Phenazepam insomnia how to take, the dosage if that helps

On the preparation

Phenazepam - a highly active drug, which is used for the treatment of disorders of emotions that have arisen due to the central nervous system problems. Tranquilizer has on the human miorelaksantny, anxiolytic, hypnotic, anticonvulsant effect.


  • insomnia, disturbed sleep mode
  • alcohol withdrawal
  • sense of fear for no reason
  • increased anxiety and worry
  • panic attacks
  • seizures
  • emotional instability
  • prenarcosis
  • post-traumatic shock

When the recall Phenazepam preparation, it is primarily associated with a tranquilizer medication that helps with insomnia.

It must be remembered that the tranquilizer is very serious, so it released a pharmacy only on prescription. That he will tell you how to take the right Phenazepam insomnia.

Phenazepam to treat insomnia

Phenazepam is a very serious drug, so take it easy to fall asleep - it is dangerous. The drug is given only in very serious cases, such as chronic insomnia, which was caused by problems with the central nervous system. Most of these occur insomnia due to stress, that accompany modern man every day.


For the treatment of sleep problems, including insomnia, drug must be taken half an hour before sleep at a dose of 0.25 - 0.5 mg. Effective dose writes only your doctor, regardless of your condition, age and many other factors.

Under no circumstances do not increase the dose on their own, as this may cause a serious overdose, which can cause coma and even death. Remember that the maximum daily dosage fenazepama - 10 mg.

What else can help with sleep disorders

Hope that the desired dosage fenazepama insomnia will completely solve your problem - is not an option. There are many other factors that contribute to the normalization of sleep.

  • Timetable. It is very important to bed and get up at the same time. So you develop into sleep mode, making it better and your health.
  • Drinks that contain caffeine, can be drunk only until 18:00. Caffeine vzbudorazhivaet nervous system, and, if you drink coffee at night, sleep will be difficult.
  • Proper nutrition. Eat less or even better to eliminate from your diet fried, oily and spicy.
  • Avoid stress. It is because of them and there are insomnia, so try not to waste your nerves.
  • Comfortable sleep. Ventilated room, the optimum temperature, a comfortable mattress and pillow - it all contributes to a strong and healthy sleep.

Reviews of people

Having studied the responses of people who took Phenazepam insomnia, can not make an unambiguous conclusion.

The truth is that Phenazepam really helps normalize sleep and sleep, as has sedative and hypnotic effects. Man becomes calmer, easier to cope with stress. But, in spite of the side effects fenazepama it becomes clear - the drug does more good or harm? Dependence, deterioration - is not all of what people face when treated insomnia fenazepama.

Side effects

  • mouth dryness
  • coordination and reaction violation
  • dependence
  • dizziness, loss of consciousness
  • headache
  • inhibition of the respiratory functions
  • drowsiness, fatigue
  • coma

The main disadvantage of tranquilizer that it causes a serious relationship. At first, people did not notice, but rather, if you take the drug, he develops withdrawal syndrome. withdrawal - this is a very unpleasant process for the human body, when there is a deterioration of the initial symptoms.

Unfortunately Fenazepam drug does not cure the cause of insomnia, but only for a time removes symptomatology. Therefore, many people become addicted to a tranquilizer and take it over the years, when drug treatment is discharged to a maximum of two months and then in very serious cases.

To summarize

So effectively if insomnia drink Phenazepam? The answer is - yes. But Phenazepam preparation can be appointed only by a physician, and only if serious sleep disorders. Even if you and appointed treatment tranquilizer, then follow the only doctor's prescription or instructions. Never increase the dosage of the drug on their own, as this may threaten the very bad consequences. Do not self-medicate

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