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All people with diabetes need to use a blood glucose meter daily to monitor their blood glucose levels. It is possible to safely pierce the bundle of a finger for further carrying out an express test using special lancets (medical needles).

Lancets for the modernĀ blood glucose meter One Touch Select differ not only in size, but also in shape. The use of these consumables is practically painless and safe, since the risk of infection is minimized. These needles are intended solely for single use, which is why endocrinologists recommend patients with diabetes mellitus understand in advance how to select and operate lancets in order to avoid common mistakes.

Needle selection rules

The renowned company One Touch produces some of the most sought-after lancets that are ideal for One Touch Select blood glucose meters. Endocrinologists also claim that ultra-thin needles with a 28G marking are excellent for this brand of glucometers. All lancets are sold exclusively in branded packaging. Each pack contains 50 sterile, disposable blood collection needles.

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The final choice of the most suitable lancets directly depends on the model of the blood glucose meter used, the allocated budget and the personal preference of the patient. When buying needles for piercing finger tufts, it is necessary to be guided not only by the price of the products, but also to take into account the characteristics of the brand.

Automatic lancets are in great demand among endocrinologists and their patients, the design of which consists of a thin needle built into a plastic case. The advantage of this type of medical device is that it does not require a special handle to operate it. The puncture is practically painless (with minimal traumatic consequences for the skin).

Endocrinologists recommend choosing automatic lancets for frequent sampling. Such needles are also in demand when it is necessary to pierce a bun of a child's finger. Please note that automatic lancets must be selected taking into account the thickness of the patient's skin. In pediatrics, needles of minimal thickness are used, which are well sharpened on all sides.

The easiest way is to use the universal lancet types that fit almost all existing blood glucose meters. All needles are sterile and as thin as possible. Some lancets are sold in large packs (200 pcs.). After the integrity of the packaging has been violated, the existing blood collection products must be used within 3 months, which is also important to consider.


One Touch Select meter lancets must be of good quality so that the patient can control blood glucose levels without the risk of infection in the blood. Otherwise, the procedure will be dangerous and painful. In traditional medicine, there are several varieties of lancets, each of which has certain distinctive characteristics.

Lancets (needles) for the One Touch Select meter
Lancets for blood glucose meter One Touch Select Ultra Soft
Variety of lancets Description Average price per package in Russia (RUB)
Universal needles Lancets in this category fit almost all existing blood glucose meters. The blood collection equipment can be adapted to suit your personal needs by setting the appropriate puncture depth. For example, from 1 to 5 (9) steps on the scale of the regulator. In the process of checking the blood glucose level, each patient independently chooses the option most suitable for himself. 377
Automatic lancets The advantage of these blood collection products is that the manufacturers provide for the presence of thin needles, thanks to which the puncture of the skin is painless. Automatic lancets are designed in such a way that the patient does not see the needle and the very moment of skin puncture, which significantly reduces psychological stress during the procedure. 540
Lancets for children For blood sampling, the presence of the sharpest, smallest needles is provided. The diameter of the lancets for children varies from 0.25 to 0.8 mm. The depth of the puncture does not depend on how hard the parent or the healthcare professional applies the force to the child's finger. 950

The total cost of lancets depends largely on the manufacturer, as well as on how many needles are included in the package. The quality of medical products and the markup of the selected pharmacy chain are also taken into account. The most affordable prices are for universal lancets, which is why they are in the greatest demand. For example, On-Call Plus. You can buy these needles for One Touch Select meters at any pharmacy or online store.

Operating rules

The One Touch Select Meter Lancets have clear operating rules to help you maximize your painless collection of capillary blood from the finger, which is extremely important for obtaining reliable results when checking the level glucose.

Use needles in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • You need to carefully insert the needle into the automatic lancing device. After removing the protective cap, the handle must be turned in the direction of the axis of rotation. The prepared sterile lancet should be placed in the holder cavity (a characteristic click should be heard). After that, it is forbidden to rotate the scarifier.
  • It is necessary to remove the protective cap from the surface of the lancet and attach the cap to the automatic lancing device.
  • It is necessary to determine the depth of piercing of the bundles of the finger. If the speech concerns a child, then it is enough to turn the cap to 1-2 levels. In an adult with normal skin type, the puncture depth should be within 3-5 units. If there is rough skin on the fingers, then it is recommended to choose level 6-9. If the puncture was not deep enough, then the results obtained may be controversial. This is due to the fact that tissue fluid is contained under the skin, which distorts the results of the express test. But at the same time, a puncture of minimum depth is recommended for children, as well as people with poor wound healing.
  • Before taking blood, be sure to treat your hands with an antiseptic solution, and the place wipe the intended puncture with a cotton swab, which must first be moistened with an ant or ethyl alcohol.
  • After completing the preparation of the device for blood collection, the lever of the release mechanism is withdrawn for subsequent piercing of the finger bundles.
  • After processing the skin of the hands, a lancing device with a fixed lancet is brought to the finger. After pressing the trigger, the finger is punctured.
  • The released capillary blood must be applied to the One Touch Select meter test strip. After the results of express diagnostics are displayed on the screen, the lancet is removed from the device. The removed needle must be disposed of in the trash can.

