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Diathesis is one of the most common diseases in children., especially in the first year of life. Diathesis as an allergic reaction of the body is manifested primarily by skin reactions - redness, rash, diaper rash, peeling, as well as the appearance of seborrheic scales and itchy nodules.

For children from 1 to 3 years old, local treatment with diathesis cream, accompanied by a hypoallergenic diet and taking antihistamines, is suitable. Depending on the degree of the disease, diathesis may be accompanied by gastrointestinal upset, cough, frequent acute respiratory viral infections and respiratory diseases, swollen lymph nodes, and joint pain.

Classification of funds

It is extremely dangerous to choose drugs for the treatment of children's diathesis on your own. An experienced pediatrician should thoroughly examine the child, identify the localization of the rash and other external manifestations, and draw up an anamnesis to obtain a complete picture.

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After that, the doctor will prescribe drugs in the correct dosage. At the same time, parents need to understand that in a child prone to allergic reactions, even a drug can cause manifestations of diathesis. Therefore, doctors recommend carefully monitoring the baby during treatment, recording the amount of redness, peeling and spots.

The drugs that are used to treat diathesis are divided into 3 groups:

  1. Hormonal. The most effective, quickly relieve symptoms, but children are prescribed these drugs only in the most severe cases. Advantan can be prescribed to children from 4 months, Afloderm, Beloderm and Lokoid from six months, Kutiveit and Dermovate from 1 year.
  2. Non-hormonal. These include immunomodulators (Protopic and Elidel) and histamine H1 receptor blockers (Fenistil). The drugs do not affect the functioning of the adrenal glands, have low systemic absorption, relieve itching and restore water balance in the skin.
  3. Emollients. These treatments are used to moisturize dry, itchy and irritated skin. The applied products create a natural barrier of the epidermis, preventing the loss of deep moisture. Emollients are produced by companies such as Uriage, La Roche-Posay, Mustela, Atopic.

Diathesis cream for children is also produced by companies specializing in children's cosmetics. Creams and lotions Desitin, Sanosan, Bepanten, Bubchen, Babeline are not drugs, they are used to reduce the degree of skin inflammation during diathesis, to maintain water-lipid balance.

Doctors do not recommend bathing babies with exacerbation of diathesis and skin reactions in herbs. Chamomile, string, oak bark and other plants can cause an allergic reaction and worsen the baby's condition.

Top 10 drugs from the pharmacy

Medicines that help to cope with the manifestation of diathesis of allergic dermatitis should be applied to clean, dry skin, preferably after bathing. Doctors recommend observing the frequency of use indicated in the instructions, without exceeding the permissible norm. When treating a protracted diathesis, the child should be regularly shown to a specialist: the treatment is adjusted once every 2-3 months.


Diathesis cream for children produced by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma Inc. refers to non-hormonal. It inhibits the formation of calcineurin and is used as an anti-inflammatory. The main active ingredient is tacrolimus monohydrate. The manufacturer produces 2 forms with different dosages of the active substance - 0.03% is suitable for children, 0.1% is intended for adults. The drug, by binding to FKBP12 and suppressing the activity of calcineurin, promotes the release of substances from the mast cells that initiate inflammation. The medicine does not atrophy the epidermis.

Diathesis creams for children: non-hormonal agents

The ointment is used for diathesis and allergic dermatitis, if the rash is on the eyelids, then only a dosage of 0.03% is used. Babies from 2 years old are suitable for ointment only in a minimum dosage of 0.03%.

The drug is applied to the affected areas twice a day. According to this scheme, the treatment process should last up to 3 weeks, then the ointment is applied once a day. In the absence of a visible result after 2-3 weeks, the manufacturer recommends revising the treatment regimen.

"Protopic" is used as a therapy for remission, in this case, the drug is applied 2 times a week. Clinical dynamics should be observed for 12 weeks.


  1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  2. After applying the ointment, a time interval of at least 2 hours is required, after which you can use softening or moisturizing creams.
  3. Do not smear "Protopic" on the skin areas under diapers.
  4. Cannot be applied to mucous membranes.

Manufacturers have not recorded cases of overdose, but there are side effects. Immediately after applying the medicine, many patients feel warmth on the inflamed area of ​​the skin, sometimes a burning sensation and even pain, but these sensations quickly pass. Folliculitis, paresthesia may occur. The product in the form of an ointment is sold in plastic tubes in volumes of 10, 30 and 60 g at a price of 700 rubles.


The drug produced by the Swiss company Novartis is used not only for diathesis, but also for skin itching of a different nature (insect bites, sunburn, urticaria). The drug contains dimethindene (0.1 g). The drug is produced in the form of a transparent gel in a 30 g tube.

The tool effectively blocks the work of H1-histamine receptors, reduces capillary permeability. The gel has a mild anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and antikinin effect. Fenistil quickly reduces itching, relieves irritation, and has a slight cooling effect. The drug is applied in a thin layer every 6 hours, the positive effect occurs almost immediately, the maximum - after an hour.Diathesis creams for children: non-hormonal agents

According to the manufacturer, overdose was not recorded, sometimes side effects occur:

  • increased itching;
  • an increase in the area covered with a rash;
  • dryness;
  • allergic dermatitis.

