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Edarbi Klaw is a Japanese-made universal medicine that effectively fights against arterial hypertension (hypertension). Today there are many analogues of this drug, both Russian and foreign.

Generics differ from each other in the presence of excipients, the degree of purification and, of course, in their cost. To choose the best substitute for Edarbi Clos for the treatment of primary or essential hypertension, you must carefully study the composition.

Characteristics of the drug

Edarbi Clo is available in the form of white tablets, the main active ingredient of which is azilsartan medoxomil potassium. This substance, due to its anti-cerebrovascular properties, is capable of destabilizing blood pressure. And also to alleviate the general condition of a person with acute or chronic heart failure.

Edarbi Klo. Russian analogues cheap, price, reviews

Other excipients that are part of the drug are as follows:

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  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • hyprolosis;
  • fast disintegrant for tablets - croscarmellose sodium;
  • fumaric acid;
  • mannitol is an osmotic diuretic;
  • magnesium stearate.

Since all components of Edarbi Clos complement and enhance each other's influence on the human body, its synergistic effect is highly pronounced.

Doctors prescribe this medication, which has antihypertensive properties, for arterial / essential hypertension and hypertension at any stage of development. Also, capsules are recommended as a constituent element of the complex treatment of pathological conditions of the cardiovascular system. One of the main symptoms of these diseases is high blood pressure.

Edarbi Klo. Russian analogues cheap, price, reviews

Edarbi Clo (Russian analogs will be listed below) belongs to the category of blockers of specific angiotensin AT1 receptors. This hormone is responsible for the stimulation of the functions of the heart muscle, the absorption of sodium by the renal apparatus, and the narrowing of the lumen of the blood vessels.

Studies have shown that a positive therapeutic effect is achieved after 14 days of taking Edarbi Clos. The heart rate does not change, while the blood pressure stabilizes. The capsule begins to act on the source of the disease 3-4 hours after ingestion, and the sedative effect lasts for 24 hours.

Basic instructions

Patients with impaired renal and liver function should carefully choose the dosage, and even better, consult a doctor. A double dose of the drug is categorically contraindicated in the elderly, since hypotension may develop (lowering blood pressure to critical levels).

The optimal daily intake of Edarbi Clo is 40 mg / 1 tablet per day. Its increase to 80 mg is permissible only with stenosis of the aortic orifice - a diagnosis in which the outflow tract of the left ventricle is narrowed.

Experts recommend pregnant women to refrain from taking medication. In any trimester of pregnancy, its active substance can cause various complications in the work of the heart. As a result of laboratory studies, scientists have revealed that the active ingredients are able to penetrate the histohematological barrier between the mother's blood and the blood of the fetus.

During the period of childbearing, the main negative effect of the capsules is an increased level of toxicity.

Russian cheap analogs

Edarbi Clos has a number of generic drugs in which the dose of the active ingredient ranges from 30 to 50 mg. When choosing Russian counterparts, you need to monitor how the water electrolyte balance changes on the electrolyte scale.

Dosage adjustments may be required based on the individual symptomatology to eliminate the risk of decreased plasma sodium levels.

It is better to replace pills on the recommendation of a qualified doctor, who will select the most effective analogue with a minimum of side effects. Otherwise, self-medication is fraught with a deterioration in the general condition.


An antihypertensive agent that, like Edarbi Clos, blocks the receptors for angiotensin AT1 subtype, which are located in the kidneys, heart, and blood vessels.

For the treatment of arterial hypertension / heart failure of a chronic nature, you need to take 1 tablet once a day. In some cases, the daily dose is increased to 2 capsules (100 mg). The absorption of the drug does not depend on food intake.

Edarbi Klo. Russian analogues cheap, price, reviews

The maximum concentration of Blocktran is identical to its original - about 3-4 hours after administration. Improvements are observed 4-6 weeks after the start of the course of therapy. The pressure decreases in direct proportion to the increase in the dose of the drug. But due to unreasonable overdose, tachycardia and a decrease in heart rate can occur.

Bloktran is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to losartan potassium or to other substances included in the composition. And also during pregnancy, breastfeeding, arterial hypotension. It is not recommended to take the medication for those who are under 18 years of age.


This analogue of Edarbi Clo is always prescribed for complex use with other drugs. The main indications for use are a systematic persistent increase in blood pressure and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction.

Unlike the original, Nortivan tablets must be taken 30 minutes before meals or during meals. The daily dose of a substance is determined individually, taking into account the patient's tolerance of the active substance, the presence of other diseases and age.

Edarbi Klo. Russian analogues cheap, price, reviews

Edarbi Clos, whose Russian counterparts are popular due to their low cost, doctors do not advise to use during pregnancy. The same can be said for Northvan. Its components can cause miscarriage, lack of water or severe damage to the fetus, leading to its non-viability.

If Nortivan and some lithium-containing drug enter the body at the same time, the second will accumulate in the plasma, increasing the toxicity of the first. If it is necessary to combine the course intake of this substitute Edarbi Clo with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the dosage of both drugs must be adjusted.