To get the most reliable data and find out the blood glucose level, you need to carry out the procedure in the morning on an empty stomach or after 120 minutes. after eating.

It is recommended to puncture the skin for blood sampling in different places, alternately changing hands for this. The One Touch Select meter allows you to accurately determine the concentration of glucose in capillary whole blood. This medical device is manufactured at the factory using a special electrochemical technology.

For the express test, the enzyme glucose dehydrogenase is used, which does not react to oxygen, maltose, vitamin C and galactose in the blood. The probability of an error in the result is minimized. The One Touch Select meter significantly exceeds the current requirements of the updated ISO 15197: 2013 standard.

Needle care guidelines

Sterile lancets can only be stored in dry, well-ventilated rooms, protected from children and direct sunlight. After use, needles must be disposed of as they are for single use only. A high quality One Touch Select meter needle scarifier must be used as instructed. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection entering the bloodstream.

The lancing device also needs proper care. It is recommended to periodically wash the product with liquid soap. For safe disinfection of the lancing device body, use household bleach after diluting it in water in a ratio of 1:10. In the resulting solution, it is necessary to moisten a cotton-gauze swab and wipe the product with it. After disinfection, the lancing device should be thoroughly rinsed under running water and allowed to dry.

How often to change?

Not only universal, but also automatic lancets can only be used once and after which they must be disposed of. This recommendation can be read in all instructions for the blood glucose meters sold. This is due to the fact that the lancets are sterile and help prevent infection of the patient during the procedure. After releasing the needle from the protective cap, various microorganisms enter the needle, which can easily penetrate into the bloodstream.Lancets (needles) for the One Touch Select meter

In modern automatic lancets, additional protection is provided, thanks to which, even with a strong desire, the patient will not be able to reuse the product. Already after the first application, the needle ceases to be sharp, which is why repeated puncture of the finger bundles for blood sampling would be painful and traumatic. Additionally, after use, traces of blood remain on the lancet, in which pathogens can develop. In such a situation, there is a high probability of infection and distortion of the final test results.

The One Touch Select Meter Lancets should only be reused if blood sampling is required multiple times a day to monitor glycemic levels. But in this case, the needle must be stored in a protective cap, and before use, treat the product with a disinfectant solution.

Popular models

If the independent choice of lancets for the glucometer causes difficulties, then you need to consult with an endocrinologist who will help you make the right choice. There are several models of the most popular needles for the One Touch Select meter, which differ not only in cost, but also in characteristics.

Lancet models Description
On-Call Plus This product is a sterile ultra-thin needle that helps to draw blood practically painlessly. The lancets of this company undergo sterilization irradiation with gamma rays, and are also protected by a special protective cap. Needles are made On-Call Plus in the USA.
Bionime One Touch select These are universal 28G scarifiers. The needles of this model are simple and easy to use. Bionime One Touch select lancets can be used at any age.Lancets (needles) for the One Touch Select meter
One touch delica The needles are made of high quality medical steel. The sterility of the products eliminates the possibility of infections entering the blood. One Touch Delica lancets have the thinnest 33G point with a special cross-section and Glide technology, which makes puncture injuries as low as 2%. The needles of this brand are suitable even for the smallest patients.
True Plus 30G These disposable lancets are characterized by high quality and ease of use. The universal shape of the needles is compatible with almost all modern blood glucose meters, including One Touch Select. True Plus 30G medical devices have a tapered bottom edge that ensures smooth, painless needle insertion.

With a history of diabetes mellitus, it is extremely important to control blood glucose levels to reduce the likelihood of complications. Fitted with the right lancets for the long-life One Touch Select blood glucose meters, you can track changes in blood glucose levels, in order, if necessary, to analyze the situation and understand what factors provoked the deviation of the indicators from norms.

When choosing the most suitable needles for skin puncture, it is recommended to consider not only the cost of packaging medical devices, but also their quality. If a patient ignores the need to periodically measure blood glucose levels, then with a probability of 99% he will experience various complications. For example, diabetic retinopathy (a specific angiopathy affecting the vessels of the retina of the eye), lactic acidosis, hypoglycemia, a rapid decrease in visual acuity.

Meter Lancet Video

Lancets and lancing devices:

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