also this iodine treat the skin around the affected area to its complete disappearance.

tar birch

To handle tar marigolds need after steams baths. To do so it is necessary to 2 times weekly. In the dry surface of each plate should put a drop of pharmacy birch tar. Wait until the vehicle is dry, wear cotton socks and not to wet his feet for two days. Then repeat the procedure to improve.

It is also possible to prepare an ointment. On one part tar taken 4 parts visceral fat or baby lotions, all mixed and applied to the nails daily at bedtime. Fingers wrapped polyethylene bandage fixed, dress socks. In the morning you can wash your feet with warm water and soap.

You can still use tar soap, tar there is not enough, only 10%.


Propolis with fungus relieves itching, inflammation, as well as prevents the development and spread of infection. With proper treatment the patient nail disappear and in its place rather quickly grow healthy.

  1. Take the pharmacy alcoholate propolis (20%), impregnate a cotton swab and apply it to the affected nail. Thereafter we pribintovyvayut cotton wool and leave it for about 1 day. After 24 hours, repeating the procedure, a pre-clean off the softened layer upper sawing.
  2. Can treat an infection with the help of propolis, which is crushed and mixed with antifungal ointments and creams. After that these drugs are used for instructions. This will help to enhance the therapeutic effects of drugs.
  3. Twice a day, carefully steamed legs, cut the affected areas of the nail, clean off the top layer and put on the treated surface a piece of propolis. We leave it on the leg for 30 minutes. In a month you will see positive results.
  4. The infusion of propolis can be added to the medical footbaths rate of 15 drops per 3 liters of water. Hold legs in such a bath is 15-20 minutes, then wiped dry recommended fingernails and feet, and the skin around the nail plate lubricate hydrogen peroxide.

Proper execution of recipes ensures the complete disappearance of nail fungus after 3 months.


Represent treatment of fungus on feet folk remedies with the indispensable means celandine, which has general, effective antifungal activity. In the summer, we break celandine, on the ground of failure to appear will be necessary for us orange juice (perhaps with a touch of) color. Thereby juice lubricates all the sick and affected areas.

At first you may feel itching, but it will certainly begin to fade. Repeating such a procedure to occur through a 3.5 minute. Thus, the desired repeat exactly 4 times. For the current day it is important to make two such cycles. Month of treatment will bring huge changes and improvements.


Fungus destroyed by the acidic medium, so vinegar widely used for the treatment, with its you can quickly get rid of the infection, reduce inflammation of the skin and restore the structure nail.

  1. For treatment is necessary to prepare acetic solution, in a proportion of 1 part Vinegar 8 water. The liquid should be at room temperature. Before processing the legs need to steam in the hot water, and then remove the affected part of the nail. Followed by dip legs into the basin with acetic solution prepared 15 minutes. This procedure is carried out once in two days.
  2. Another way - it soak in acetic solution, clean socks, put them on their feet, top to pull wool socks and go to bed in such a way. On the morning of the legs should be rinsed with cool water and dry thoroughly. Softening the nail surface to clean off the sawing process and an antiseptic solution.

Optionally add essential oil in water, such as peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus oil and lavender. They are endowed with soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect and allow you to destroy the fungal spores in the short term.

Soda paste

To form a thick mixture, you need the required amount of water to dilute soda. Then it all mixed thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. This paste must be applied to the same layer of the nail, followed by dripping several drops of lemon juice top soda.

The result will be slightly tweaked form and characteristic bubbles. After 5 minutes, the paste must be removed by washing the feet with soap and water. During the treatment of nail fungus soda must be used antifungal ointment.

Compresses and crumpled salt

If the infection has spread to the nails on the skin between the toes or heels, you can use this method. finely shred fresh mint to give the juice, mix with salt. Parallel to the nail compresses put on the sore spot and zamatyvaem.

Can not be used when open wounds and fractures: the terrible pain when exposed to salt-damaged skin does not need reminding.

Rapid fungus treatment with hydrogen peroxide

For rapid suppression activity of the fungus, which has intruded into the nail plate is allowed use of hydrogen peroxide exterior of Neumyvakina method.

  1. For the treatment of onychomycosis Professor recommended to steam feet in soda solution (1 hr. l. 1 liter of water), then nail forceps "bite" a small portion of the affected nail. Next, a piece of cotton should saturate with a 3% peroxide solution and apply it to the toe nail
  2. When the fungi on the hands holding a applique 10 - 15 minutes on legs - from 40 to 60 minutes. The frequency of sessions - 2 per day until complete recovery. Bath for hands and feet for onychomycosis with hydrogen peroxide, made of water, heated to 50 ° C, and 3% peroxide. Ratio - 2 tbsp. l. x 1 L of water. Extremities float 2 r. per day for 15 minutes. during the week.

Also, the peroxide may be mixed with other substances and to obtain effective folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus:

  1. Sex cup hydrated soda dissolved in 4 cups of water and poured quarter cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide. The mixture was administered half a cup of magnesium sulfate and a quarter cup of vinegar. Drug saturate cotton swab and fixed plaster on the affected lotion plate. Changing the bandage every 10 hours. The total course of treatment - 1 month.
  2. The vinegar is mixed with a peroxide (concentration of both substances - 3%) in equal proportions. Until the mixture sizzles, it is immersed foot. Further, the tips of the fingers are placed on half a minute in a bleach diluted with water, and quickly washed limbs under running tap. The treatment ends with nail treatment with a mixture of petroleum jelly with tea tree oil (1: 1) and put on warm socks. The treatment lasts for 1 week.

Quick and easy to bring with nail fungus lotion to help with novocaine. A piece of cotton wool impregnated with liquid medicine and to the affected primatyvayut plate. Only 2 pedals - and fungus on the nails can be cured permanently.

recipes visitors

Vyacheslav. I want to share a way that helped me. The nail on the big toe was almost completely destroyed by the fungus, and then once I got down to it. Preparing a mixture of (drug) of 3 v. spoons acetic acid (96%) + st. tablespoon vodka + Art. spoon of glycerin. The medicine should be stored in an airtight glass container dark. Before applying the nail of this drug should be carefully wash his feet and clean out the loose part of the nail of the patient so as to best expose even the rest of the nail.

Dried legs, especially the sick nail to completely remove moisture (skin and nail should be completely dry, otherwise the fungus have a chance to stay alive for longer). Then with a cotton swab on a match or cotton swabs moistened profusely sore spot on his finger. This is best done in the evening, after returning home at night or on weekends. Without shoes and socks the treatment effect will be maximal.

Very well with this medication is helping to find outdoor feet and especially in the sun!! My treatment lasted for about 6 months. Therefore, we must have patience. It all ended the full disposal of the fungus on the nail feet. And most importantly - I did not use any tablets and drugs inside!

In addition to topical treatment, you need to rethink their behavior and understand the moral and psychological factors contributing to the emergence of the disease. It seems I have been able to do it and, realizing the mistakes (sins) permitted in their behavior, I said goodbye to the result and the cause of mold together ...

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