Klayra. Compositional analogues are cheaper after 35-40-45 years. Instructions for use

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  1. Characteristics of the drug
  2. Basic instructions
  3. Compositional analogues are cheaper after 35-40-45 years
  4. Regulon produced by "Gedeon Richter JSC"
  5. Trisiston manufactured by Jenapharm GmbH
  6. Triquilar manufactured by Bayer AG
  7. Price of funds
  8. Video about the drug Klayra

Claira is hormonal agent of the combined composition. In terms of cost, the drug belongs to the high price category. On the pharmaceutical market, there are several cheaper analogs with a similar effect and the same field of application.

Characteristics of the drug

Klaira refers to hormonal medications that are intended for women over 35 years old. The manufacturer is the German pharmaceutical company Bayer AG.

Claira contains two active ingredients at the same time:

  • estradiol valerate;
  • dienogest.
Klayra and analogues in composition, cheaper, after 35-40-45 years

The package contains 28 tablets, calculated on a daily intake for a month (four weeks). Since the remedy is multiphase and contains hormones, the dosage and composition of each tablet are designed for a specific period of a woman's menstrual cycle.

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Therefore, Klayra can be used only in a strictly defined order, daily, at the same time, without missing a single pill. The packaging of the drug contains a sticker in the form of a calendar for ease of use.

So, the package contains:

  • 2 dark green tablets containing 3 mg estradiol valerate;
  • 5 pink tablets containing 2 mg of both active ingredients;
  • 17 pale yellow tablets with 2 mg estradiol valerate and 3 mg dienogest;
  • 2 tablets of red color with 1 mg of estradiol;
  • 2 white pills that are "dummy" and do not contain a single hormone.

Klaira can be used in a number of cases:

  • In addition, Klayr's reception is relevant for women of reproductive age in order to protect against unwanted pregnancy. It is important to know that the drug does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.
  • Also, Klaira can be prescribed by a doctor to patients who suffer from heavy and prolonged periods, as well as from any other irregularities in the cycle.
  • The drug is actively prescribed by gynecologists for women in menopause in order to alleviate the symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, mood swings, irregular menstruation).
Klayra and analogues in composition, cheaper, after 35-40-45 years
Klayra and analogues are prescribed for women in menopause to relieve symptoms.

The main effects that a patient can experience while taking the drug are:

  • normalization of the menstrual cycle (the average duration against the background of taking Klayr is 26-28 calendar days, the duration of menstruation ranges from 4 to 6 days);
  • normalization of the amount of blood secreted during menstruation;
  • reduction of pain on the first day of bleeding;
  • even mood throughout the cycle.

Women in menopause may note the absence of hot flashes, mood swings, a decrease in irritability, normalization of menstruation, and restoration of libido.

It has been proven that Klayra has a positive effect on the metabolism in the female body. For example, it increases bone mineral density, preventing the development of osteoporosis. And women during menopause lose a lot of calcium and are at risk.

Basic instructions

According to its composition, Klayra refers to hormonal drugs. There are several cheaper analogues on the pharmaceutical market.

All of them can be used in gynecology for the following purposes:

  • As a contraceptive used internally. The main purpose of this use is to protect the woman from the risk of unwanted pregnancy.
  • Treatment of menstrual irregularities in the form of prolonged and / or heavy menstruation in women who have no contraindications to hormone therapy.
    Klayra and analogues in composition, cheaper, after 35-40-45 years
  • Elimination of menopause symptoms in women who have passed reproductive age and suffer from hormonal changes in their body.

Compositional analogues are cheaper after 35-40-45 years

The drug is produced in Germany, while it is quite common in Russia. However, this is far from the only such remedy. On pharmacy shelves, you can find several items containing two hormones at the same time.

It is important to note that the use of combined oral contraceptives (COCs) is recommended for women over 35 years of age.

That is, these are those drugs that include several hormones and, as a rule, give them in dosage, depending on the phase of the cycle. Such agents have a more visible therapeutic effect. And they have a low percentage of the likelihood of developing side effects.

Such drugs include:

  • Regulon produced by Gedeon Richter OJSC, Hungary.
  • Triziston manufactured by Jenapharm GmbH, Germany.
  • Triquilar manufactured by Bayer AG, Germany.

It is important to immediately make a reservation that at the moment there is no absolute analogue of the Klayra drug, but there are many such remedies. In any case, self-administration of oral contraceptives, as well as replacing one with another without consulting a doctor, is strictly prohibited.

The fact is that the change in therapy is done very smoothly, according to a strict scheme, taking into account all the characteristics of the organism of a particular patient. Otherwise, a number of undesirable side reactions and complications from the female reproductive system may develop.

Regulon produced by "Gedeon Richter JSC"

Klayra (analogs in composition are cheaper and can be used no less successfully in gynecology) may well be replaced by such a drug as Regulon, which is used both for the purpose of contraception, and for the normalization of the patient's well-being in case of irregularities in the cycle or during menopause. Regulon is not a complete analogue of Klayr for the reason that it has a different composition.

Klayra and analogues in composition, cheaper, after 35-40-45 years

Its active ingredients are presented in the form of the following substances:

  • ethinylestradiol 30 mcg;
  • desogestrel 150 mcg.

Another important difference from Klayr is that Regulon is a monophasic agent, that is, all of its tablets have the same composition, and their intake does not depend on the phase of the menstrual cycle.