After consulting a doctor, the drug is used to treat infants from 1 month of age. However, if the area of ​​the affected areas in the child is large, then the medicine is not used. Fenistil is not used in the presence of bleeding ulcers in areas with diathesis. During treatment with the drug, it is not recommended to be in the sun. The price of the gel in pharmacies starts at 345 rubles.


The German company GP Grenzach Produktions GmbH produces an effective remedy in the fight against diathesis - Bepanten ointment 5%. An opaque pale yellow or white product contains 1 g of 50 mg of the active ingredient dexpanthenol, which has a stimulating effect on tissue regeneration. In the cell layer of the epithelium, the active substance is converted into a constituent component of coenzyme A - pantothenic acid and helps to restore the skin, while normalizing metabolism on the cellular level. The ointment is quickly absorbed.

The tool is used for dry skin, minor lesions, cracks, irritations, it has a positive effect on the effects of diaper dermatitis and diaper rash. Manufacturers note that side effects and cases of drug overdose are not observed, the agent is well tolerated even when processing large areas of affected areas. However, an individual reaction and the appearance of itching and urticaria are possible.Diathesis creams for children: non-hormonal agents

The drug is used up to 2 times a day, applying in a thin layer without rubbing. For diaper rash, Bepanten is used every time a diaper is changed. The drug is produced in volumes of 30, 50 and 100 g at a price of 450-850 rubles.


Diathesis cream for children from the French company Uriage is often recommended by pediatricians and allergists. The production does not use parabens, fragrances and fragrances, all the company's products are hypoallergenic. Uriage has several lines, including the special Bebe series for baby care.

However, most often, doctors prescribe drugs from the series:

  • Pruriced;
  • Bariederm;
  • Xemose.Diathesis creams for children: non-hormonal agents

Uriage Pruriced Apaisante Soothing Creame 100 ml contains the following active ingredients:

  • omega-6 and omega-3 acids 1%;
  • calamine 8%;
  • thermal water 30%.

The drug helps to restore the barrier function of the skin, reduces the loss of moisture in the epithelium, due to the content of iron oxide and zinc carbonate, soothes and relieves itching. The tool is used for children from birth, applied to the affected areas as needed. The manufacturer does not limit the number of applications, noting the absence of contraindications and side effects. The cost of the drug is about 800 rubles.

In the Bariederm line, the French manufacturer offers Bariederm Cica-Spray Assechant Reparateur. It is a regenerating drying agent containing zinc gluconates (0.02%) and copper (0.5%), argenine pidolate, smectite (2%) and thermal water (10%). Bariederm Cica-Spray is produced in the form of a spray, the same composition as Bariederm Cu-Zn cream (volume 40 mg), therefore the cream has a similar effect.

The tool is used in the treatment of weeping and irritations on the skin, diaper dermatitis and diathesis. It has a calming, drying and protective effect and is able to effectively absorb exudate. The drug can be used when caring for infants 0+, it has no side effects or contraindications.

The drug is shaken before use, sprayed and left on the skin for 30-50 seconds. until completely absorbed. It should be used up to 2 times a day. The cost of 100 g of spray is 1200 rubles.

Uriage produces Xemose Relipidante Anti-irritations balm and cream with lipid-replenishing properties. These funds fight well against diathesis and its manifestations - redness, irritation, itching and rough areas. The balm and cream contain thermal water, shea butter and illipa butter. The composition also includes proprietary substances chronoxin, which is a complex of natural lipid extracts, and cerasterol-2F, which is a complex of phytosterols and ceramides.

The balm and cream have a quick effect:

  • soothe irritation;
  • relieve itching;
  • moisturize;
  • regenerate the skin barrier.

The action lasts up to 48 hours. The drug helps to reduce the incidence of diathesis.

The balm is produced in tubes of 200 and 500 ml, cream in cans of 200 g. The cost of drugs is 840-1520 rubles.


The Russian company "Avanta" produces Atopic cream with a sedative effect, which is used in the treatment of diathesis.

The medicinal product contains:

  • a substance developed by the company Stimu-Tex (5%), which is a complex of oils and barley wax;
  • glycerin and a-bisabolol;
  • D-panthenol (5%);
  • vitamin E.

The hypoallergenic complex does not contain dyes, fragrances, fragrances and has moisture-retaining qualities. It optimizes the condition of the epidermis, relieves inflammation, itching, irritation. By reducing the release of histamine, Atopic protects the skin from the manifestations of diathesis.

The drug is prescribed both independently and in combination with other drugs. Atopic can be used in children 0+, applied at intervals of up to 8 hours. per day. There are no side effects. The product must not be used on areas with wet diaper rash. The drug is produced in a 46 ml tube. You can buy goods in pharmacies at a price of 380 rubles.


The company "Green Dubrava" (Russia) produces 2 products to combat diathesis and allergic dermatitis - an emulsion and a cream.Diathesis creams for children: non-hormonal agents

The composition of both drugs is almost identical and includes:

  • physiological lipids of shea butter, jojoba, avocado, olives;
  • vitamin E;
  • ceramides;
  • lactic acid;
  • urea (2%).