An Icelandic drug with an identical mechanism of action with Edarbi Clo. Able to influence the sensitivity of receptors, has a diuretic effect. Reduces the total peripheral vascular resistance, the concentration of adrenaline and aldosterone in the blood.

Reduces blood pressure, increases exercise tolerance against the background of the inability of the heart to fill and empty normally.

Edarbi Klo. Russian analogues cheap, price, reviews

Regardless of the dose prescribed by the attending doctor and food intake, Vasotenz tablets are taken 1 time a day. The average therapeutic dose is 50 mg. In individual cases, in order to achieve a greater effect, you can increase it to 100 mg, divided into two doses.

If the patient is additionally taking diuretics in large doses, the initial dosage of Vasotenza is 25 mg.


Generic Edarbi Clo, which has a vasodilating, diuretic and hypotensive effect. The active ingredient is candesartan cilexetil. It also contains corn starch, croscarmellose sodium, milk sugar and magnesium stearate.

The active ingredient not only weakens the total peripheral vascular resistance, but also enhances renal blood flow. The glomerular filtration rate does not change (or increases in some cases), and the filtration fraction decreases. In patients with high sugar levels, after taking Angiakand, glucose concentration and lipid profile do not change.

Edarbi Klo. Russian analogues cheap, price, reviews

Edarbi Clo, whose Russian analogues are distinguished by high bioavailability, increase the activity of renin. And Angiakand is no exception. Taking one capsule per day is able to smoothly reduce blood pressure and arteriole resistance. The maximum concentration is noted after at least 3 hours. The generic has the same contraindications as the original.


It is a peripheral vasodilator that blocks AT1 and has an antihypertensive effect. Produced in Malta, it is prescribed for people who have survived myocardial infarction, which has resulted in left ventricular systolic dysfunction.

The daily dose depends on the pathology. For example, with arterial hypertension, the dosage is 80 mg per day (it can be doubled if required by individual symptoms).

Edarbi Klo. Russian analogues cheap, price, reviews

The duration of therapy is 4 weeks. If, against the background of a previous heart attack, hemodynamic parameters have become stable, 2 times a day it is necessary to take 20 mg of Valza. In the future, a gradual increase in the dose to 40, 80 and 160 mg per day is permissible.

In addition to pregnancy and lactation, contraindications for the use of this generic Edarbi Clos include:

  • violations in the liver, characterized by obstruction of the biliary tract;
  • age under 18;
  • hypolactasia;
  • renal failure;
  • syndrome of impaired digestibility of glucose and galactose.

Patients with intolerance to the Valza components complain of dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps. Sometimes there is a decrease in hemoglobin levels, nosebleeds.


The tablets, which differ in light pink or white, contain from 8 to 32 mg of candesartan cilexetil. Hyposart therapy minimizes the risk of death and eliminates the need for hospitalization due to heart failure.

With arterial hypertension, treatment with this substitute Edarbi Clos should last for 4 weeks. Taking one capsule a day, you can smoothly reduce pressure, increase renal blood flow.

Edarbi Klo. Russian analogues cheap, price, reviews
Hyposart - analogue of Edarbi Klo

The antihypertensive effect is observed 2 hours after administration and is maintained for a day, until the next scheduled intake of the drug. Age, gender of the patient and concomitant therapy do not affect the positive effect of Hyposart.

Due to an overdose of an analogue of a person, back pain, an increase in the activity of liver enzymes, and skin rashes can be disturbed. Angioedema is very rare.

Children under 18 years of age are strictly prohibited from taking Hyposart. The list of contraindications for use also includes lactose (milk sugar) deficiency, glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome. You can not use an antihypertensive agent together with ACE inhibitors, aliskiren and aliskiren-containing drugs.

Price of funds

All drugs listed above are available from pharmacies with a prescription. After a person consults with a doctor who will help identify the cause of the disease, you can start choosing a drug, and even save money at the same time.

The Russian counterparts of Edarbi Klaw are especially appreciated, since they have a completely identical composition.

To make it easier to decide which product to buy, you can use the comparative price table:

A drug Price
Edarby Cloe (original) 745-2000.
Blocktran 265-390b.
Nortivan 125-230b.
Vasotenz 178-400b.
Angiakand 180-245b.
Walz RUB 396-870
Hyposart RUB 226-300

All these medicines are distinguished by an identical composition and similar specificity of the effect on the human body. Generics are popular not only because of their lower cost than the original drug, but also because of their high efficiency.

Edarbi Clo is an effective remedy that is used to treat hypertension, stabilize blood pressure. Its Russian counterparts have long been popular in the pharmaceutical market. But don't rely on medication alone.

Experts recommend in parallel to strengthen the immune system with vitamins. This is especially true for the elderly.

Video about the drug

What analogues of Edarbi Clo can not be taken in old age:

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