Permethrin (Permethrin) from lice, nits. Price, instructions for use, reviews


  1. Terms of dispensing from pharmacies, drug price
  2. Composition, release form
  3. Operating principle
  4. Indications for use
  5. Contraindications and side effects
  6. Precautionary measures
  7. Instructions for use
  8. Some analogues, prices
  9. Video about the drug

Permethrin is today considered one of the most popular remedies for getting rid of lice and nits. The drug helps to destroy parasites and prevents them from reproducing again, and also acts quickly, which eliminates the problem after a single use. The price of the medication is affordable, but it may differ depending on the specific pharmacy.

Terms of dispensing from pharmacies, drug price

The medicine is dispensed in pharmacies without presenting a prescription from a doctor, which makes it easier to purchase, allows you to use it when necessary. The cost of the product differs from different manufacturers. It also depends on the dosage form. The average price is 200-380 rubles.

Composition, release form

Permethrin is used due to the content of the active component of the same name in the composition, which has the main therapeutic effect.

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Permethrin for lice, nits. Instructions for use, price, reviews

As auxiliary ingredients, a medicine may contain different substances, depending on the form. Most often, the composition includes a gelling agent ethanol, functional additives. Many lotions contain emollient oils.

The preparation in the form of a concentrate may contain kerosene, surfactants, fragrances. Usually, auxiliary components do not have medicinal properties. The drug is available in the form of a lotion, gel, cream, concentrate for external use.

The consistency of the medicine depends on the form. A description is attached to the product in any form, which details all the nuances of the application and possible complications during the manipulation.

Operating principle

The drug has antiparasitic properties, helps to fight varying degrees of head lice. The principle of action of the drug is based on the ability of the main substance to block the permeability of sodium channels, which leads to disruption of the parasite's nervous system and the development of paralysis.

Permethrin for lice, nits. Instructions for use, price, reviews
Permethrin for lice and nits

As a result of the action of the active component on the body of the insect, their death and rapid cleansing of the hairline occur. A feature of the tool is the ability to destroy not only adults, but also larvae, nits. As a result, re-infection is almost impossible if all the doctor's recommendations are followed.

The tool also has additional properties:

  • Protects the skin in the area of ​​application from the aggressive effects of the components. When using the drug, negative local reactions do not occur so often, usually they are associated with intolerance to any substance or the individual sensitivity of a particular patient.
  • Prevents parasites from attaching to hairs, which also reduces the risk of re-infection.
  • The composition of the medicine often contains various oils that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.

The activity of the drug is noted against pubic, head lice, ticks and even fleas. The latter very rarely affect the scalp of a person. With local application of funds, there is a lack of systemic absorption into the blood of patients, which is considered an advantage of the drug over some other antiparasitic drugs.

Only in the presence of damage in the area of ​​infliction is more intense absorption in the blood and spread throughout the body. The components of the composition do not affect the general well-being, only in some cases systemic disorders are noted.

Permethrin for lice, nits. Instructions for use, price, reviews

The drug does not accumulate in the skin, which also reduces the likelihood of negative reactions, but does not exclude them. The remedy is considered very effective and relatively safe, therefore it is popular among patients.

Indications for use

Permethrin is used primarily for lice treatment in adults and children. Its price allows manipulation, since in most cases no course application is required.

The main indications for the use of the drug:

  • Pediculosis with damage to the scalp, accompanied by severe itching, burning sensation and accompanying deviations.
  • Pubic lice at different stages of development. When diagnosing such a disease, the doctor pre-selects the most convenient dosage form to achieve a pronounced result.
  • Scabies caused by parasitessensitive to the active substance of the composition. Experts note that the medicine effectively fights off some types of ticks, so the use allows you to get rid of parasites, prevent the spread of pathology to large areas of the skin cover.
  • Demodectic mange of various forms and severity. The medicine is considered effective in the advanced course of the pathological condition.