The composition of the cream is supplemented with borago oil, emulsion - vitamin A and bisabolol. The preparations do not contain dyes, fragrances and mineral oils, and are hypoallergenic. The cream has a rich texture, the emulsion is more liquid.

The mechanism of action is based on the ability of ceramides to integrate into the lipid layer of the epidermis, restoring its structure. This helps to retain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, additional moisture is provided by lactic acid and urea. The cream and emulsion have an anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerating effect, relieve dryness and irritation. The products are suitable for application before hormonal preparations. Lipobase can be used up to 4 times a day. The manufacturer does not indicate the presence of contraindications and side effects.

Diathesis cream for children Lipobase is produced in a volume of 75 ml at a price of 400 rubles, an emulsion with a volume of 250 ml at a price of 460 rubles.


The lotion produced by KorolevPharm LLC (RF) has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, promotes rapid healing, relieves itching and pain, and protects against microbial effects.

Synthetic tannin is the main component of the lotion, providing a drying effect due to its ability to bind proteins. Also, the preparation contains polidocanol with an antipruritic mechanism and zinc oxide, which reduces exudative processes. The remedy begins to act quickly, the duration of the effect lasts up to 4 hours.Diathesis creams for children: non-hormonal agents

The manufacturer did not note contraindications to use and side effects, the agent can be used from infancy. The bottle is shaken, applied to the surface of the skin, it is necessary to wait until it dries completely. You can use the product up to 4 times a day, the treatment is continued until the place on the skin covered with diathesis dries out. For babies, Neotanin is applied with each swaddling.

The drug is produced in 100 ml vials. The approximate cost of the funds is 400 rubles.

Avene Cicalfate +

Avene Cicalfate + diathesis cream from the French company Pierre Fabre Medicament Production is suitable for children from 0+ and adults. The regenerating cream heals the epithelium, eliminating itching and irritation, eliminates diaper dermatitis, cracks and weeping.

The preparation contains:

  • patented postbiotic active ingredient sucralfate;
  • a complex of zinc and copper salts;
  • glycerol;
  • triglycerides;
  • natural beeswax.

The drug improves barrier functions, maintaining the water balance in the epidermis, disinfects and protects from external influences for 48 hours. A yellowish cream with a soft texture, enriched with thermal water. The product can be used twice a day for 3 weeks. No side effects were observed during clinical trials, no contraindications. Apply Avene Cicalfate +, spreading evenly over the skin and leaving until absorbed.

The lotion is produced in 40 ml tubes. The cost of the drug is about 600 rubles.


The Polish company "Sanofi-Aventis Sp.z.o.o" produces a nourishing complex emollient capable of long-term time to provide hydration of the epidermis, restoring the intercellular lipid layer, relieving the sensation of itching and peeling. The cream is suitable for daily care for adults and children of all ages.

Emolium is composed of the following substances:

  • patented development of the Stimu-Tex company;
  • another proprietary substance Evosina Na2GP;
  • sodium hyaluronate;
  • polidocanol;
  • triglycerides of corn oil;
  • rapeseed and paraffin oil;
  • panthenol.

The hypoallergenic preparation does not contain dyes or fragrances. It has an instant antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect, regenerates and improves the protective properties of the skin. The product is applied twice a day, and once it is necessary to apply it after bathing. Duration of treatment - until results, and then as daily care. The manufacturer did not report any cases of overdose.Diathesis creams for children: non-hormonal agents

Emolium is produced in a 75 ml tube. The price in pharmacies starts from 850 rubles.

Dexpan +

The drug was developed by the Indian company Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd and is intended for adults and children 0+ to eliminate inflammation, irritation, flaking and dry skin. The cream is suitable for the treatment of sunburn, diaper rash and diaper dermatitis.

The combined formula contains 3 main substances:

Substance name Action
Dexpanthenol (5%) The vitamin B5 derivative substance dexpanthenol normalizes metabolism at the cellular level, accelerates regeneration.
Allantoin (0.5%) Allantoin is obtained from the roots of the medicinal comfrey, this natural ingredient softens the epidermis, moisturizes and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Shea butter (2%) Shea butter, which is composed of useful elements such as triglycerides, tocopherols, phytosterols, xanthophyll, squalene and vitamins, promotes collagen production, relieves flaking, restores water-lipid balance.

Apply the drug 1-3 times a day without rubbing. The cream does not leave greasy marks, so it can be applied under clothes. There were no contraindications or side effects in clinical trials. Having opened the tube, it is necessary to use the remedy within six months. The cream is produced in containers of 30 ml, worth 250 rubles.

When choosing a diathesis cream for children, you should first of all get the advice of a specialist - a pediatrician, allergist or immunologist. The doctor will recommend a range of drugs, from which in pharmacies you can choose the drug that is optimal in terms of price / quality. When using any diathesis cream, parents should remember that any medicinal drug can cause individual intolerance and allergies.

Diathesis treatment video

What is diathesis and should it be treated:

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