The Regulon package contains 21 tablets. That is, the presence of "dummies" for the break period before receiving the next pack is absent. This means that the patient must independently monitor the calendar date and start a new package of Regulon exactly 7 days after the end of the previous one. This method is not always convenient and increases the risk of making mistakes in the drug use regimen.

Another difference is the development of side effects. According to WHO observations, Klayra causes fewer adverse reactions from the patient's liver function than other similar drugs.

Trisiston manufactured by Jenapharm GmbH

The German remedy Triziston has a similar composition with the Klayra drug, it also consists of two hormonal compounds:

  • ethinyl estradiol;
  • levonorgestrel.
Klayra and analogues in composition, cheaper, after 35-40-45 years

However, in terms of chemical structure, the active ingredients of these drugs differ. However, Clair and Triziston have the same characteristics. For example, the list of indications for use is represented by the same items. Trizistone does not belong to monophasic contraceptives, like the aforementioned Regulon.

Trizistone consists of three stages of administration, with each phase the dosage of one of the active components increases, therefore the package contains three types of tablets:

  • 6 brown dragees containing 30 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and 50 mcg of levonorgestrel;
  • 6 white pills with 40 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and 75 mcg of levonorgestrel;
  • 9 ocher-colored pills with the highest concentration of the hormone levonorgestrel (30 mcg ethinyl estradiol and 75 mcg levonorgestrel).

As you can see, this product also contains 21 pills, that is, taking one package is designed for 3 weeks, so the patient should independently monitor the calendar date and do not take the drug for 7 days, starting the next package a week after the end the previous one.

Triquilar manufactured by Bayer AG

Klayra (analogs in composition are cheaper, they contain many drugs from various manufacturers in their list) interchangeable with Triquilar, which is manufactured by the same pharmaceutical company (Bayer AG in Germany) as and Klayra.

Tricvilar is a three-phase oral contraceptive that contains:

  • 10 white tablets containing 40 mcg ethinyl estradiol and 75 mcg levonorgestrel;
  • 6 light brown tablets, each containing 30 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and 50 mcg of levonorgestrel;
  • 10 yellow tablets with 30 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and the maximum concentration of levonorgestrel (125 mcg).
Klayra and analogues in composition, cheaper, after 35-40-45 years

In total, the package contains 21 tablets, calculated for 3 weeks of Tricvilar's use, again the remaining 7 days cycle, the patient will have to independently monitor the dosing regimen, skipping the pills until the next packs.

Price of funds

Name Price
Claira 28 tablets - 1050-1250 rubles,

28 tablets * 3 -2700-2900 rubles.

Regulon 21 tablets - 350-550 rubles,

21 tablets * 3 - 1100-1300 rubles.

Triziston 21 tablets - 450-560 rubles,

21 tablets * 3 - 1250-1450 rubles.

Triquilar 21 tablets - 700-900 rubles.

Klayra (analogs in composition may be cheaper in composition and may have a cost that is different from the figures presented in table) has a final price, which depends on many factors (region, city and selected pharmacy chain). Looking at the above table, you can see that Klaira has the highest cost, in second place there is Trikvilar, which costs an order of magnitude cheaper than Klayr, despite the fact that they have the same manufacturer.

Trizistone and Regulon have about the same cost, but the former is less common, so it tends to be more difficult to find in pharmacies. However, many organizations are ready to sell Triziston on a prepaid basis by ordering it from suppliers.

It is important to note that three of the four drugs are also available in packs for 3 full menstrual cycles. It is not only convenient (you do not need to calculate the budget and buy the drug every month), but also profitable. In terms of the cost of one tablet, the benefits are very clear.

Klayra and analogues in composition, cheaper, after 35-40-45 years

For example, when buying Klayr for a month, one tablet will cost about 41 rubles. (we divide the average cost of a pack of 1150 by 28 tablets), and when buying a large pack, designed for 3 cycles, this figure drops to 33.3 rubles. (2800/84). As a rule, gynecologists advise not to start taking hormonal drugs with the purchase of a large package; for a start, it is wiser to take the drug for 1 cycle to see the body's reaction.

The consumers of the pharmaceutical market are accustomed to the fact that for any original drug it is possible to find a complete analogue at a better price. However, in the case of KOC, the situation is somewhat different. For example, each of them has its own unique composition and dosage regimen for one tablet.

In addition, it is important to strictly follow the doctor's instructions. If the gynecologist considered it necessary to prescribe the Klayra drug to the patient, she should not independently replace it with any of the funds below.

There are at least two reasons for this:

  • COCs should be selected individually for each woman, taking into account her age, weight, chronic diseases (varicose veins, tendency to thrombosis), bad habits (smoking woman or not), a history of pregnancies and their complications, as well as childbirth and abortion. Therefore, what suits one patient may not suit another at all, causing her to have a number of side effects and complications from the body.
  • All hormonal drugs are prescription drugs, so the pharmacist at the pharmacy has the right to issue only the drug that is prescribed on the doctor's form. This means that all replacements can only be made after consulting a gynecologist.

Klayra is a unique drug that has no complete analogues in its composition. Wanting to buy such a remedy cheaper, the patient can harm her body, wasting time, money and nerves. In the case of COCs, it is important to make any substitutions only with the consent of the gynecologist.

Video about the drug Klayra

Features and description of the drug Klayra:

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