The drug can also be used in combination with other medicines to improve the effectiveness of therapy and prevent complications.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite the effectiveness and relative safety of the agent, its use is not allowed if there is a history of intolerance to the components of the composition.

Other obstacles to manipulation include the following conditions:

  • The patient's age is up to 5 years. Some manufacturers allow the use of a cream from 6 months, an emulsion from 3 months, but the solution taken individually depending on the severity of symptoms and the presence of concomitant deviations. Experts recommend that you first study the information on the packaging and in the instructions, which will reduce the risk of complications.
  • Lactation and pregnancy period. If it is necessary to use the drug, doctors decide on its appointment if the benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus.
  • Allergic reactions in the patient's history, accompanied by acute disorders. For example, in the past, the patient could use such drugs, he developed an allergy.
  • Diagnosis of chronic skin pathologies. In patients with psoriasis, eczema or severe dermatitis, the use of drugs may worsen symptoms and develop concomitant abnormalities. That is why the presence of foci in the area of ​​the intended application is considered a contraindication for use. But the doctor makes the decision based on the examination data.
  • Purulent foci in the area of ​​application of the drug in various forms. Despite the effectiveness and ability to fight parasites, the use in the area of ​​purulent inflammation often leads to an aggravation of the manifestations.
  • Rash of unspecified origin in the field of drug use.
  • Viral lesions skin.
  • Allergic reactions that affect the eyes. In this case, it is better to cancel the application for the purpose of treating the scalp.

The medicine is used with caution in the treatment of elderly patients due to the increased risk of complications.

Permethrin for lice, nits. Instructions for use, price, reviews

Permethrin from lice (the price of the product differs depending on the manufacturer and the form of release) is often used, since it does not provoke complications, provided that all recommendations are followed.

Despite this, the likelihood of negative reactions cannot be completely ruled out. They can affect only the area of ​​application or provoke systemic disorders of varying severity.

Damage area Frequent negative reactions
Skin and mucous membranes In most cases, negative reactions from the skin occur in patients against the background of an allergic reaction. In this case, the allergy does not necessarily develop against the background of exposure to the skin of the main substance, it is possible that the patient suffers from intolerance to any auxiliary ingredient. At the same time, redness and irritation, a rash appear in the affected area. Gradually, the symptoms spread to large areas of the skin, limbs and trunk. The patient's condition worsens, the reaction spreads to the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth. In this case, there is lacrimation, nasal congestion, discomfort when eating.
Nervous system Against the background of negative reactions from the skin, disorders of the nervous system appear, manifested in the form of sleep disturbances, weakness and fatigue, irritability and depression. Psychoemotional disorders can provoke complications from other systems, especially in patients with chronic disorders.
Digestive organs With prolonged persistence of allergy symptoms, patients experience a deterioration in appetite and indigestion, accompanied by nausea and bouts of vomiting. The condition worsens with upset stools and the loss of a large amount of fluid with feces and vomit. Some patients say both severe dryness of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, and constant thirst.
Respiratory system Respiratory disorders develop in patients with a history of bronchial asthma. When the aroma of the agent is inhaled, bronchospasm may develop, therefore it is important to first check the reaction to sensitivity to the agent.
urinary system In the presence of complications from other systems and internal organs, the work of the kidneys worsens, there is an increase in urination, as well as pain in the area of ​​the projection of the organ. Sometimes there is a decrease in the amount of urine excreted per day, which in most cases is associated with the loss of fluid with feces and during vomiting.

The severity of complications differs from patient to patient. Sometimes it is enough to remove the composition from the skin, rinse it with warm water and after a few hours the reactions disappear. But with an advanced course of complications, not only the immediate removal of the drug from the skin is required, but also the appointment of medications to normalize the condition.

The scheme of care is determined individually for each patient, taking into account the manifestations, the presence of concomitant deviations.

Precautionary measures

Lice permethrin (the price of the product is considered affordable for most patients) can be used only in the presence of parasites. For example, some people use it for prevention, which is strongly discouraged.

When applying, it is important to avoid getting the drug in the eyes or on the mucous membranes of the genitals, in the oral cavity. If this happens, you should immediately rinse your eyes, mouth or mucous membranes with water. In case of accidental ingestion of the product, you must immediately call a doctor. Before his arrival, it is allowed to induce vomiting in order to remove the agent from the stomach.

Permethrin for lice, nits. Instructions for use, price, reviews

If it does not work out, the doctor, after arrival, washes the stomach forcibly, and also prescribes enterosorbents and other drugs. When a small amount of the drug enters the stomach, severe complications do not develop.

However, when a large dose is consumed, the patient is placed in a hospital, where not only the stomach is washed, but parenteral treatment is also prescribed, various solutions are injected intravenously with the help of a dropper.

Instructions for use

Depending on the dosage form and the specific disease, the features of the use of the drug may differ. Lotion and cream are applied with a cotton swab to the affected areas of the skin. The duration of the action of the cream is 10 minutes, after which it can be removed from the skin with water.

When applying the lotion, the exposure time is increased to 40 minutes. After that, the composition should be removed from the treated surface. If a concentrate is prescribed to the patient, treatment is also carried out with a cotton swab only in the affected area. The entire surface and all hair must be completely treated to achieve the highest efficiency.

The minimum duration of exposure to the concentrate is 10 minutes, but if necessary, it is increased to 40 minutes. The solution is removed with shampoo or soap. When applied to the scalp, it is important to use a thick comb to comb out dead individuals and nits. This helps prevent head lice from recurring.

Permethrin for lice, nits. Instructions for use, price, reviews

The medicine in the form of a lotion can be applied in courses of 3 days in case of diagnosis of scabies or demodicosis. Every day before going to bed, all affected surfaces are treated with a cotton swab. Usually, such a course is sufficient to obtain a therapeutic effect. For other disorders and varying degrees of severity of symptoms, the application regimen may change.

Doctors draw the attention of patients that head lice may require re-treatment after 5-10 days. The decision in this case is made by the doctor on the basis of the examination data.

Some analogues, prices

Permethrin for lice (the price of the product may be lower than that of some analogues) is used most often, but in some cases its appointment is impossible. The specialist can select substitutes with similar properties and composition.

Permethrin for lice, nits. Instructions for use, price, reviews

Today, the following medicines are considered the most popular substitutes:

  • Medifox available in the form of a gel and a concentrate for external use with different amounts of the main component. It also contains permethrin as the main active ingredient, therefore it has insecticidal and anti-lice properties. The medicine is prescribed for scabies and head lice, is effective in the fight against pubic and head lice, their larvae and nits. Its cost is approximately 300-500 rubles. depending on the volume of the bottle and the concentration of the active substance.
  • Couple Plus today it is considered one of the most expensive substitutes, the cost of which reaches 2000 rubles. Despite this, the medicine is often used because it is highly effective. In addition to permethrin, the drug contains malathion and piperonyl. That is why the medicine has a pronounced and quick effect on the affected areas. A medication is produced in the form of an aerosol for topical use, it helps to eliminate parasites and their larvae in 1 procedure, minimizes the risk of their reproduction.
  • Nittifor available in the form of a cream and lotion for topical use. It has anti-lice properties due to the presence of permethrin in the composition. The medicine is considered very effective, it helps to quickly get rid of parasites and does not have an aggressive effect on the skin. Its cost is approximately 400 rubles.
Permethrin for lice, nits. Instructions for use, price, reviews

Substitutes are selected depending on the patient's condition, the presence of concomitant deviations from the skin. Despite the similar composition, patients are not recommended to select substitutes on their own. Preparations with the same components can have different effects on the body.

Permethrin is considered today the most popular remedy for getting rid of lice and nits, as well as for treating scabies of varying degrees of neglect. The price of the drug is affordable, but in some cases, the appointment of a suitable analogue with similar properties is required. When used correctly, adverse reactions in patients are rare.

Video about the drug

Video instructions for the use of the drug Permethrin:

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